52 weeks in a year, right? That's half the year gone already! That really went fast… but I guess that's what happens when you keep yourself busy. Following the "disaster" from last Thursday's stream, Monday's show was a take-2 on flying the drone live… Spoilers: it actually worked this time! On Tuesday, PhotoJoseph showed us the Leica LUMIX 100-400 zoom lens. Man, is that thing awesome! It's such a powerful lens… but you're probably going to watch that show more for the animal shots taken with the lens (It's okay if that's all you end up caring about). Wednesday's show was again about the DJI Spark, this time it was a tutorial on how to (and how not to) stream LIVE to a scheduled YouTube event. The normal streaming capabilities of the DJI are to just go straight to live rather than a pre-planned event, so this show is for those who like to organize. Thursday was a short "check in" from the road… literally from a car Kevin LaRue from Macphun was driving. And finally, Friday's show was broadcasted from a local park through the Mevo Event Camera, and was a "What's in my Bag" episode.

Happy 4th of July Weekend to those in the USA!

Always remember you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.

"What could possibly go wrong?!" Today we'll be flying my first drone quadcopter, the DJI Spark "baby drone", and streaming live from the DJI app. For audio, I've got a wireless lav mic connected to my iPhone (see https://youtu.be/wh7_OqQZwIY for instructions). Let's see what happens!

I've been playing with the Leica LUMIX 100-400mm zoom lens and finally found something great to shoot with it... a Safari! (in Oregon... go figure).

Your DJI drone (I'm using a Spark) can stream to YouTube Live. It appears to only be able to feed to your "Stream Now" stream, but I'll show you how to configure it to stream to any pre-existing event!

PhotoJoseph is on the road heading to meet with Kevin LaRue and Macphun to talk about some future plans. I wonder what they could be? 

I never pack the same bag twice... what's in it this time? You can't anticipate everything in your day. Some times you will see the perfect shot... and not be prepared. So how do you pack a bag to be ready for what can't be anticipated?