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2018 Mac mini Unboxing

Photo Moment - January 19, 2019

I purchased a 2018 Mac mini to replace my aging 2014 iMac. It's fast, and it'll get a lot of RAM, but the graphics are low end. Don't worry, that'll get fixed too. But first, let's unbox this thing.

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So what do you think guys… is this going to be an adequate editing machine?!
Yeah, I think so. I use adobe Premiere CC myself. Though, I am looking to get my own Macbook Pro when I'm out on location!
I’ll be interested to see how it works out for you. I’ve been thinking of going this route when I get my next Mac. I’ve been using iMacs and various MacBook models for many years, but the price is getting too high. Thanks for doing a video on this.
For sure. The graphics card is impressive but I haven't got my RAM in yet so final report is still to come.
Can you upgrade the ram I had an old mini you could then I got a newer one and it was not upgradable it was built on to the mother board no removable chip.?
This is upgradeable but it's a pain in the ass. I haven't done mine yet because I had to order special tools. Now I have to wait until I'm back from India to install. I will definitely make a video about it though!
PhotoJoseph Thanks will keep an eye out on another note I have a GH5 and a G9 I use for filming is it worth me buying a Core SWX PowerBase Edge For Panasonic GH5 as I also have a inferno recorder so I'm using 3 batteries just to power the camera and inferno looking forward to a reply in the UK it's £264 so not cheap but thinking of the long term benefit 👍 Love the channel not long found you and binging your videos now thanks you've been a huge help to me already.☺️
I don't know; that's a lot of weight isn't it? Personally I'd rather have extra Passaic batteries in my pocket.
PhotoJoseph We film on a tripod anyways sports events UK Football mainly and we are having to use 2 batteries on the back of the inferno plus another 2 for the camera as it so tight getting 90 plus mins from the batteries if we film in 4K 60FPF we use the sony FP970 battiest there not light and would think this one battery would take the place of all plus charge a phone and power a light as well as the camera and inferno thats why we were looking at it I might take the plunge and do a video on it as there is not much info on it on youtube just a few interviews from the company no real world uses Thanks anyways love your work..
When you do the show on the eGPU I hope you do benchmarks WITHOUT the eGPU and WITH the eGPU. Also, does installing your own RAM void the AppleCare warranty? That bottom cover doesn't unscrew like on the old Mac mini... you have to remove it with a pry tool. Here's the video that shows the whole process: Are you going to max out the RAM? I would. Also, you can use one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports to hook up a spacious external Thunderbolt 3 SSD much cheaper than Apple charges for internal SSD.
I have benchmarks before and after, yes. I don't know about the warranty… good question, but oh well. I wanted to max out the RAM but you can't buy 32GB DIMMs from ramjet yet. I bought 2x16 and will upgrade to the 32 as soon as they are available.
peeling must be done with no distracting music! it is sacred!!!!
Memory upgrade is no longer as easy as it used to be. Many a screw will you remove and a few connectors, fan and logic board too. $300 saved - its worth it!
Yeah it's a big difference. I'm "looking forward" to doing it!
Yeah, peel porn!! That’s what I’m talking about! 🙌
I hope you do a show on upgrading the RAM. This I gotta see!
Nice one Joseph, I use Mac Mini's to control all of our Zoom rooms over here.
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