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5× BGH1 Studio Setup — Nearly Perfect Camera!

Photo Moment - October 13, 2021

The Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 is quite nearly the perfect camera for my studio setup. I absolutely love it, and you will, too!

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Thank you, I’m getting my first of 10 of them, long way to go, right?
TEN?! Well done, Pete. Well done.
What model are those blackmagic recorders? It seems 3/1 rack size , but I couldn’t find these on official website that comes with same size and capable of recording 2160p.
Any degradation of quality when passing hdmi->sdi converter-> long sdi cable to the recorder compared to internal recording? Thanks!
It's the "Studio HD Plus", which is a stupid name because it makes it sound like it only does HD! Here's a link — And no degradation of quality, no.
@PhotoJoseph thanks!
And again another great video. Thanks for the time spent on it. I have referred you to many.
Awesome, thank you!
I found this very informative! Thanks Joseph. I have a question regarding transitions and cuts. I like the cut and transition functions of the ATEM Mini Pro. Is there a way do that via tether app? I love the functionality of adjusting the settings to ALL cameras from the computer. No need for a cameraman to change those settings!

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for watching. There’s no switching capabilities in the tether app as it’s not a switching app — what you see in the app is not a broadcast quality image, it’s just a preview.
As a working commercial photographer, I would have to say this is one of the best videos on a box camera. Not only did you point out a few features, you most importantly showed in a workflow. I far to often see "reviews" etc showing whats in the box (I freaking hate) and just measurebation on specs and pointing to things. A good example, I once saw a famous youtuber review the Sony A9 and say "I dont know why they have ethernet, such an old thing, usb is the new fastest" Nay I say, when I shoot runway, me and my crew use the ethernet port to push files to our back end tech as we shoot! No card dumps, and select images are being processed and upload to the venues website, instagram etc.. sorry going far off base, all in all, great job showing how a professional my use the equipment in a real working enviroment.
Thank you Michael! “Measurebating”; I love it 😂😂 Yeah I wish ALL cameras had network ability!! It’s truly amazing what you can do. Thanks for watching!
How good of a mini pc do you think is needed to control 2-3 BSH1 cameras in a webcam style via a PoE network? Was thinking of getting an AMD 5700G APU (8-core/16-thread) CPU + 32GB of DDR4 3200Mhz of RAM to do such a thing. Is it enough?
Mine is literally the cheapest I could find. Check the software specs before buying but the app isn’t doing all that much so it doesn’t need much power. I running it this way was one of the best decisions ever. Being able to almost instantly connect from any device is phenomenal. I even regularly connect remotely!
One quick question (might be answered already...) - Does the Lumix Tether support Zoom on the Olympus EZ lenses? thanks!
Yea it does
@PhotoJoseph thanks!!!!
Thanks for the video. That's why i like Panasonic for their connectivity. I want at least two BGH1's.
Panasonic The Best..!!! Great Video Thanks.
I agree! ☺️
The stuff at the background...I would feel like being in heaven if I was there.
Thank you for this informative video! I wonder whether you use POE to power the BGH1 and why or why not. Also can computer access the 4k video stream via Ethernet. I believe GH5II with its 1.1firmware can output 4k via USB to Ethernet dongle as a RTSP stream. Not sure about BGH1 but if that is possible, you can even simplify the routing by using a computer to record all 5 cameras at the same time. Cheers
I do power by PoE+ (I am quite sure I talked about that in this video as it’s a core component of my setup), and yes you can get a local RTSP stream to 4K. If you went full bandwidth you’d need sufficient bandwidth and power to capture those files to your hard drive. And of course a way to remotely start and stop recording. I like my HyperDeck setup. It’s rock solid reliable and the entire system isn’t reliant on a single computer (aka a single point of failure).
@PhotoJoseph thanks Joseph. Hyperdeck is a step above not for average content creators.
Didn’t say it was. But a computer that can capture five ProRes 4K HEVC RTSP streams at once isn’t average either.
@PhotoJoseph One doesn't have to go that high to get most out of it. I mean lots of people only need 2-3cameras with H264 4k stream. POE+ one cable for data power and control is immensely intriguing.
