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The only camera you need? featuring the NEW Lumix G9II!

Photo Moment - September 12, 2023

Introducing the Panasonic LUMIX G9II, a groundbreaking Micro Four Thirds camera that redefines versatility and performance. This camera merges the best elements from its predecessors, setting a new standard for both photography and videography.

Order your LUMIX G9 II today!

Top Features:

Advanced Autofocus: The G9II features a hybrid phase-detect autofocus system with 779 focus points. It excels in human and animal eye and body detection, car and motorcycle recognition, and maintains continuous autofocus at an impressive 60 frames per second.

  1. Image Stabilization: With a remarkable eight stops of image stabilization, this camera empowers longer handheld exposures and smoother video capture, even with longer lenses.
  2. Higher Resolution: Boasting a 25.2-megapixel sensor without a low pass filter, the G9II delivers sharper images. It introduces a groundbreaking 100-megapixel high-resolution mode achieved by combining up to 16 rapid-fire shots with sensor shifts and image stitching.
  3. Dynamic Range Boost: Inheriting the dynamic range boost from the GH6, this camera offers improved shadow detail and color rendition for still photos and an impressive 13+ stops of dynamic range for video. V-Log is included, without additional costs, starting from an ISO of just 500.
  4. Leica Monochrome Profile: A new color profile, Leica Monochrome, pays homage to the iconic Leica look, courtesy of Panasonic's collaboration with Leica.
  5. Realtime LUT: Realtime LUT lets you apply custom picture profiles to your shots. This feature allows you to achieve your desired look straight out of the camera. You can use pre-made LUTs or create your own, offering endless possibilities for customization.
  6. Live View Compositing: Perfect for long exposure photography, this feature enables you to preview long exposures on the LCD screen, making it easier to capture effects like light painting and star trails.
  7. Improved Hardware: The camera now boasts an eight-directional joystick and a high-resolution 1.8-million-pixel LCD monitor. Despite its compact size, it's based on the S5 Mark II, maintaining a lightweight design.
  8. Ample Storage: Equipped with dual SD card slots and support for SSD over USB recording, the G9II offers extensive storage capacity and efficient file management for both photo and video.
  9. Impressive Video Capabilities: While our focus has been on photography, the LUMIX G9II shines as a video camera too. It can capture 4K and 5.8K footage with various bit rates and dynamic range options, making it a versatile choice for videographers.

In summary, the Panasonic LUMIX G9II is a game-changing camera suitable for professionals and enthusiasts. Its advanced autofocus, image stabilization, and resolution enhancements make it a creative powerhouse for both photography and videography. Pre-orders are available, with shipping set to begin in November 2023.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments if you're considering an upgrade, and stay tuned for more content about the G9II. If you want to compare it to the original G9, see the comparison chart below.

Don't miss out on this exceptional camera, and explore its potential in the world of photography and filmmaking.

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    Nice video! Does the camera use the contrast detect AF in fullhd 50/60p?
    @@photojoseph thanks 🙏
    No. Always PDAF
    Hi Joseph, how is it going.

    I'm being forced to upgrade from my G100 because I need faster mechanichal shutter and flash speed sync, the thing is that I love my Nocticron and it's the lens that I use 90% for my work anyways . For more context I only do photography [portraits]

    I'm currently thinking about the G9II , but is hard to not consider the S line as someone who is looking to make an investment and currently starting to make money with his photography , that being said, I'm not really impressed by the S85mm f1.8 tbh , the rendering of the Nocti is just special.

    So, am I sacrificing too much just because of the look of one lense? What do u think? Does it really make sense to get FF in my particular case? More IQ? More wrinkles to fix in post? I'm aware of the benefits of FF as well as the downsides, so keep that in mind .

