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How to Add a Wireless Microphone to iPhone or Android ► 2019 Edition

Photo Moment - May 03, 2019

Need to connect a professional wireless lav mic (like a Sennheiser) to your iPhone or Android? It's not plug and play without a special cable! Check out the latest options in the third annual, 2019 edition of this video!

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I will apologize for the lengthy post right off the bat LOL

If you have an Apple Iphone feel free to jump to the "bottom line" of this post.

Here's an update.

I got the Saramonic USB-C cable, and it works... sorta.
I tried the cable on 2 different Android smartphones. at first, none of the phones seem to detect it. Then, I had the brilliant idea to look at the side of the box the cable came in, and saw that Saramonic recommends using this cable with apps that have an audio input selection option like Cinema FV5. I had the app already so I just ran it, selected the input and it worked. If you are just using your smartphone to record video it definitely serves the purpose, but don't expect it to work with Facebook live or Youtube live with the built in camera. There might be other apps that will allow you to do so, but do note that those apps will have to give you an option to select the audio input.

If you are expecting the Saramonic cable to work right off the bat with the built in camera, chances are it will not. From my experience so far, if your phone has a headphone jack, your best option will be the Edutige cable, as it will work with Android operating system by default because the system will think is a microphone headset input.

If anyone knows how to "fix" or "trick" android into accepting the cable automatically, or be selectable for use with the built in camera app, I am open to suggestions.

Second, I got the OTG cable and the Sabrent USB audio and it also worked... Sorta.

I had an LG phone (tribute, cheaper LG) that was doing a weird phase when I plugged in the Edutige cable. I was getting a signal, but the audio had this small amount of phasing that was perceptible. I grabbed the OTG USB (micro USB in this case) and plugged in the Sabrent audio dongle. for some reason, it automatically tricked the phone into thinking it was a headset and it displayed the headset Icon right on the status bar! I then went ahead and fired up the built in camera and... perfect audio, and with just a regular TRS cable going into the Sabrent's mic input. Not only am I getting perfect audio, but I also get to plug in headphones and do a couple of test runs to check my levels and make sure everything is working properly. I tried it on 2 more phones, and it didn't work (even with e Cinema FV5 software).

In my case, I decided to get a "new" phone, so I picked up a used unlocked LG V40 (which it's a very content creator friendly phone with tons of options) and the Edutige cable performed flawlessly. The SC7 cable made by Rode also worked great! (and its the cheapest option for 11 bucks or so...) Then again, this particular LG has an option to select an input in the built in camera software, and is a phone with very advanced audio features like limiter, HIFI audio, software selectable gain and even frequency roll-off.

Bottom line:

Apple's Iphones will have the advantage always due to the fact that there is only one company that makes them, therefore, anything that is apple related (MFI certified) will have better chances of working with the hardware simply because there is ONLY one OS and its made by the same company that makes the phone. In fact, BBC uses Iphones for mobile reporting and mobile news gathering (for those moments you cant carry a big bulky "look at me!!" camera) being the Iphone 6s plus the minimum requirement, which happens to be the last Iphone to come with an audio jack input.