@Frank Luo that it is. And please remember, this video is NOT telling people how THEY should set up their studio. This video is all about MY setup and the reasons I made the decisions I did.
Will the BHG1 + Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm lens work with the Lumix Tether Software?
@Biakhlei Ling I’d stick with the BGH1 for church live streaming. You’ll want the deeper depth of field. And the cost is half.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks. I heard there is some
Latency with the BGH1 and idk if I should worry about that. Any thought on that?
@Biakhlei Ling no worries and all cameras have some latency
@PhotoJoseph thank you for responding to my comments. I am planning to purchase two BGH1 for our church and I hope I make the right decision. Do you recommend this camera for church live streaming?
@Biakhlei Ling certainly. If you have concerns I encourage you to join the channel and our discord or to book some time with me at
This is one of so many awesome videos you put out there...thanks so much! One question: I am considering building the BGH1 for an installation (I have 3 personal ones for location shooting) - is there any issue with leaving them on at all times? I usually put things together and break down but this would be something closer to "anyone can record at any time" so I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to that. Naturally the ATEM is built with that in mind but not sure about the BGH1...thanks!
It's fine to leave it on all the time. I sleep mine at night through the app, but leaving them on is fine. I left a GH4 on for five years straight, no problem!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks so much! I'm definitely going with the now.
Why not just keep the USB-C cable connected to your computer for file transfer? Is that a slow transfer as well?
That might work but these are five cameras at considerable distance from the computer.
the price.... mmhh i preferred take nikon Z6.
A completely and totally different camera for different uses.
@PhotoJoseph mmhh for me no, what expect you for your better image ? large sensor (for the light in the dark), many pixels (details), i good mount lens for mount the good lens, record interne with sd card 4K and/or stream over hdmi in my atem mini pro extreme.
for the same price ;-) who can do more can do less.
Lumix BS, it is very expensive for spec .
@Fabrice Martellucci BGH1: Power over Ethernet. Controllable via computer over network. Timecode input. Shutter angle and synchroscan. I showed all of these features, and explained why they’re important in this setup. I’m assuming by this point you didn’t actually watch the video or you wouldn’t be comparing these two cameras.
@PhotoJoseph right.
i see the blackmagic micro is very similar on this little box. But they are no longer on their site.. i hope update this little box cam over ethernet.
@Fabrice Martellucci that little camera is no longer made. It is controllable via an ATEM, not the network. It doesn’t have shutter angle/syncroscan nor PoE power. No custom WB and a sensor that is horrible at anything other than 0db gain. It’s AF is utterly useless. In 4K it’s barely passable. Sorry… no comparison.
Yea, someone who hates jump cuts. I hate jump cuts too!
Would it be possible to have microphones and possible multiple microphones covered for BGH1 ? Thanks a lot.
I don’t know what you mean. Covered? Please explain.
@PhotoJoseph sorry Joseph. I meant that it would be nice to have a video covering BGH1 and microphones. For instance if you want to have two persons or more speaking with inputs going on different XLR and so on. Thanks a lot.
Great video thanks! Do you think they're a way to trigger sync start/stop multiple BGH1 using timecode or gen lock port? If I have 3 camera on set, pressing REC on One could start the 2 others perfectly in sync? Is that possible? This way all 3 video files start at the same time.
Not that I know of. Genlock doesn’t carry a start/stop signal. Recorders can be told to start recording when timecode rolls, but I don’t think the cameras can do that. You can trigger multiple cameras simultaneously from the LUMIX Tether app, however it’s not meant to be frame accurate so probably isn’t. But of course if they all have the same timecode then syncing is of course trivial. I’d try the app to trigger them and see how close to same-frame start that is. BTW if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions like this, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
I’m planning to do a 4x BGH1 setup but the one camera I have now is using 40% of my GPU video decode at 4K. How are you able to get 5 cameras into OBS without frame drop?

