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Is 1080p Better for Vloggers?

Photo Moment - December 11, 2018

4K is the best!! Or, is it? There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides to shooting 4K (UHD) or 1080p (HD). I shot 1080p on my recent India trip, and it was awesome… let's discuss!

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4K is the best!! Or, is it? There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides to shooting 4K (UHD) or 1080p (HD). I shot 1080p on my recent India trip, and it was awesome… let's discuss!

Watch the Q&A video here:
Good video!
Thank you kindly!
We're looking to start a vlog channel, based in your recommendation, I think 1080 is the way to. What camera do u recommend?
I think it depends on the camera and the bit rate your shooting with.
Love this vlog and your channel! I cant wait for more content!
YOUR VIDEOS ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!! Keep up the quality content!
I do a lot of product videos for work normally work in 4k and output 1080p to YouTube..... this has helped me out big time... 2 lenses in one ! I'lll take it, thanks Joseph !! I am gonna have a play at the weekend with my GH5 with my metabones adapter, my 90mm Nikon fit macro lens and try some mega macro !!
Great video man. Very informative. I debated this a lot before starting my series. I wanted my shots to be as cinematic as possible. Ultimately I think most people are watching on phones which are only capable of 1080 anyways.
100% agreed
PhotoJoseph What about bitrate considerations? YouTube has higher bitrate if you upload as 4K, even if you shoot at 1080p.
I realize that using 1080 has a better autofocus when we are selfie vlog. We use 4k for the wow b-roll or just an amazing shot, but bad when using it as a selfie vlog slow autofocus.
Does this work for canon?
Can you imagine if someone actually did say “Hey, you scaled that shot in a little bit!” Wow.
Joseph, thanks again for all the informative information. Question, if I pull 4K footage from GoPro into iPad Pro through the GoPro quick app is that footage downscaled or is it the actual 4K? Or do you have to get the footage on the iPad through the usb-c port?
Really interesting video. I have a question. When I compare the size of a clip shot with the GH5 at 1080p (in FHD/8bit/100M/24p) with the size of a clip shot in 4K (in 4K/8bit/100M/24p) I notice that the difference is very small (maybe between 2-3%: i.e. for a FHD clip of 1minute 50sec the file size is around 1.29GB, for a clip of 1m 50sec in 4K is around 1.32GB). I think this is to be expected since the video is stored in camera at around 100MB/s in both cases. The question is: in this case, is the quality of the 4K video worse than the FHD (i.e. more compressed), as you are storing 4 time the amount of information in the same file size?
That is correct. 100Mbit means megabits per second so yes the size will be essentially the same. Most settings though are higher mbit for higher resolution for this reason. On the G9, the 1080p bitrate is quite low; I think 28 or so. But it still looks amazing.
As a consumer with a 32" Acer Predator 4K monitor. I want 4k.
I get it. Yet most people are watching on a sub-4K smartphone or tablet, or on a 4K tv from across the room. If you’re on a 4K computer monitor and it’s right in front of your face, then I 100% agree. But that’s not how most people watch vlogs!
@PhotoJoseph YouTube will accommodate lower res options of course from a 4k upload. I just see 1080p as nearly ten years old technology. The jump from 1080p to 4k is a huge leap in quality. I appreciate some don't want to deal with the bandwidth. Some don't want to deal with the added editing issues or SD card capacity use.

I think the real reason though is most are using Canon cameras and Canon don't do good 4K unless you buy into their cinema lines. Which are absolutely not blogger kit.

As soon as Canon and Nikon get on board with good vlogger 4K cameras with good active focus and without horrible codecs or crop factors. 4K will probably be more popular. Or, just buy a Sony. Let's hope the new Sony A7Siii has a fully articulating flip screen.
@thegeneral123 "The jump from 1080p to 4k is a huge leap in quality." Is really isn't. The perceptible difference is pretty small actually, due to the limitations of human vision and given the sizes of the average displays and the distances we typically sit from them. Most people can hardly tell the difference between 1080P and 4K under ordinary circumstances. Vlogging in 1080P is more than adequate, even 10 years after it came to be.
@Bad Drivers Caught On DashCam I'm sat 2 foot away from a 32 inch ips 4k panel.

It's extremely apparent for my use scenario.
@thegeneral123 You're the rare case. Some of what people think is a huge difference is really just a psychological effect similar to placebo. I just find that 4K isn't important for vlogs. It's the quality of the content and the audio that makes or break a vlog. A vlog is mostly a person talking and seeing their face in 1080P vs 4K is really inconsequential. When it comes to vlog type videos, people get way too hung up on this 4K hype because so many people are obsessed with always having the latest and "greatest" tech. I can see 4K being a little more important for things like nature and wildlife videos, but that's about it. And again, most people aren't watching on 4K monitors and if they are, some of the 4K monitors are not of good quality. And half the population have bad eyesight rendering 4K totally moot.
Joseph Thanks but you must remember some important things about teleconverter. On Gh5s teleconverter doesn't work in 4K quality. It's possible only in 1080p. Beside that on GH5 teleconverter make completely different crops between 1080 and 4K quality setting. Thanks for your work. Have a good day:)
All of this is discussed in the video. Watch the Q&A where we get into 4K. Since this video is about shooting 1080p, that’s where I point out the Ex. Tele Converter feature
I personally like 4K, more, just because of the video quality and details. I would actually be more willing to up the storage capacity of my devices and SD cards and put up with the longer rendering time to get that higher quality video, just me, personally.

However, with that said, I really dig the electronic teleconverter in the G9, being able to zoom in without blowing up the pixels like in my iPhone X. So when pairing the G9 with the 100-400mm (or whatever telephoto lens you prefer) I can get perfect videos of wildlife at a safe distance, or anything that’s a little too out of reach.
I think 4K is a lot of marketing hype. There is a difference between that and 1080P, but the perceptible difference to the human eye is very slight. Most people can't tell the difference unless they REALLY examine the picture or they're a professional in the industry. And most people aren't even using 4K monitors. At the distances we typically sit from our displays we don't take advantage of most of the difference. I only shoot in 1080P. That very slight advantage to me, just isn't worth the storage limitations and slow render issues.
That’s awesome never thought about that. I wonder if the G85 has that, will have to check that out tomorrow!
The G7 has it, and the G85 is the next step up so I would say its safe to say it does.
Jonathan Stephens awesome thanks!!!
Wow...once again....great information. Appreciate all your videos!
Now if you are using the ETC doesn't the sensor now give off more video noise?
Good question. If you are comparing to a cropped in 4k shot, then no. If you're talking about scaling a full sensor image down to 1080p, then yes, that process should serve to reduce noise. So in a high ISO situation, you may be better off not using the ETC at all. I suppose it all comes down to what you consider acceptable noise. Great question!
@PhotoJoseph Perfect maybe that is why my GH5 ETC 4k looks okay but on the GX85 it won't let me use 4k ETC I have to go 1080. Unless GX85 can also do ETC 4k, I tried different settings and it won't let me.
Pretty sure it does not
Really informative. Thanks!
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