With Androids? not so much. Every company has different variants of the OS, and some will have features others don't even within the same brand. My best suggestion? take any of these cable input options with you to the cell phone store, explain to the salesperson what you are trying to do and test out a few that meet your camera usage needs. this will definitely save you the disappointment of finding out after you have already committed to a purchase.
That is really awesome, thank you for so much great information. I’m going to pin your comment for others to see. I had no idea the Androids could be such a pain!
@PhotoJoseph Thank YOU for pointing me down the right direction (and into the rabbit hole LOL).
So will the Edutige cable work with the Sennheiser EW 100? I have that and a Samsung Galaxy s10e as well as a Samsung Tab s5e tablet, so the more use I can get out of my Sennheiser without having to buy yet another microphone, the better!
Which wireless receiver were you testing with?
Thank you so much for this video!! Live saver for connecting my Sennheiser G4 to my apple iPhone 12 Pro. I used the Lightening to USB 3.0 Camera Adapter combined with the USB Audio Interface and it worked like a charm! Using the links underneath this video to order the parts. Thanks Photo Joseph! Can't wait to start shooting videos with quality audio from my iPhone
Great to hear!
@Efrain Gonzalez
Thanks for the effort but after watching the video in its entirety thrice, I still dont have a clear idea of what works with a sennheiser EW 100 g3 & MY GOOGLE PIXEL 4A ANDROID 11.
I can't definitively say if this combo works with any and every specific model of phone on the planet. I think it's quite clear what hardware to get for Android; get it and see if it works. If not… return it.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph, I'll try to figure something out for the $400 I spend already instead of buying more equipment.
PhotoJoseph, I purchased the Saramonic cable for use with the inexpensive Comica transmitter/receiver and an iPhone 12. It works very well when doing Facebook Live. HOWEVER, when doing FB, I have to completely close the FB app on the iPhone and then re-open the app just prior to going Live in order for this system to work. Then, it will work on the first connection to FB, but on subsequent attempts to record on FB (leaving the FB app open) it does not work; FB (and/or Apple) picks up the sound from the iPhone's internal mics. I think it is somehow a FB/Apple issue. Prior to doing FB Live, I also close out all open apps on the iPhone. ALSO, the Saramonic cable needs to be plugged in to the iPhone AFTER the FB Live has started to record. I hope some day all these workarounds will be a thing of the past, and we can have true plug and play. THANK YOU, for all your adivce!!
Yikes. What a hassle!!
@PhotoJoseph But at least it works. Actually, very easy to set up and go live on FB, I just wanted to be as clear as possible to whoever may need to follow along after having the same issues.
The Saramonic LC-C35 does not work on the iPhone 12.

Using UxMic9 and the LC-C35 no joy on the 12 however works perfectly on the iPhone XS and XR

Not sure what the issue is.
The 12 is on iOS 14.2.1
The XS is on iOS 13.6.1
The XR is on iOS 14.3
Is there any chance you can do a video teaching: I want to use a mic to provide prompts and instruction to a yoga class while playing music from my phone as well? Is this even possible? I have an iPhone, and a JBL Boombox. Using Spotify. But want to enhance my voice instructions over the music?! thoughts?
My goal is to get direct audio from my audio interface into my iPhone so I can livestream with good audio quality while I'm producing music.

I have the "Rode SC7 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Patch Cable" to the "Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter" which in theory thought could work but it doesn't. I tried from the line output on my interface as well as the headphone output don't know if that would be of any help. Just curious before I spend money on any of the things you went over in this video if you would have any suggestions for me?
What app are you using on the phone to stream? Your hardware sounds like it should work. Test in the iOS camera app to see if audio is showing up there before doing anything else.
@PhotoJoseph I know for sure I tried the ios voice memo app and that didnt work but dont remember if I tried the camera app ill try that next. I use tiktok facebook instagram to stream and none of them work.
@jh I see. Perhaps one of your connectors is bad? Or have you tried just a mic? What is the cable from the mixer to the SC7?
@PhotoJoseph I have a 1/4 to headphone adapter on the interface to the SC7. Tried the rode micro mic that the SC7 came with as well as a lapel mic. Tried different 1/4 adaptersl and also tried a different interface. Decided to go and purchase a few things.

Bought a 2 x 3.5mm female jack plug (TRS) to 1 x 3.5mm male jack (TRRS) into the phone, used different aux cables....nothing.
Used the Apple lightning to usb camera adapter and a Manhattan 152341 Sound like a charm!
Not working on Iphone 12 pro max for facebook live, any advice? Please.
sure… explain exactly what you bought and what you're using. "not working" tells me nothing.
I did order and I hope it will be work to my smartphone
Awesome video! Love the format and layout. Very clear and precise explanations. Please keep the videos coming!
Do you think I can get one of those for my video on Friday
Is there a setting in the phone you would have to adjust? Using iPhone 8 Plus. Using Sennheiser wireless. And Saramonic TRRS to lightning.
Hi there,

Can you please tell me which USB Audio Interface to purchase from your link? There is a USB A option and a USB C option.
I bought my Sennheiser 3 years ago to film my workout videos. While it's amazing quality, it has been SO hard to figure out how to pair it with my iPhone. I regretted getting it until I found this!!!! It is totally worth the $$, but not many people know how to make it work like you!!! LIFESAVER. Now I can do IG live workouts in my echo-ing dance studio and people can hear crystal clear!!! THANK YOU
Found it!!!!!