    So, if this would be u, only photography, portraits, one camera and an 85mm equivalent , which is? S5II with 85mm f1.8 or G9II with the Nocti?
    Hey man! Honestly the Nocticron is such a sweet lens, in full frame there’s nothing quite like it unless you go actual Leica lenses. The G9II is fantastic. That said, if budget is a concern or you really think you’ll go full frame later, pick up a used G9. Also an excellent camera. You don’t need the new PDAF for portrait photography. Not sure how X-sync compares between the G9 and G9II but I don’t recall that it changed.
    Have you successfully been able to use audio timecode with this camera? I'm trying and failing. I can hear the audio timecode, but when I try to bring it into Tentacle's software to sync it, it doesn't even recognize that there is audio timecode there. Any thoughts?
    @leira_productions do let me know what you learn!
    @@photojoseph I'm using FCPX, but I didn't even get to that step of taking it into the NLE. It was surprising that Tentacle's software didn't even recognize it, yet when I tested it with my GH5 & GH5S, I had no issues. I've messaged both Tentacle and Panasonic's support so we'll see if they have an answer. Thanks for your reply!
    Interesting. I haven’t used audio TC in the G9II although I did for the original G9. Not tentacle, but ATOMOS. I’ve heard of instances where the LR channels are swapped, but if you’re using Tentacle hardware and software that’s hard to imagine. What NLE are you using? Resolve has audio TC detection built in, and I think Premiere does too. Pretty sure FCP still does not.
    I just ordered the G9II and traded in the GH6. The GH6 was a great camera but as my eyes get older I think the AF will help. The G9Ii as everything I need for my shooting style and since I want to do more photos the G9II will be better.
    and soon gh7 is here and this will all be forgotten...
    I do not know what you know so I cannot answer this, but is said by Lumix that they are working on a new camera to update the gh6 according to things users have brought up like the continuous autofocus, and seeing how often they release a new model you can calculate that this will be released in 2024. you can also look at patents that Panasonic bought and who else they decided to work with and made new contracts with like the L format Alliance as well for example, and see what features are coming out in those coworks to better understand what comes into the MF line of cameras later on..

    "The Panasonic GH7 is expected to arrive with a hybrid autofocus sensor. This technology started from the Panasonic S5 Mark II, then Panasonic implemented its first hybrid Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor in the Panasonic G9 Mark II camera, and finally, we are expecting the same sensor to arrive inside the Panasonic GH7.