Thanks for a great review!
Because I don’t use OBS. If you want to live stream that many cameras, buy an ATEM.
@PhotoJoseph thank you! Unfortunately I’m stuck using OBS so I will have to go to HD.
Something weird going on with your audio in this video. Sounds like your highs and lows are cutting out randomly.
I had issues; see the pinned comment
Hi, can I do the same things with the Lumix gh5 II? Also zoom with the Panasonic H-PS14042E-K Power Zoom lens, 14-42mm? thank you
Yes you can, and you can even use a USB to Ethernet adapter on the GH5 II. You don’t get PoE power though. Otherwise it’s the same.
i want one so bad!
Just one? 😁
Amazing review, just exact what i'm looking for! Thank you very much Joseph.
My pleasure
Thank you for hating jump cuts.
If you have them all hooked to the network via Ethernet, do you not even have to use the timecode/genlock settings on these? That’s the reason I really like these! The fact that you have those BNC’s and if you have a MOTU interface… BAM!!!
MOTU? You still need timecode and genlock if you want timecode and genlock. Those aren’t communicated over Ethernet. That’d be amazing but there’s no way that could be accurate enough. IP Networks are designed for congestion and to redeliver dropped data; timecode has to be 100% accurate and on time or it’s useless. Still, I love the idea!!
@PhotoJoseph the blackmagic design Um hyperdeck? One of the models will send timecode and genlock I believe?
@PhotoJoseph MOTU 16A audio interface. For those of us that run table top “podcast” mic style set ups lol. I think I’m getting three of these cameras though! Love the video 👍
@Lee Bird they have genlock and timecode in and out but that’s just a pass through. You need a timecode generator to keep multiple items in sync.
@PhotoJoseph any recommendations for that part?
Thx for this very clear explanation.
Adding the need of a PTZ cam in a similar setup, how would you sort this?
A gimbal for one of the 5 or a Panasonic PTZ and balancing those?
Best regards,
Awesome question. In Q1 of this year (2022) I will potentially be working with a company on a video to highlight their PTZ for BGH1 solution!
I'm about to build such a studio in Q1, could you be little more precise when.... you tell more about this solution,
it shall be a Studio like yours in terms of setup, but added PTZ and some decoration will replace your nice shelf behind you ;-) even if we'd like to have some of the gear placed in your shelf .
@Andi Gruber I’m scheduled to reach out this week. It will be a month at least before a video is released. If you can’t wait, check out
Hi Joseph, I just bought a POE + switch from Netgear GS308
The camera works and the network lamp is on.
But in the Lumix software I only see one camera at a time.
Can you help me with that
Ok, you need to configure each camera individually first. It can be a little finicky getting it set up to be honest but once configured it works great. Here’s a guide on that: — also be sure you have latest camera firmware and latest multicam software. Once configured, if a camera ever drops offline or doesn’t show up, refresh the camera list in the app first, and if that still doesn’t show, restart the app, and last resort, reboot that camera. Each update has improved this but it still happens sometimes. I sleep my cameras when I’m not using them and nearly never have to reboot anything anymore.
It's like bmcc studio 4kpro
If you has the opportunity would you prefer bmcc studio or Panasonic bs1h?
For what I’m doing, BGH1 or BS1H. You have far more control over the cameras on the network. If only doing live in HD through an ATEM, then the BMPCC are great.
Your videos look absolutely ridiculous, never apologize for how you make it so awesome. If you didn't pay so much attention to detail and obsess about how to make it better, we wouldn't be here watching videos like these. Talk about being an Ambassador for Panasonic, I'd love to see someone do Sony or Canon content that looks that good. M43 all the way
You rock Kevin, thank you.
Are you limited to using only 4 3rds lenses, or can you use lenses with different mounts? How do lens mount adapters affect the image quality?
Great question. I did quite a few videos ages ago on this, but here’s the good and the bad news. You can adapt nearly anything to MFT, and cheaply buy adapters to do it. The bad news is that most lenses worth adapting are full frame, so become 2x the focal length, and you’re cropping past what could be the most characteristic part of the lenses (the edges). Search Amazon/google for any mount to MFT/M43, eg “EF to MFT” / “EF to M43” and see what you find. There’s also a few focal reducer lens adapters that will help alleviate the crop; a few years ago the Sigma 18-35 on EF mount plus a focal reducer was the lens combo MFT enthusiasts raved about.
I have a question I haven't found an answer to. Can an ATEM trigger the tally light on the BGH1?
