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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

Achieve Dramatic Lighting Through The Use of Cookies - Lighting Tips for Photo and Video

Photo Moment - November 10, 2017

Let's bake some cookies! No, not that kind… but those would be nice though. No, I mean a cuculoris… but we call it a cookie. It's an item used to create shadow patterns, which helps create a more interesting appearance by breaking up the light.

Products Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

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Genaray SpectroLED 9 — Get Yours Here

Impact Folding Wheeled Base Stand 11' — Get Yours Here


Ah just what I was looking for !
weuw way to long video
This was a live event, did you not realize that?
Whoa you are talking waaaay too fast at times, slow down
Maybe it's just me, but level the camera for goodness sake. Tilted like that is driving me crazy!
No it's not just you...similarly he talks too fast...a very long introductory whine... just get on with the tutorial.
+John McFarland Yeah sorry… realized that later. Too many things going on at once. I installed a new confidence monitor so I’d catch details like that but it wasn’t fully set up. It’s running now though so next time it should be better ;-) It’s a journey!
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