    The camera is set to arrive in Q4 of 2024. ". @@photojoseph
    You know something I don’t know?
    Proud user of Lumix cameras since 2008! Never looked back. (Of course, ive preordered my G9ii. Greece here.
    I've had mine for a week, but I'm having trouble with the autofocus. Let's say I'm not filming a human, a dog or a car. I'm filming a kitchen with a toaster, dishes and other stuff. It pulses and breathes because it doesn't know what to target. I'm sure it's me, not the camera, but half of my footage is useless. And I cannot find a single video that shows exactly how to use autofocus. They all say how good it is for a bird or dog, but nobody goes in depth. If I do a real estate shooting, it'll be everywhere making all footage useless.
    @@photojoseph ok got it. cheers!
    Remember that the camera can’t read your mind. I don’t say that to be sarcastic; really think about that. The AI can be told to focus on human/animal/car but outside of that, what do you want it to focus on? It will either choose to focus on what’s CLOSEST or what’s BIGGEST. In real estate I’d make a large focus box in the middle of the scene. That tells the camera to focus there. But also move it around. Do you want it to focus on the toaster at the right of the frame? Tap on it! The clothes in the left ⅓? Hit those! Move the focus point as needed.
    Nice show❤❤ I miss somthing badly on my G9ii. I need to be able to stack like
    I do on .my om-1 or old lumix postfocus. Will it be addressed?
    Hi Joseph...Sorry to bother you with this. My G9II arrived and I can't find the anamorphic setting like my GH5 has for anamorphic. I want to shoot open gate with G9II. What am I missing? Jim
    I have been shooting ranch and farm sales videos for 3 years with the GH5 and I just pre-ordered this camera. I'm 70 now so it will likely be my last camera purchase. I bought the G9 II for the video as I have a Nikon D850 for landscape/portrait stills. As I do less real estate work I'm excited about shooting more video of the beautiful area of Central Oregon where I live. This is a great video, Joseph and I just subscribed
    Awesome and welcome!
    Considering its the same body as the S5ii and only $100 cheaper I'm not sure it's worth it unless you already have a hefty collection of MFT lenses. The full frame S5ii just seems like a better value considering it has that nice full frame sensor for great low light performance/depth of field and internal cooling fan for unlimited video recording.
    @@03chrisv it would be nice if it was cheaper
    ​@photojoseph I agree that MFT is ideal as a travel camera, I'm just not convinced this is the right body size for it, and by extension price. There's a lot of success with using APS-C lenses on full frame cameras so that's always an option if certain full frame lenses are out of reach budget-wise or just a little too big. That aside my real problem with the G9ii is its price, there's very little reason to consider it over the S5ii or the S5xii, both which are superior cameras for essentially the same price. In fact the regular S5ii with kit lens is $200 cheaper than the G9ii with kit lens. The G9ii is not a bad camera, it just has a bad price.
    @@03chrisv different camera for different uses. Again, lenses are smaller and cheaper. Want an 400mm full frame lens? Massive. Yes this G9II body is big but there are others that are small; if you want a small camera and lens for travel that lens will work on this camera too. The G9 body was almost the exact same size as this one. I would say if you’re a travel or wildlife photographer then MFT is a very good option. Studio photographer, less so.
    @photojoseph  I don't know, this camera kind of defeats the purpose and appeal to MFT. It's not a small camera by any means and because it uses the same body as the S5x it's also pretty pricey. If this camera had a smaller body and was priced in the $1,400 to $1,500 range it would be great. Looking online the G9ii with a kit lens costs $2,500, that's the same price as the S5x ii with a kit lens. Make it make sense.
    Don’t forget that MFT lenses are smaller and lighter and cheaper. Even though this MFT body is as big as the smallest full frame LUMIX, MFT is still a valid choice for other reasons.
    In an era of small full frame and apsc cameras with equally small lens , if required, this arrives - a giant body with a tiny sensor. Phase detect autofocus 10 years late and just when Sony added game changing AI autofocus chip. I have a selection of m43 small camera bodies and lens that's i'd like to up date despite owning the Sony A7R v, 6700 and ZE1 but only with a very small m43 phase detect no 4k crop camera. This camera is packed with features, like car models at the end of their life cycle often are just to get them out of the door. I have no idea why i'd want to pick this camera to use over a larger sensor one with state of the art autofocus. I have zero doubt it's the technically best m43 camera ever but the whole point of m43 was size so I'll pass on the great features and wait for less features in a small ( and given the power of something like the a6700 ) it's got to be very small, new phase detect m43 camera.
    Hi, I use a Atomos Ninja at the moment to record higher res video on my GH5s, do you think that, as an external SSD can be connected to the G9II, is there any reason to use this with the G9II. I don't see that the G9 is on the supported list at Atomos. If its not needed, then just a monitor can be used.
    Hi, thanks,@@photojosephI one of the reasons that I asked about whether or not the use of the Atomos would not be needed was that I was getting "skippies" showing up on the Atomos, and the recordings would stop at random times, I even sent the recorder back for them to check. I fixed the "skippies" (Dropped frames) using the HDMI cable from Gerald Undone. It may be an oddity with the Limux GH5s, but now happy that it works.
    Using an ATOMOS or BMD Video Assist allows lots of other capabilities like timecode, syncing to multiple cameras, slate metadata, and so on. They record to ProRes (which WAS their primary advantage), and depending on the camera/recorder, possibly could record raw, plus of course viewing on a larger monitor. Now that cameras like the G9II can record ProRes to the SSD, they become less important or even unnecessary if all you want is ProRes. I shoot ProRes almost exclusively with the GH6 now, since it’s so easy to do. So I guess the answer is there’s less of a reason, but still good reasons.
    Excellent review as always, one thing that I am curious about is, will it be able to record 4 audio channels at once with the addition of the Panasonic DMW-XLR1, ie will the mic input still be available and not disabled.
    Thanks, and yes, 4 channel audio is as you describe.
    Lumix screwed GH6 buyers, so no I will not give them my money again.
    How so? The GH6 was announced May 2021, shipped in Feb 2022; G9II was announced Aug 2023 and will ship in November 2023. Explain your comment, please.
    Finally PDAF. Is the viewfinder blackout free at 60fps raw. And how long does it take to clear the buffer after 200 raw frames at 60fps on a v90 card. Thanks!
    Blackout free; yes. Clear the buffer; I haven’t measured it. Lots of variables to test there… maybe I’ll do that sometime.
    Thanks. Do the hand-held high-res and DR-boost modes produce RAWs, and does DR boost only work at ISO100 stills/500 video or any ISO? Also, although I shoot RAW+JPG and only process the RAWs, but can you generate LUTs based on DxO software (including Nik and FilmPack)? I assume that using LUTs only produced JPGs.

