Sometimes, the photo you set out to make isn't the one you come home with — and that's perfectly fine! This week, PhotoJoseph took the audience behind the scenes of a favorite photo from India of a young beggar boy who jumped in front of the camera.

The week also included a Photo Moment about the GrowBaby calendar shoot, and a live shoot of the printed calendar itself.

We also answered a few viewer questions, from "How should I have shot this photo" to the question of whether to watermark, PhotoJoseph has answers (and opinions!) on it all. 

Today we'll be going BEHIND THE PHOTO to hear the story behind a particular photo from my archives! This shot was made in India several years ago, and was absolutely NOT the photo that I intended to shoot. But it came away as one of my favorites from the entire trip!
A viewer wrote in with a specific shot problem they want to solve. We have the photo she created, and looked at how to achieve what she's after! This involves balancing light between the bright background and dark foreground.
Today I needed to shoot some marketing photos of our GrowBaby 2017 calendar, so did it live! It's a simple shoot which presented some unexpected challenges, so join me to see the entire process. Unlike regular PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, this one has been edited for brevity.
Should you watermark your images before sharing online? A viewer asked this very important question, and we will (attempt to) answer it! Come live and share your opinion.
A little over a year ago I shot the GrowBaby calendar, which is now published for 2017. Let's see some photos and talk about the shoot! AS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO... The calendars were printed on HP Indigo 7000-series digital presses, using 80# Classic Crest Text in Natural White with an eggshell finish.