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20mm T2.0 Cine Style L-Mount Full Frame Lens for $499

Photo Moment - December 11, 2020

Cine style lenses are all manual, have clickless aperture, and are geared for follow focus systems. They can cost an arm and a leg, but this one from Viltrox proves that they don't have to.

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Focus Breathing Test

I neglected to include a focus breathing test in this video… so, here's one!


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Great Review! Do you know if there is a version for Super35mm?
Not that I know of. I think they focused on the full frame market, but check their website, or amazon or B&H — I did notice different availability between Amazon and B&H, so be sure to check both.
@PhotoJoseph I´ll take a look! thanks!
Great video, Joseph. Been away for a few months and your review quality has improved exponentially! Love the real examples and the pacing. Beautiful stuff keep it up!
Much appreciated!
Do they make a photography version ?
I think they do, but possibly not in L-Mount. Check their website or search AMazon and B&H. I did notice that B&H has different options than Amazon does.
Hi Joseph, what about focus breathing?
Well well… I didn't test that. BUT NOW I DID and just uploaded a whole new video. You get the credit (or blame, haha) for that:
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