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Check out our Oaxacan Light Tour workshop from January 2017…

Testimonials from Oaxaca workshop

"This trip was fabulous and I highly recommend this workshop."
"I give you my highest gratitude and praise for showing us the most beautiful and thought provoking views of Oaxaca, Mexico. You and Eric did a fantastic job of balancing the group and different photography styles, and complex journeys into the Oaxaca valley."
"Eric and Joseph ran an intriguing and active photography workshop that seriously looks at the quality of Oaxaca culture and landscape. I am a novice photographer who takes photos as reference material for drawn and painted work. I was able to practice creating better compositions and capturing different light value. I appreciate the intimate participation of capturing photos of locals at work. I felt I was paying a respect to the culture."

About your instructor

"PhotoJoseph" Linaschke is a photographic storyteller, educator, and the PhotoApps.Expert. He's been leading workshops, classrooms, theater presentations and online education for over two decades, including presenting for Apple, working with K-12 schools around the globe, authoring for Lynda.com, running the week-daily live YouTube photo show PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment, and more. He operates a commercial photography studio in Ashland, Oregon and travels the world for his clients. For more about Joseph, visit Joseph.info.