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5× BGH1 Studio Setup — Nearly Perfect Camera!

Photo Moment - October 13, 2021

The Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 is quite nearly the perfect camera for my studio setup. I absolutely love it, and you will, too!

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Comments from YouTube

Syncro scan demo was pretty cool. Problem solving ftw! Have you ever tried the gen lock capabilities? It would be quite interesting to have an multicam setup that always is in perfect sync, would add some additional zen feeling to my soul :-)
Do you use the Linux tether for streaming and open the window on obs? or do you just use the hdmi? I wonder about the delay of Linux tether plus obs
envy lol
I hate jump cuts. But I was also trained in ENG and news studio work.
I took a look at the cost of a Panasonic Lumix BGH1 body, so this video could be titled "Say You're Loaded Without Saying You're Loaded" XD
Thank you so much for a great video. We are getting ready to setup a new shooting location and we planned on doing pretty much exactly what you did! I hadn't seen anyone online yet who was using multiple BGH1s.
I had a hard time finding the Studio Mini because it looks like it's discontinued and the new version only does 1080. Looks like the Studio HD+ will do, it's just a bit more expensive. They also have an Ultra Studio 4k Extreme 3 which would be the same cost but I can't figure out where the footage goes (no SD or SSD).
Do you have a video that shows the timecode functionality and how you use it? That would be super helpful. Keep up the good work with an amazing channel and top quality multicam videos!
Im not used to your audio sounding like its been highly processed. Last two videos have a noise compression added. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon.
Very nice presentation. I love Lumix. But unfortunate that SDI output is not 12G SDI. I am thinking what's wrong with setting up a multi-camera over optical fibre cables? How long the cat6 cables can go up? In my multi-camera setup, the camera positions are anywhere between 100 meters to 300 meters away from the PCR. Hence I use OFC. But the All box camera is a boon with the central control system. What about grading LIVE? anyhow it's a great new avenue.
👍 BGH1 is my favourite one..
very sick ! Doooope ! love it
Nice this looks quite efficient. Thanks for the Jump Desktop reocmmendation.
Regarding jumpcuts, you could always have the one camera and punch in when you need to (easily done with a 6k camera, if your videos are 4k)
I have two BGH1s and G9, I have a similar setup as you do, I really should consider having a dedicated OC for this use. Thank you for the info!
Joseph, great video! I have a question regarding recording on bm design atem mini pro. I have three canon rp connected to atem, and two microphones connected to atem as well. For some reason my sound is recording with lateness… it is in milliseconds, but still not dinked with my video. I know you are pro on atem products and maybe you can help me with this issue. Thank you
Deserves more views
I appreciate that but honestly this is performing very well for my little channel! But by all means… please share it far and wide! Social media shares can make a big difference.
Hi Peter. Thank you for sharing your studio setup. Ive been using the GH5 (3 bodies), G9 and G80 for many years. Im tempted to get a BGH1 for my first long feature film (a documentary style). Will I find much differences compared to the GH5? Shall I continue working with GH5? I may wait for the GH6, but as a production camera I could rely on my GH5. Honestly it has all I need. Pitty Netflix doesnt approve the GH5 but fortunatelt yes to the BGH1. Best greetings from Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