    BtW, are you still associated with DxO? I'm hoping they quickly add the G9II to the list of supported bodies for PL6. Wait, make that PL7 as well--I see that's just been released (along with FP7). I'm still waiting for the Laowa 6mm--Laowa's not even in the drop list yet the make some great lenses... So, back to your relationship with DxO--will you be producing any videos extolling the virtues of the latest iterations of these products? They mention LUTs with PL7--I'd hope those would work with the G9II. Also, there seems to be added "Black and white mastery"--will that obviate SEP?
    High res RAW, yes. DR-boost at all ISOs above its base. LUTs only affect the JPEG, correct. However if you generate a LUT, you could apply that as a preset to the RAW in your software (technique of course depends on the app you’re using). But you can’t create a LUT from FilmPack; LUTs are only primary corrections (hue, saturation, curves, stuff like that). Apps that output LUTs should have clear guidance on what will or won’t work. Custom filters like NIK are definitely not primary corrections. As far as DxO, they stopped doing webinars over a year ago, and laid off the person who was running them. Really a shame; that was a great program. I suggest you make your voice heard that you want those back! And I actually haven’t played with PL7.
    Is there any turn-off due to temperature rise when filming a video with 4k?
    @@photojoseph thanks a lot.
    Not under normal conditions. The operating temperature range of the LUMIX cameras is very large though, so unless you’re shooting in the desert in full sun you should never have an issue.
    Well done!!! This camera is 2 generations ahead of my GH5, so it is definitely worth upgrading and I will do so before my next big trip... Maybe also the new 100-400 Mark II super tele-lens would be a great choice... (I wait for a review on this to decide). 🙂 The camera is simply gorgeous!! Thanks Panasonic...
    I cannot wait to buy it!
    Does the G9II output full resolution RAW for focus stacking and have the ability to use flash? The OG G9 did not.
    My question was based on the feature description of the G9 where it states, “The G9's in camera focus stacking uses its 6K Photo mode. It's JPEG only and doesn't allow the use of flash. I shot with the OM-1 and that camera brackets RAW images automatically with a set distance between images shot and does allow the use of a flash. According to Panasonic, The OG G9 only produced JPEG images from the 6k photo mode and did not allow the use of flash. I wanted to know if the new G9 II bracketed RAW files and allowed the use of flash. This was answered by one viewer who said yes to both. I’m sorry if I did not make that clear in my comment.
    I don’t follow. Focus Stacking is done in post, in software like Photoshop. If you’re referring to the built-in post-focus feature that could then combine the images, that feature is gone unfortunately. Remember that that was building an image from an MP4 video, so the quality would never be as good as it could be in RAW. I don’t know why it was dropped (or more specifically, wasn’t written into the new OS), but usually that means it just wasn’t used by that many customers. So if you want to do focus stacking, you need to do that in the computer. You can still do focus bracketing though (with supported lenses of course), where the camera shoots a series of images shifting focus slightly between shots.
    Is it a non-crop when shooting 4k 60p?
    Correct. No crop.
    PJ, What prompted you to relocate to Europe?
    @@photojosephAlI I ask is for you to keep educating us on the GH6, but after you complete setting up your new home...and have fun in Europe.
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    Very happy with where Panasonic is going with this camera. But I don't see the point of upgrading the camera if I use a camera for stills and some holiday videos. This. Looking forward to see a new 4/3 camera with the same features that the G9ii has but cheaper with very basic video options. Something like GX9ii?
