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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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LUMIX GH6 — Everything NEW in 4½ minutes!

Photo Moment - February 22, 2022

The long-awaited Panasonic LUMIX GH6 is finally here!! And… WOW. It's incredible! Learn everything that's new in this amazing camera in one fast-paced video!

In this post…

  1. GH6 Highlights
  2. GH6 Purchase Links
  3. GH6 Training
  4. GH6 Press Release
  5. GH6 Full Product Description
  6. GH6 Video Transcript

Panasonic LUMIX GH6

🚨 GH6 Highlights

  • 4K 120fps and full HD 300fps unlimited
  • C4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit unlimited 
  • Apple ProRes 422 and 422HQ Internal 5.7K 30p
  • Unlimited recording in all formats 
  • Active cooling system
  • All 10-bit
  • 5.8K Anamorphic / Open Gate mode
  • Full V-Log
  • 13+ Stops Dynamic Range with Dynamic Range Boost
  • 7.5 Stops Image Stabilization
  • Four channel audio 96 kHz 24-bit and dedicated audio button
  • Dual record buttons (top and front) and dual tally lights (front and back)
  • Timecode in and out via PC Port and included Timecode adapter 
  • Anti-rotation tripod pin
  • USB-C 3.2 for charging, PD (power delivery) from USB battery, and LUMIX Tether
  • Tilt & free-angle LCD (like S1H); clears camera's side ports
  • Dual card slots; on SD UHS-II and one CFexpress Type B
  • CINE Style file naming format
  • Load LUTs in .VLT or .CUBE with long file names
  • Manual focus enlarged are while recording
  • Best autofocus in a LUMIX
  • 25.2 megapixel all-new sensor (highest resolution ever in MFT)
  • 100 megapixel photos in high resolution mode (handheld!)
  • Up to 1/32,000s shutter speed
  • Up to 75 photos per second 
  • Coming in a firmware update…
    • Internal ProRes at DCI 4K and full HD
    • USB to SSD Drive recording
    • 4K 120p HDMI out
    • 4K 120p RAW video data over HDMI

🛒 Order Links

ProGrade CFexpress Type B Thunderbolt Reader

🎓 GH6 Training

As I did with the GH5, I will be producing a full training course on the LUMIX GH6. Learn more at

🎧 Music in this Video

The music is from MusicBed! Get your first month free when you purchase an annual subscription by using my coupon code PHOTOJOSEPH at checkout!
🎶 in this video:
🎵 “I Think I Like You” by by Goldenface