I wonder if the GH6 will be Netflix approved. Speaking of which, I'm growing impatient with lack of updates or any really tantalizing feature leaks. My mad money envelope is getting restless.
Can you turn on the cameras remotely with a PoE+ switch? Or do you need to physically hit the button on the camera everytime? Thinking about getting one of these for a high angle broadcast for a pickleball court but I want to mount it and leave it there (Though about PTZ but couldn't find a high quality wide angle lens PTZ). If I can power these remotely though, that would be perfect
You can sleep it with that little camera button on the Camera window in the app. But you can’t fully power it off or on from the app. That said I don’t know that it takes any power while asleep. I never turn mine off at all.
WOW, didn't realise you had such an impressive network. Go PJ, I can see the S1Hs going up for sale?
thanks, and not a chance! ;-)
Great video. Very interesting. How much for this setup?
which part? ;-) The cameras are $2k each
@PhotoJoseph good point. I'll have to do a spreadsheet. Although this is easily under $20K to set up a pretty capable studio.
@Terence Kearns let me know if you end up doing it!
finally someone on Youtube who doesn’t tolerate jumpcuts 👌😊
LOL it's funny; I was wondering if I'd get flack for saying it. That's why I was so insistent that I'm not judging anyone else, that this is what I like for MY channel, but yeah quite a few people have been like you, and no one has given me grief! Yay to no-jump-cuts!
@PhotoJoseph when I trained as an editor in broadcast tv 32 years ago, putting a jumpcut to air was a firing offence. That’s not hyperbole either. Old dogs and new tricks or whatever but I still hate ‘em!!
That sounds completely fair, honestly
Time is money, and your setup looks like it saves a lot of time, so it is worth the money. Simple, thanks. I picked up a few Zcam E1s (MFT boxes) when b&h was dumping them, and I use them in my setup. Simple, and they just work but nothing as controllable as your setup.
Right on. Zcam has some good gear!
Everything is very well always.such a joy watchin your videos
Thank you Mattia, I really appreciate that!
Can the cameras still be Genlocked (using the Genlock 3G-SDI) while outputting the video via HDMI out rather than the 3G-SDI out?
yes they can! Adding gunlock doesn't affect the HDMI/SDI output.
great video
TBH the cost puts me off. I'm not a BM fanboy, but the Studio Camera 4K Pro is £1530 and this camera is £1899 + a screen. and the BGH1 doesn't have 4K via SDI, only HDMI.
No worries — they are very different cameras. For some situations the BMPCC may make more sense, for sure!
Very impressive and very well done!
Now i also want some network capable cameras aswell! :D
Keep up the great work! :)
haha yeah, it's pretty amazing to have! Thanks for watching, Julian! 😊
Excellent!! Your presentations are professional and consistently very well done. Well worth the investments.
Thank you Alex, I appreciate that
Can you do a video on Canon Xa55 please?
Sorry, I’m a LUMIX Ambassador. No Canon here.
@PhotoJoseph, if someone was wanting to setup a similar studio, but did not need to take the cameras other places, would you suggest the same BGH1 over the BMPCC4k or BMSC4K Plus/Pro?
Pretty different cameras, really. The BMPCC camera can be controlled from the ATEM which is pretty sweet. But you don’t have as much control as you do on the BGH1. AF is good on the LUMIX, useless on the BMD. Too many differences to list here.
Don't the Blackmagic Design cameras allow you to control them by sending commands over the HDMI or SDI cables?