    @@photojoseph Sure they all should be PDAF. I just don't want to pay extra money for features I don't use such as high-end video recording modes etc. Let's wait a year or two and see what happens.
    Fair enough; if you don’t NEED the new AF, then sure. And I don’t know the roadmap but it’s safe to say all future cameras will be PDAF.
    A test with the new 100 - 400 with the 2.0 teleconverter, please? :)
    I don’t have a copy of that lens yet! Hopefully soon.
    Wondering if the new G9 Marc 2 can alternate between PAL and NTSC. That was why I chose the GH5 years ago.
    Yes it can! And, 24.00 as well, just like the GH5/GH6.
    Really excited about all the new options! I have a question about another product you have discussed; NDI . since birddog has come out with the Birddog Play, what would happen to quality of stream if this were used as the converter at an ATEM MINI PRO?
    I haven’t looked at the new Play but in my experience NDI is excellent and certainly good enough for a live stream. The main concern would be latency, at least if you’re mixing it with HDMI-direct cameras.
    thanks Joseph.
    Really nice, fun and informative overview of the g9ii. I also Can't wait to see what your studio will be like!
    Thanks man, and me too! 😆
    Great camera but the price ruined it
    It's actually $170 cheaper than the G9 was when adjusted for inflation…
    Hey, Joseph. Great video. Will the G9ii allow for saving settings to an SD Card like the GH5/6? If so, I'm sold.
    Yes it will!
    Panasonic G9 ii -Отличная камера , лучшая, на мой взгляд, по моим потребностям . Пришлось так долго ждать.
    Я рад, что ты доволен этим! Это отличная камера.
    Now if only I could afford one. My GH5 is tired.
    I hope you can find a way!
    What does the G9II offer that a Fujifilm X-T5 doesn't? Also the X-T5 is lighter and cheaper with higher resolution.
    I'm not a fuji user so I don't know the feature set of that camera. I'm sure you can find a spec sheet and compare yourself though. But if resolution is what matters… remember there's a 100MP mode!
    How about focus bracketing? Still slow as previous lumix cameras? OM or Olympus cameras are super fast when using focus bracketing,and their compatibility with flash is also great. But lumix cameras can't shoot burst photos or bracketing photos with other brands flash. This is a big problem for outdoor handheld macro photograhy.
    I honestly couldn't say, sorry
    There is a mistake in video specs. It can shoot 4:2:0 10-bit 5.7K up to 60p not 30p
    No mistake; and you are correct. It can shoot 5.7K (17:9) 420 10-bit up to 60p, and it can shoot 5.8K (4:3) 420 10-bit up to 30p. Oh wait you're talking about in the video itself… dang… you're right. I listed/said/scripted it wrong. D'oh!! Oh well, it's correct in the printed specs at least. Dang.
    I'd say that Panasonic will release a GH7 in the not too distant future. I look at what's missing in the G9 II, as good as it is, and I can see the GH7 coming soon. Meanwhile I continue to shoot Sony FE. My GH5 is still here and working fine.
    No idea what’s coming but the future is bright for MFT!
    Seems to be a real good camera. Also for video which is the most important for me. But since I am not a pro I do skip generations. From all the reviews using the word photo a thousand times I am quite sure a dedicated video model GH7 will be released as well. TRY to wait for that 😬
    GH7 is coming in Q4 of 2024 I was reading @@photojoseph
    Right, it’s not a replacement for the GH6. It’s a replacement for the G9. But like the G9 vs GH5, there’s a lot of overlap
    @photojoseph  ...and if this would be the replacement for both high end photo G9 as well as high end video GH6 I think Panasonic would have told us so and include video in their commercial. Fan, TC, CF Express and more/higher video framerates is what I expect from a GH7. In the S5 Body. GH6 articulating screen maybe as well.