No, unfortunately.
Hello, are you using a teleprompter in this video and others or just speaking on the fly?
On the fly. I sometimes use a teleprompter for the intro if it’s very specific and I can’t manage to keep it all in my head, but that’s rare. And never at this setup (the white & blue set); the camera is far too far away for me to use one!
Wouldn't this setup have been easier with BM Studio Cameras (event the Micro Studio 4K)? It's pretty ridiculous that the BGH1 only does 1080p via SDI. It's design decisions like these that make me scratch my head about Panasonic (that and no internal RAW or RAW output via USB-C).
Interesting, but no. I’m a very long time ATEM user and have most of the gear you mentioned. The BMPCC cameras are controllable through the ATEM, yes. But that only allows certain camera controls, not full menu access like I have here. Plus the output can only be viewed on the multiview, not in a computer. Control is over HDMI so that would only work with ATEM Mini (so HD only) or if I wanted 4K through my big ATEM I’d have to convert HDMI to SDI and I’d lose camera control. I could shoot internally instead or to USB drives but then I’d be pulling cards/drives from each camera, not over the network. No custom white balance via ATEM on BMPCC so that’s a huge feature I’d lose. And the IQ of the original micro studio camera is horrible in 4K. The new Studio cameras might be a complete solution, but they’re huge and wouldn’t accommodate my two front side by side positions nor the overhead camera. Also I use the BGH1 in field productions too; can’t do that with the studio camera. If I were building a COMPLETE solution from scratch, the BMPCC 6K through an ATEM Mini Extreme for monitoring and control, and recording to braw to USB-C drives would be a potentially interesting solution, yes. Definitely some advantages (6K and RAW, especially now that I’m editing in Resolve), but I wasn’t building from scratch. Oh I’d need all new lenses, too if I went that route, and potentially some very expensive ones for the long reaches of over-the-shoulder (often at a 400mm equivalent). Anyway… interesting question, and again if I were starting from scratch, worth considering. Fun question! And all that before coffee… where’s my coffee…
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for expanding. The ATEMs have most of the color options found in Resolve seems weird that one can’t set a color balance. I get the form factor advantage when traveling. But for outside the studio it seems behind the times not to support BRAW (BM licenses it for free is my understanding) or another good RAW format internally or via USB-C. I would love to see a good MFT camera that has 5 axis stabilization, BRAW (or equivalent) internally with recording possible via USB-C, for field work. For Studio/inside use I’d love that but with good camera control capability (Ethernet or SDI).
@Mark Pratt I don’t know why more cameras (including lumix) don’t support internal BRaw. I am pretty sure that to do ProRes recording, you have to pay a licensing fee to RED, of all companies. I’m sure it’s the same with Blackmagic raw. Maybe the licensing fee is too high? Or maybe it’s not even possible; does anything record to braw other than blackmagic products? I don’t honestly know. You can capture to blackmagic raw using their recorders, and cameras like the BGH1 of course.
Great video, I'm interested in multicam setups. I recently started youtubing with GH5 + teleprompter + pedal control and this works fine. However, one of the storylines I'm planning would require an overhead camera (shooting table & hands) and I was considering BGH1 (=main, GH5 overhead). Is it difficult to match colors with GH5 and BGH1 ?
If you shoot Log it’ll be easy enough. If you shoot with GH5 II it’ll be even easier, as the sensors there are closer.
Loved the video, but it does make my life more difficult. I'm trying to decide which cameras to get for a new studio setup and the BGH1 didn't even make the long list: until now. If it could be controlled with the ATEM software it would be a perfect fit for me. Considering the Blackmagic Studio 4K pro or the Pocket 6K pro at the moment. Time to go back to the drawing board! :)
I hear that! Yes that would be AMAZING if that were possible!
Nice setup, and nicely explained! I’m experimenting with various multicam setups, and I always appreciate your explanations and commentary. (1 x GH3, 2 x GH4, 1 x UX180, 1 x BGH1, ATEM 1 M/E 4K, ATEM Mini Pro, ATEM Extreme ISO, etc.)
Thank you, Philip!
I'm still use DMC-G3 - amazing camera, still good for 2021, hopefully will upgrade to GH4 in this year.
Wow! That’s awesome. GH4 was good, GH5 better, and soon, GH6!
So you saying you dont like Jump Cuts but you love Jump Desktop?
I’m jumpy like that
Do a video using 4 x Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K (Plus/pro) + atem mini for live @nd sync + edit in Resolve?