One thing I would love in a studio set up, is having a network port that has POE so the same cable could power the camera. The newest POE standard can put out as much as 100 watts. There aren't many switches that support that much POE power yet though.
Some BMD cameras can be controlled from an ATEM, yes. And the BGH1 does get its power from Ethernet, actually. I don’t think I mentioned it here which was a total oversight. You need a PoE+ switch to get enough juice. All of mine we being powered that way.
Thank you Nano, I appreciate the enthusiasm!
Bravo re: jump cuts - a sign of incompetence in the first degree (and let's not get started on cutaways where the presenter, who is supposed to be facing the viewer, is shown looking at "Camera 1" from "Camera 2"). Kudos.
Haha thanks Yvan. Jump cuts are definitely a “style” here on YouTube and I totally get it if you have just one front camera and have difficulty getting a long thought out without pauses. YouTube viewers don’t like ling pauses. I think the only youtuber who can get away with it is Hugh Brownstone (Three blind men and an elephant). Beautifully done “slow” videos.
Thank you!
I have a few BGH1's used for multicam work. I have asked Panasonic, without success, to allow access the SD card over the network.
I keep asking. Get anyone you know who has one to ask, too. Squeeky wheel and all that.
Looks like a dream studio setup for sure! I envy you! I'm curious. Do you just use the Panasonic V-Log -> Rec 709 LUT for your footage or do you grade it all yourself? Skin tones look good on your BGH1s!
I’m using a custom LUT for these. It’s close to Rec709 but it’s custom.
@PhotoJoseph But when it comes to monitoring, are you stuck looking at log the whole time? Or can you monitor with HDR like the Atomos recorders have built in?
You can choose to have the LUT embedded in the HDMI or the SDI or both or neither. Recording internally never embeds the LUT. So it's totally up to you. I capture over HDMI and monitor the HDMI so I am looking at LOG in the studio, but that's my configuration.
Great video! Is there a review on the new bmd studio 4k camera?
I don’t have one, no
The presentations are always smooth, jump cuts, overheads great stuff.
Thanks Will!
Wow. Fantastic setup and tutorial. Thanks.
I appreciate that, Ryan!
Impressive setup and great video 👍
Thank you Daniel!
@16:24 you can see AutoFocus rack - which means despite saying you prefer not to use AF on your main cams you did have AF on your main cams.
LOL I tried editing around all those… in setting up for this video, I was planning my flow, and accidentally left the front-tight on AF!! Really pissed me off, as it did that quite a few times. Definitely a mistake!
@PhotoJoseph I knew it when I saw it. You're a precise person. Thanks for leaving it in, felt like an Easter egg when I saw it. In case you don't hear it enough, we really appreciate all you do. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Aw thanks Caleb, you don't know how much I appreciate that. I just finished fuming over a comment on a previous video where they complained about imperfect sound. So getting complements really makes a difference. Thank you.
@PhotoJoseph Well we do love to complain, especially if we know a little bit about the subject - its fun for us and one of the only things we can do to interact from this end. But thanks for hopping in the comments section, makes a difference for me!
Hey I want to set up a 4 cam a7iii To play back on a tv in our lobby for guest in our Theator. How can I play back 4K video on a tv that the a7iii sensor is taking in. Or will the ATEM only output 1080p through hdmi to our tv
The ATEM Mini devices are all 1080p only. You can get an ATEM 2 M/E for 4K. No idea what the Sony outputs over HDMI. I’m a LUMIX guy 😊
This Linux tether looks great but is there any news on it getting expanded to other cameras? Like obviously the BS1H but maybe even GH5 II or (dare I dream?) GH5 and GH5s?
None of those cameras have network connectivity, so it’s just the BS1H and BGH1 at the moment, sorry. I personally would love to see network support put on EVERY camera!!
@PhotoJoseph I second this, with a caveat. The GH5 does have wireless networking built in, though it is a bit limited in capabilities. I connect my GH5 to my wireless network and use the ImageApp (android) to control my camera. The environment I use my camera is dirty and I don't like to get grease and oil all over it, so this works for me. Having said that, the Lumix Tether Windows software only works with my camera when connected directly to the PC via USB. I have tried to connect my GH5 via wireless direct to my PC but, the tether software does not recognize the camera. Also, this connection method is far from stable.
Right, I should have specified "wired" network connectivity. The only chance to add it would be if there was a way for the data to go over USB, via a USB to Ethernet adapter. I have no idea if the USB ports would support this (there are often hardware limitations), but if it's a software limitation , then that'd be amazing. I wouldn't count on it for GH5 but if it's possible and enough people ask, then maybe for GH5 II or GH6!
Great presentation! What type of lenses are you utilizing? I am setting up a similar studio, and I am trying to figure out if I should use zooms or primes. In other words, since my cameras are fixed for the most part, should I figure out the distances and use prime lenses instead of zooms.
OK, so the front wide is the Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 and the front tight is a 35-70/2.8. I thinking of getting another 35-70 for the front wide; I rally like having the flexibility of the zoom. The overhead is a 12-60 usually, unless I need it tighter. The front close is the 50-200 and that lens is almost always on there. If I use the over the shoulder, it might get the 50-200 and I put something wider on the front. Hope that helps, but yes I'd recommend zooms, and fixed aperture zooms if possible.
Excellent setup and excellent explanation. Thank you!
Glad it was helpful! Thanks for watching, Jolyon!
Nice one! I believe the hyperdeck Mini (original ones) got a firmware update to unlock gigabit connection :) so in theory it shouldnt be any faster on the new hyperdecks. but of course we all love new toys ;)
Uh… um… whoah. I just transferred a 141GB file in 25 minutes. That's 750mbps. Now I wish I hadn't updated all six of them at once so I could compare, but it would appear that you were correct. Holy moly. Also the current version is 8.02. I just reached out to my people at BMD for a comment. Whoah.
@PhotoJoseph glad I could help! You would be able to roll back firmware too most likely to compare by downloading an old version and “updating”
BM confirmed this did happen, but "a while ago". I wonder when. Yowzers.
@PhotoJoseph haha awesome! Enjoy the faster transfer speeds! Do you have a destination with 10 gig network and fast drive so in theory you can get full speed from all the decks at the same time?
I don't… my network is all 1gig, not 10. I've considered upgrading, but that's a big expense. In a couple of years I'll be moving, so that'll be a good time to do that.
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