🔗 More links you seek

📄 Official Panasonic Press Release

📷 Complete GH6 Description

📄 Full Video Transcript

Panasonic LUMIX GH6 Free Angle LCD

Straight to the point and GREAT insight provided. Thanks for this. I was thinking of upgrading cameras for my studio but now I think I'll just add to the kit!
Awesome, glad this video helped!
Is it possible to get lock 2 gh6 bodies for 3d video for ar applications?
@@northislandnow8858 ok, but that’s a strange statement. “Forgotten” about it? It’s already received significant updates since it’s release. What do you want them to add to the camera?
@@photojoseph Thanks Joseph. Ill sell my GH6 since it feels like Panasonic has forgotten about this camera. I just ordered 2 BGH1 bodies.
That requires genlock. Look at the lumix BGH1 or BS1H. Those cameras have genlock.
Please explain about the tally lamp on the lumix s1h sir.. and how to activate it
@@ichalmajor I’ll bet the camera is in silent mode. This turns off all sounds AND lights.
@@photojoseph I've tried it sir, but it says ( This menu can’t be set ) why?
Tally means it’s recording and can be toggled in the settings
Hi Joseph! We met in talent at the cafe for the gathering. I have the GH6 and there’s always something new I learn. There’s just so much to learn with this intuitive cine camera.
what is your suggestion for external battery power for the GH-6?
@@enriquemartin8655 so that will depend on what you’re doing with the camera. The GH6 can use GH5 batteries, but certain high-power features get disabled. I’d assume the same with a dummy battery for GH5 but maybe not. And maybe there’s a new GH6 dummy battery? Remind me in a few days when I’m back in the studio and I’d be happy to test it.
@@photojoseph Thank you very much for getting back to me. I was hoping to use the same method I used for the GH-5. Powercore 13000 with the gh5 dummy batt. This time of course with the "6" dummy.
I don’t have a specific recommendation however Panasonic does. Personally I’m using large V-mount batteries in a rig but you can go much smaller. Here:
Can anyone explain me how to record external SSD T7? Can’t find in the settings.
Thanks for Quik reply
That feature is coming in a firmware update; it’s not released yet.
Hi--Wondering if you have heard anything...My GH6 will not connect to my MacBook Pro with M1 max chip for media download. Anyone else having this issue? thanks
Just ordered through your link. Can i use G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD Portable Professional Grade External to record highest format , codec and bit rate to w usb-c ? Thanks again!
As stated in this video, the capability to record externally is COMING. It’s not here yet. No one knows the answers to your questions until the update is released.
Sorry but does the camera require an internal card to record externally?
If a gh6 was bought through the link such as Amazon can any configuration or vendor work when the list shows?
Yessir .Thank You
@@DroseMr I see. It makes no difference to me. Thank you.
For instance when taken to Amazon vendor my choosing because 18 mo financing it shows a list such first on list is lens body combo sold by Amazon services, second on list is body only sold by focus camera llc sponsored listing or battery /body by Adorama and so on. If makes a difference in your link w Amazon as vendor? Thank You
I don’t understand the question but buying from my link or direct is the same. You’re buying from that vendor.
I mean your link in the description
Panasonic makes me crazy with all the bizarre ways they manipulate Peaking. Don't take away peaking as soon as you hit record in VIDEO. You need it to track the subject. Follow Fujifilm. They make actual shooting so much easier and more fun. And they have, hands down, the very best peaking features in the business.
Hello Joseph
Thanks for your videos.
Can you help me.
I just bought the Gh6 and I'm looking for the menus on the right of the touch screen.
How can I get back these useful fonction.....Is it the end of a good idea ?
Menu > Gear > Operation 1 > Touch Settings > Touch Tab
Photo Joseph, I turn to you for an answer that I can't seem to find and it's driving me Bat S__t crazy. Many of the major channels and reviews are claiming the GH6 shoots 4K 10bit 422 120FPS internally. I've heard it from 5 major channels. You did not say it. What is the truth? If it is true, it's not on my GH6. I've spent a lot of time looking for it. Please let us know.
Thanks. I've had extremely little interest in it so far, but then just was notified that my link to it was broken — so I don't know how many people REALLY are interested. I'll have to do some polls to find out.
That's unfortunate.
@@photojoseph Joseph I think the GH6 Community would love an in-depth photo Joseph tutorial on all the ins and outs and the best way to use and tweak the auto focus. I’d pay for that one.
@@photojoseph Thank you Joseph. You’d be shocked how many people are saying it wrong. Looking forward thanks again
4K 120p 420, not 422, internally. Firmware updates coming to enable 4K120p over HDMI (once recorders like atomos are ready to support it). That would be 422.
Hi Joseph. thanks for your videos ! I'm about to set up a 4 cameras video studio, and I still hesitate between BGH1, BS1H and why not the GH6... What would you do ? :) Thanks... (I'm used to work with a good old GH5...)