I did that (not with four, but the workflow is the same) in this massive five hour webinar. There are timestamps to jump to the section you want
@PhotoJoseph Thanks god :-)
I experienced the same flicker on the ATEM mini with the iPhone camera I was able to get rid of it with Filmic Pro great piece of kit :)
Filmic Pro is awesome!
@PhotoJoseph Yes it is.. I couldn't make it out to California for a shoot so my friend is running around shooting the shots for me with his iPhone 12 Pro max and WOW beautiful footage.. I try to not use the native app as I do not like not seeing my Audio meters. I also figured out a rig to allow me to charge my phone while shooting and getting audio .. Every thing fits in a small bag.. Good stuff. Only thing now is to get either a very thin and light Lightning Cable for the gimbal or get a stronger Gimbal as some times my Gimbal freaks out from the weigh of the cable if I am not paying attention..
does atom x sync generate a genlock signal? if we have an external genlock signal generator like aja gen10 and connect it to bgh1 then does atomos ninja v receive that signal or just apply it's own signal to the video? farther if we send atomos video through sdi module, does the genlock signal from camera to atomos ninja will be send through sdi?
That’s a GREAT question. I don’t know but I’ll find out. I’ll be talking to someone today who should have the answer.
Ok, got the answer. If I’d thought this through more when I first responded I’d have been able to answer it then 😂 There’s no genlock “signal” to pass through. The genlock signal synchronized the sensors. With the sensors in sync, they are just outputting their video in sync. It doesn’t matter how it’s recorded; the video doesn’t have a “signal” embedded; it’s just video that’s now in sync with the other cameras.
​@PhotoJoseph as the bgh1 is the best indie camera for indie guys like me in virtual production and then when we talking about multicam in virtual production, genlock signal is important in in-camera vfx but in green screen we should to genlock all cameras together with in software camera( unreal engine in this case).so many tnx joseph.after a while i got my answer. the next problem is about the distance within sync generator and bgh1(bs1h)! 😅🤣
No one has addressed if there is HDMI/SDI lag in the camera. I did not purchase the S1H because I'm waiting for SOMEONE to say if the lag is still there.
The lag is there, yes. Understand that all cameras with HDMI output have lag. Even the BMPCC, which people like to say has no lag, has lag. To be fair the BMPCC has the lowest lag of any camera I’ve seen.
@PhotoJoseph What about the SDI? Really wondering how it is compared to other panasonics. Yes all cameras have HDMI lag, but it's incredibly significant on the Panasonics that I've used unfortunately . The S1h has 7 frames of latency which makes pulling focus manually impossible off a monitor.
I don't comment often but I've just got to say: thank you. This was clear, informative, all the pros and cons were balanced well, and you kept me engaged. I am understanding more and more the value of the equipment and the need for consistency. Really stellar information. Thank you!
Thank you Ashraf; I really appreciate that!!
focus breathing is itchy, bokeh 2, so, maybe MF with F<?
This was a great video this is exactly what we are looking to do in our studio. I have some silly questions, first, how are you routing audio so when you edit you can sync up all your cameras. Secondly, can I use a smart video hub instead of a switcher and run that to my hyperdecks to record. Also I am also looking at the ATEM 1M/E it has 10 inputs but I am unsure how I would get this to send ISO outputs to the hyperdeck.
Hey Scott. Audio is through a MixPre then into the ATEM and is included on all outputs to the HyperDecks, so they all have the same audio. That’d work for sync but I actually use timecode. A SmartVideo Hub should work as long as it has enough outputs. I don’t have a 1 M/E but look for the AUX outs — however many it has is how many decks you could connect to follow my configuration. Before you spend all this money you might want to consider booking some time with me at — could save you money in the long run!
Got 9 of these fantastic cameras. One important feature I think is worth mentioning is the Lumix SDK, while it may be in Beta, it gives you FULL control of every feature in the camera. Even features that weren't possible before. In Lumix SDK you can control powerzoom if using the Lumix G X Vario zoom electric zoom lenses. This makes writing your own software for controlling the cameras and internal studio recording systems easier than ever, if even possible on any other mainstream brand.
Oh wow! I knew there was an SDK; I didn’t know you could do things like that! Amazing. And NINE of them, you beat me! Haha
I guess that means zoom is not available in the current tether software?

