Happy New Year! You're all probably wondering where we went. We're normally really good about getting this blog out to you all, but we've actually been quite busy here at PhotoJoseph Studios that time just ran out last week. With that in mind, let's get everyone up-to-date on everything that's been happening here. To kick off the New Year, we gave the studio a facelift. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say a full-on reconstructive surgery. What was once a tiny room with very little adjustment options available is now a large open area. To top it all off, the whole process (well, most of it), was live streamed. There's over 45 hours of construction footage to scan through, and is especially worth the watch if you are looking to construct something similar. (You will find "your's truly" a little late in the process as I was sick coming out of the holidays). Below is a link to the playlist. Feel free to spend your whole weekend watching it. I give you the permission.

Over New Year's 2017/2018, PhotoJoseph rebuilt his entire studio. This started small... but didn't stay that way. He live streamed the ENTIRE process

Moving on to the actual Photo Moments. The first (real) show of the year actually took place this past Friday, (Jan 5th), where Joseph gave everyone a taste of what the shows are going to look like from now on (for now). It's still a work in progress, but we are very happy with how it's turned out. Now for this actual week, we kicked it off with some help from our friends and colleagues over at Panasonic. If you'v been paying attention this week, the new GH5S was announced. Joseph went live after the announcement to give an overview of this new specialized camera, and to compare the GH5 to the GH5S to highlight the differences between these two amazing cameras. But that's not all for new camera talk this week. On Wednesday, Joseph showcased some of the shots he's taken so far with his G9 Pre-Production unit and his plans for further testing. And then, during the same show, Joseph opened it up into a general Q&A (completely not planned) where our viewers asked a lot of great questions. And finally, on Friday's show, Joseph explored the world of finding and adding music into your videos, specifically around making sure it all plays nicely with YouTube's monetization standards when it comes to copyright. 

We hope everyone had a great holiday season. You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

It's nearly a week late, and still not done, but it's time to give you a sneak preview 

Turns out... the rumors about the new LUMIX GH5S were (partially) true!

What are the differences between the LUMIX GH5 and the new GH5S 4K Video Recording Digital Mirrorless Camera? In one hand, the GH5S' lowlight performance is improved... and in the other there's no IBIS. It seems like this camera was designed for a specialized use.

Let's have a look at some sample photos of the G9 (pre-production, early v0.3 firmware) to see how well it's performing, especially the AF-C. How does it compare to the GH5? And what about the GH5S?

Its the first (impromptu) PhotoJoseph Q&A show of 2018! After tackling the new G9 (pre-production unit), we decided to open up the discussion to what ever our live audience wanted to talk about. We compared the G9 to the GH5 (and a little to the GH5S), differences between Full Frame vs Micro Four Thirds image quality, photo editing programs, and more!

Ever wondered where to find music that you can legally use in your YouTube videos? Let's explore and discuss!