Well, I want all-in on BGH1 and here’s why: — if you already have MFT glass and the box camera format fits your needs then it’s an easy decision. GH6 is better for run-and-gun since you don’t have to rig it up. But if you want to go full frame and are willing to spend 2x on bodies and lenses… then yeah, BS1H rocks!!
Thank you master. The voice is incredible as well as video, Please teach about HLG and PQ with Lumix and FCPX.
Thanks. And yes, I still need to do something on HDR
Got mine from the UPS pickup store on Friday. Going through the manual now.
Figure this will be a great wedding and event camera.
Thanks for the great video Joseph!
Enjoy!! It’s a great camera for sure.
how do you transfer photos to a MacBook Pro? With a cable?
You can, but a card reader is faster. I’ve linked to a couple in the description.
Thank you for this review. Subscribed
It all sounds wonderful but if I put it on a gimbal will it autofocus?
@@mazzdacon2134 my gimbal has a focus motor driving with a finger dial
@@photojoseph You must have 3 arms.
@@mazzdacon2134 ah. Well the AF is significantly better than GH5. I haven’t tested on a gimbal; I’m almost always in manual when using gimbals, TBH.
@@photojoseph So the AF is now fixed, I had a GH5 and it was dreadful on a gimbal.
Sure, why wouldn’t it?
timecode! please show us more on the timecode in/out joseph
@@photojoseph then i just wait for that video. thanks. i just need to know any quirks, syncing, or any issues especially working with multicam setups on gh6.
I’m planning another big timecode video, but it’s not necessarily on GH6. What do you want to know?
love the short term video content. nobody wants to sit thru a 15 minute video so that the creator can run more ads
They had me at 4K 120 FPS
I'm not interested in video, so if they brought out a g9 mark 2, I'd be all over it in a flash!
Way to go PhotoJoseph! Great summary, I'm sold. 🚀
Works for me!!
Great video. Covers a lot of things I hadn't seen in the other GH6 review videos yet. But did they reduce the HDMI Out latency?
@@photojoseph Ah that's too bad. Thanks for following up.
I just tested today — no. It’s the same as GH5.
Liive streaming available inn gh6?
No, it’s not on the current feature list.
Can't wait to get mine. My GH5 has seen better days. It still works great but it's been through hell.
A worthy successor
Concise and comprehensive at the same time. Very helpful. Thanks.
I wonder if this is the new m43 sensor made by Sony? Will there be Olympus model with 25mpx?
Great video. Good test of the AF that can hide the fault of the DFD-system.
❌❌❌ Great Video mate 👍🏻 I own two G7 + two GH5 & one GH5M2 cameras.
I am sticking with my GH5M2. There is not enough upgrades in the GH6 and the pulsating and focus issues STILL. Plus the GH5M2 $2100 AUD & GH6 $3,600 AUD (body only with both prices) 🫵🏻😎👍🏻 Cheers from Western Australia 🇦🇺
I get it! Thanks for the support!
I want a G10, I wonder if they've dropped that line
@@stinkopants haha oh! No reason to think the line has been dropped but I don’t have any news for you.
Lol I mean a successor to my G9
That’s a twelve year old camera!
2:57 been wanting this for years
Thanks for the review Joseph. What are your thoughts on it’s low light performance alongside GH5S ?
@@photojoseph thanks Joseph, great explanation. Looking forward to more content 🤟🏽🙏
well, the GH5S is going to perform better at higher ISO, especially really high ISO. Remember that it is dual native ISO, meaning that at its high base ISO it looks essentially the same as at the low base ISO. It also benefits from being a much lower resolution sensor (which means larger photo sites which means lower noise). GH5S is still the low noise king, but you give up a lot of capability to get there. The GH6 is much better than the GH5 at low light, however.
Amazed they address all the thermal issues and got unlimited record time. They got the sensor thermals completely sorted out it sounds like. And Audio Menu FTW!
I never had thermal problems with the GH5 🤷
I think that this will be on my list after the 10-25 & 25-50 f1.7 lenses. 🤤
Impressive trio, then!!
Great overview! Thank you for that! So, what are your general thought regarding the stills images? How big of improvement is from the GH5?
​@@photojoseph I have the GH5 and was debating whether to upgrade to something else at all or to the GH6 because I wanted to improve my image quality, so the GH6 seems to provide an answer to that as well. Thanks!
I haven’t done any side by side but between the higher resolution, insanely high 100mp mode, stabilization for handheld photos, DR boost, better AF… yeah this is going to be a GREAT stills camera. In my mind the GH6 is the perfect travel camera. I can’t wait to shoot with it more!
Wonderfully bonkers, well done Panasonic. I just love the GH line and long may it continue getting better 👍
Amazing features👍🏻
Hi mate, what do you do for your personal sound set up? do you do anything to your voice? maybe boost low end? or do any compression on the sound of your voice? thanks
@@michaelvaughan2888 hmm, I guess in my regular videos I do EQ a bit. I’ve only been using Resolve for a couple of months and am still getting used to the audio tools.
@@photojoseph so usually you don’t boost bass or anything else? Just noise reduction?