Which languages/interfaces are used to interact with the sdk?
@Terje Marthinussen actually power zoom control was just added natively. Of course you have to have power zoom lenses. I don’t know what languages it’s in but that’s probably listed on the webpage
@Terje Marthinussen the language is C++. It can easily be configured in any way you want as long as the functions in the SDK are called. So for example if you want a web interface with remote control functionality, this could easily be achieved as long as you are decent at C++.
Really useful information ☑️
Thank you!
How is the latency when getting video from the LAN port?

Is it low latency enough to be useful for things like video conferences/zoom?
Hm I thought I replied to this… I haven't measured the latency off the LAN but that's not how it's used. There's no easy way to move the video from RTSP (that's what comes over LAN) into a video conference app. That's basically asking a remote streaming protocol to become a webcam. If you want to use it as a webcam, then just connect USB directly to the camera and install the Panasonic webcam driver. Or, connect HDMI from the camera into an ATEM switcher.
​@PhotoJoseph It is fairly easy I would say. I have a dedicated OBS computer + atem mini that feeds into my work laptop.

OBS can accept RTSP/NDI/some other network feeds just fine, then it flows to the atem as it is the only really stable way I have found to sync video and audio. OBS is not robust for this, the atem works fine, but I don't use USB for the video output to zoom as again, atem had a lot of issues with audio sync on the USB port last year.

Instead I use HDMI for the video feed to the computer with zoom and a elgato camlink there.

Annoying work around, but totally eliminated all audio sync issues I had and been rock steady for a year.

May sound a bit complex, but I don't make video productions, I use this to make my zoom more fun and engaging and higher quality. Basically I bring in video and overlay some effects on OBS side while I use green screen and final audio mix on the atem (I do however feed audio through a motu mixer before the atem)

Now experimenting with making this more flexible.

More cameras and easier ways to swap between work laptop and various private devices.

I have very mixed experiences with several USB cameras on the same computer and unless the camera can use stock windows drivers, there is always some stability mess that causes the need to restart something at times.

Elgato Camlink is much more reliable in my experience, so over last year, I really prefer a hdmi feed to the camlink over other USB solutions.

I used to have a blackmagic deklink input as well, but to be frank, it is also less stable than the camlink and it has become truly temperemental since I upgraded to windows 11.

I can buy more camlinks, but after playing with NDI lately I feel more like moving things to ethernet. Especially because a single cable solves all needs if you can use poe.

For existing HDMI, a HDMI to NDI converter is not that much more expensive than a 4k camlink but I need to test more to see how stable it will be with multiple devices.

I plan to test a NDI converter on the atem output as well so I can easily feed to different computers. My testing with swapping laptops using NDI as feed to zoom is so far a positive experience. Just seems to be more robust than moving Camlink around.

Anyway, this is getting messy to explain, but the BGH1 looks like a fun box rather than a dslr with HDMI and a ndi converter :)

As long as the RTSP video feed hits OBS with a latency similar to NDI devices (no more than 10's of ms) and is latency and general link is stable , I should be able to adjust the rest in OBS and Atem mini
@PhotoJoseph Btw, yes, you did reply to this.
I did not notice, but for whatever reason (I don't remember) I have 2 youtube ID's on the same google account?

