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15 Year Old Live Apple Demo Footage! (PhotoJoseph on stage in 2004)

Photo Moment - August 15, 2019

Oh man… this goes back a ways. 15 years, to be exact. Check out this old video of me on stage at NAB 2004 and the Apple Expo Paris Keynote stage in 2004, showing Apple Motion.

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Comments from YouTube

Omg you look so different! I literally would not have a clue it was you, apart from your name showing on screen. Crazy!
Haha yeah different look, same me! 😁
GREAT TBT on Tuesday! Awesome to see how confident you were and still are.
Hairy times indeed. You always did a great job up there Joseph. It was kinda stressful doing demos using flakey-as-hell, pre-release beta software; A bit like navigating through a moving minefield on a pogo-stick - while wearing a blindfold - in front of a keynote audience - some of whom could conceivably fire your ass for screwing up. So, no pressure there then!  
So, props to you for doing it so smoothly. Fun memories. Good times. Lots of hair(y).
Not quite sure where you’re going with the hair(y) cracks…

Haven’t seen you in a while here. Been missing, or just blissfully silent?
@PhotoJoseph mentally co-joined the words 'Hairy' and 'Crack' not me... I would never resort to such double-entendres. I was merely referring to stress levels of demoing for Apple. 
Not missing - just blissfully silent, as you say. Don't watch your show much these days as I don't understand it. But then, I'm an idiot who's still confused as to why lenses are round, yet images come out rectangular. Still not heard a convincing explanation for that one. So your show isn't the problem really. That'd be me.
Graham Cooper 😂😂 Love ya buddy… glad I could get your attention, even momentarily, with a little retro “back in my day” video. Lemme know if you find yourself stateside.
Young Joseph reminds me of @GeraldUndone!
Oh man… that’s funny. I’ll show this to him!! 😂
Wow, look at You. Recognize your distinctive voice. Can see your real name on screen. But can't read your last name.
It’s a universal mystery
Haha. I had to pause it to see your name up in lights you see. :) Great to see a younger version of yourself.
When Apple were innovative and had you and Steve Jobs! Not anymore!
This was a time when I truly loved Apple. Loved learning new software. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t do this anymore. Not sure why. Great job, by the way.
Thanks man. Things are different now, yeah. For sure.
Wow! What hair! I think I was there! It looks very familiar.
So your kid is into retro Apple tech?
Raúl F. Sanjurjo Villaverde haha
Very cool, I wonder how many upgrades to Motion you’ve seen in all of these years
I prefer the more relaxed current style...😎
These were meticulously planned. Not scripted (I don’t memorize scripts), but every click was planned. Pretty crazy.
Very cool... It is always amazing to look back at our careers and remembering what events made us what we are now!!!
It really is…
For a moment I thought you were saying you were 15 in 2004 lol!!
Totally!! I’m a spry 30 years old today!! 😂😂
Brutal to have your back to the audience. Or maybe a good thing? Amazing dew though!
Totally crazy. Don’t know who’s idea that was.
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