No random effects like adding saturation or something? Haha, I don’t know if people do that for talking but pretty common in music.
This video is different than usual ones. This one is a close-positioned HEIL PR40 mic with some added bass in the EQ in post. Usually I use a pretty complex setup of hardware noise reduction and a cardioid lav mic, because my regular shooting location is quite noisy.
Any rumors about a BGH1 style form factor on the horizon? I love the GH6 screen, but for a multi-cam studio setup I'd rather have the box shape (and ethernet port).
I love my BGH1 cameras for studio work. I don’t know anything but the BGH1 is a popular camera so I think it’s safe to assume there will be a 2 at some point.
Hello Joseph and you know how long that I have waited for this moment. :) I think you have shot one of the best GH6 videos buddy, clear, short and very concise!
@@photojoseph, Your welcome. :)
Thanks mate!
fantastic tutorial! thanks
the only thing better than an S5, for me at least, is the slow motion capabilities. Otherwise the IBIS improvements are outweighed by the S5 ISO performance imo. I wish I could use both :(((
The S5 has so many trade-offs in codecs when it comes to resolution, colour depth, etc. The GH6 looks to give you EVERYTHING.
The only reason that could prevent me from buying is the HDR bracketing settings called AEB. The GH4 shot brackets of 3,5, and 7 in increments of 1 EV or smaller. It needs to have steps of at least 2 EV for real estate. Could you tell me if the GH6 has AEB 5 @ 2EV??
@@georgecatterton3514 awesome thanks. I’ll make the request. I’m curious; what software do you use to blend the HDR? I’d imagine you’re not tone mapping that many images!
@PhotoJoseph  Exactly, we need at least a bracket of 5 at -4, -2, 0, +2, +4. A bracket of 7 at 1ev or -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, does not have the same dynamic range for window pulls and contains more images.
@@georgecatterton3514 thanks for the info. I’ll report this back to Panasonic. So to be clear, you need 2 stops separation and five shots total, so -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 — is that right? And the reason to not do 7 shots, 1 stop is about all the extra photos you don’t want. Right?
@PhotoJoseph  I really appreciate it. We shoot about 30 houses per day on the coasts of South Florida, and our market has very high standards for window views. Most Cannon, Nikon and Sony offer what is needed. I appreciate the good content and the time you save me. Thank you.
From the spec sheet… “3, 5, 7 images in 1/3, 2/3 or 1 EV step, max. ±3 EV, single/burst”. I’m no real estate expert, but I’ve shot a few dozen houses. First, I stopped bracketing for 99% of my photos and just use the built-in HDR mode (to JPEG) and shifted a little away from green (they always went green for some reason). Now I shoot a five shot, one stop bracket, but almost NEVER use anything but the base +/-0 shot. Auto balance in Lightroom, auto straighten perspective, and done. The dynamic range in the RAW files (usually on an S5 or S1R) is so vast that it pulls in everything that matters. Just sharing what I do.
Is the gh6 shutter button same as in gh5 or g9?
@@photojoseph yes. Gh5 has a more ”click” button and g9 is like where u dont even know if u presses or not (better for stills)
The physical button?
um ... anyone want to buy the S5 I purchased last year ... 🙄
Everyone should have both 😅
How is battery life?
It has the higher capacity / power battery from the S5. Shooting the same thing as GH5 it’ll last longer. Shooting things like 4K/120 or ProRes will use more battery. As always it 100% depends on how you’re shooting!
Excellent video summary. Thank you.
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