I need to study that a bit more, but anyway, I have been replacing both desktop computer and mobile phone over last month.
One is posting with one ID (TerjeNM), the other is posting with a different ID (Terje Marthinussen). Same google account.

I first wrote this question on my desktop (using TerjeNM), but later could not see it on my mobile phone, so I posted it again on my mobile phone.

I notice now that I can only see the postings I do with TerjeNM on my desktop and vice versa on my mobile phone....

Guess I have found a youtube bug here somehow...
​@PhotoJoseph I found a decently priced used BGH1 in the end and bought that. Turns out that the RTSP feed is actually pretty good.
Setting up OBS with gstreamer for recieving the RTSP feed (this is critical, the built in RTSP support buffer 1-2 seconds of data, so very laggy!), the lag in OBS is actually lower than if I connect the camera to an elgato camlink 4k HDM to USB dongle.

It is also 5-7ms faster than my Black Magic decklink 4k card in HDMI mode, but 5ms slower than the decklink using the SDI feed.

I get some 130-150ms from camera to OBS preview pretty much no matter if using SDI/HDMI/RTSP after setting 60 frames, 1080p, turning off sound processing (known to add latency)

4K feed is however very laggy on RTSP. Could not make that work.

Unfortunately, this is a bit slow vs. the Sony A7rii I normally use. It will be 5-6 frames delayed and this lag is a lot easier to handle in terms of audio sync and not feeling confused when you see yourself in a lagged version.

I can get 5-6 frames lag from the BGH1 if I set HDMI to raw and grab the output from SDI, but that don't fit my cabling so well overall.

To my surprise, in terms of picture, I prefer the BGH1 over the A7 as long as iso is below 8-12k (I am not using this for professional streaming, so I am often lazy with the lights).

I hope Panasonic somehow can bring out a fw that could bring the latency closer to 5 frames and allows using the tether app like normal when outputting RTSP. That would be awesome.

Anyway, happy to report that the RTSP output is in the middle of HDMI and SDI in terms of latency as long as I don't use 4k and have a client that does not buffer (1-2second buffer is normal default for RTSP clients) and otherwise processes fairly fast. That makes it quite useful.
How is the latency on the lan port video if using for live stuff like zoom?
You wouldn’t use it that way. If you’re using it as a zoom camera, that’s either USB webcam mode or HDMI into a switcher like an ATEM. RTSP is what comes over LAn and that doesn’t go into zoom.

After watching your video I have decided to buy several BGH1s for my studio! Some will be ceiling mounted and in hard to reach places. I agree that a network file transfer would be so useful. Have you heard of any future updates about this?

Apologies for the late reply — my gmail filters that highlight these messages disappeared and I just found out!

All I know is that Panasonic is aware of the desired feature. Sadly I have nothing more to report than that. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Absolutely brilliant video (and the others too).  Really appreciate the detail and tone of them.  Superb.

I’m thinking of buying 3-4 BGH1s for a unique feature doc set up that will run for a year. I’d connect them into a computer via ethernet and switcher. Ideally avoiding the Atem if not needed (as much as I love them)

One thing I really want is for the Lumix Teather software to show the visual feed of all cameras simultaneously (given we might have a variety of people triggering the system and need it to be easy to see all camera feeds are working).

I think you might of touched on this in a comment about in regards to setting up each camera (replying to  Robin Kirchhofer) 

Can you confirm, can you set up cameras in a way that allows you to see a multi-cam styled live view of all cameras in the Lumix Teather app?  

Was thinking of a work around using OBS to be able to preview all cameras, but then making sure record is triggered on all cameras from the Lumix Teather app, but it feels messy.  Hoping it can all be done in the Teather App.  Thanks again!  


Unfortunately you can't. The bandwidth that each stream takes is surprisingly high, and I'm not sure if it's even possible to reduce that given the rest of the camera's configuration. This would definitely be a great feature to have, and I promise that Panasonic knows this. Unfortunately this is one I'd not count on happening. 

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