    Haha we’re all focusing on the photo aspect because that’s the primary intention of this camera, even if it does have epic video features.
    The essence of the MFT is portability and lightness.
    Panasonic has completely missed this essential feature.
    You might as well get a fullframe.
    I see your point, but remember that even if the body has gotten bigger (and again it really is barely bigger, and the same weight, as the G9), lenses are a huge part of the equation. There are MFT lenses that fit in your pocket. Full frame requires bigger (and therefore more expensive) glass.
    The GH6 Mk2 must be coming Joseph! I still prefer the GH6 over this. (SHARK)
    Mine's been on pre-order for 4 days already! It is a new camera so why call it a Mk 2 version? I presume it's because like a lot of manufacturers they've painted themselves into a corner by releaseing the G10 back in 2010. The video specs are a foreign language to me and I might have a go but having owned a Pentax K-3 and K-3 II since the day of release my total video footage amounts to 43 seconds!
    @@photojoseph I'm not questioning the fact that this camera is better than the G9 but it's not a Mk 2 version of the G9 and I'm looking forward to getting mine. However, with a totally different body, a new sensor, new PDAF, new processing engine, completely new electronics and many other differences, it's really a MFT version of the S5. In automotive terms, it's like saying the Audi Q5 is a Mk 2 version of the Q3.
    There was a G9, and now the G9II. The G9II is newer and better in nearly every way.
    Does Focus Bracketing with flash work with G9II? It doesn't work with the G9 which is a deal breaker for me as a macro photographer. Thanks in advance.
    You are asking about focus bracketing, not the post focus feature, right? Interesting about flash not working with it; I’d never tried. Does it switch to electronic shutter when you do focus bracketing? If so then that would explain why the flash wouldn’t work. If not, then let me know and I’ll try it. My shipment just arrived this week so I have my flashes somewhere in a case, so I can test it out.
    Even though I'm shooting Sony (FX30) nowadays, I've always loved Panasonic colors. I started out on the GH5. But, this G9ii is a major game changer. The ability to record to an external SSD is HUGE! Not mention the new PDAF system, etc. Plus, Panasonic has the best skin tones, too.
    Glad to see you’re still a lumix fan!
    The mode dial not being lockable and the lack of top deck lcd annoys me. Current g9 owner. I guess I will wait for the S1H ii and go full frame
    Yeah those are bummer features to lose
    Fantastic work as usual - excellent job of covering ALL of the pertinent features in is short time. Can't wait to see upcoming vids. The open gate feature/anamorphic support/4k -120 no crop and the unbeatable image Stabe are killer features - Oh, and there's also PDAF. Yep - upgrading from the OG G9 for XMAS... This is the Perfect Camera!
    Show us AF with viltrox/Sigma 18-35! No one has yet tested this! @@photojoseph
    Awesome, I love it!!
    All well and good. I have 2 questions
    1. what is the color depth for RAW photos? (10 bit or morere?)
    2. can I save photos directly to the SSD?
    1. 12-but, I think, although I can’t find the spec
    2. Yes!
    Red border on screen to show when recording video as per the upgrade to the G9?
    Yeah that’s standard in the software now.
    Do we know which of the high FPS FHD modes (200, 240fps) have auto-focus? On the G9 the highest only had manual focus and quite difficult to use.
    it does appear that that's still in MF, sorry
    I'm going to miss the small top LCD screen. I use it so often.
    Can’t disagree with you. I like that feature.
    This kills my gh5 in every way, worthy upgrade but i think about thr s5x also. I want both😂😂
    I accept your compromise 😅
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