Thanks Joseph!
Hi There! :-) Does this setup work for placing calls or Facetime on iPhones?
You rock!!!
Joseph, you were way too fast and were jumping around a lot of different lavs and adapters. I have an iPhone 8+ and the cheaper Comica wireless transmitter and receiver. What adapter(s) do I need to get audio from the Comica lav mic to a video recording in the iPhone Photo App? Thank you!
Please go back and re-watch it. Your questions are answered in this video. You can pause, rewind, and even play back more slowly if you need.
Your delivery is very clear thank you
Much appreciated
Hi Joseph, I'm hoping to send audio from an Azden 310UDR receiver to my Galaxy S9+, and then to a bluetooth speaker. I'm planning to get the Saramonic UTC-C35 to plug into my phone. Do you know how I can get it pumping to the bluetooth speakers? Thanks so much for an informative video!
So you want the microphone audio to come out the bluetooth speaker? I don’t think that’s possible. The phone can receive audio, or play audio, but as far as I know, it can’t rebroadcast the incoming audio. Maybe there’s an app for that, but I don’t know, sorry.
I use a iPhone dongle and it is still not working I’m getting so mad
Great video and lineup solutions! I wonder if would work with the minijack/lightning dongle + the Rode SC4 TRS to TRRS adapter
Great Video! Maybe you or someone here can help me, I have the IPad Pro 2018 with USBC adapter with the 2 attachments you mentioned. For the life of me I can get sound on my video. Tried “camera” mode, “off/phone” mode... no luck
Hi I have followed this video to the T regarding trying to hook up the Sennheiser wireless wav mic to the iPhone 7 using the usb3 camera adapter +usb audio adapter. No dice. No matter what app I use (mainly Teleprompter apps and any recording app), the camera app says "using iPhone mic. It does not see the external wireless receiver. What to do next please?
Just tested connecting a Sennheiser EK100 G2 receiver to my Galaxy S8 Android phone. When just connecting the Shield and Tip from the EK100 to the S and 2nd R in TRRS ,then the recorded audio is very distorted and there are clicks and pops all over the place. By adding a small capacitor in series with the signal (tip from EK100 TRS to S on the phone TRRS) then you block the 1.7V DC voltage that is present on the phone jack. Then the audio is fine and you can send easily at the +6dBu setting in the EK100. Tested in the stock Samsung voice recorder and Filmic pro. I just used what I had lying around, a 0.1uF 160VAC which is probably way over-rated but it works.
Would this be the same concept for an iPad?
Is there a 2020 version? Thanks!
No… COVID shut down NAB so that shut down this year’s edition of the video.
Does it need an app for the microphone to work?
@PhotoJoseph The question I just ask about the audio levels out of my IPhone has been figured out. I went into my Sennheiser receiver and adjusted the db levels to minus 12, it was at minus 30 without my knowledge - All's good looking forward to more of your videos - Vito G
Very very helpful, thank you so much, I also love and used the product links in the description, thank you for all your research and sharing your testing.
This video is amazing Joe-thank you!! Where are your affiliate links?
In the description below the video… not sure where else you’d be looking for them ;-)
@PhotoJoseph LOL-totally missed it but did order them once I found them. Thanks again fo rtes amazing video!
Hi PhotoJoseph, I’ve recently started a YouTube channel and am learning the ropes as such. One thing I’d like to get better is the audio as for some reason the Blue Yeti I’m using is giving me crackles. Your audio is great and very consistent in the levels. I was watching the how to connect an iPhone to external microphones. I really like the wireless mic option. Anyway let me get to the point. I tried to use your link to buy one but the link doesn’t work. It gives an amazon error page. If you have a link to buy the wireless mic setup could you let me know what it is. I’d love to contribute (I know just a tiny tiny amount) to help with your channel. Your content is on point and very useful for me. Thanks, Pete 🇬🇧
Thanks Pete, which link didn’t work?
Thanks for that. However, I'm still not able to figure out how I can receive the sound into my android phone and record it there. So, transmitter to receiver to android phone is what I'm interested in. Do you happen to have anything on that topic? I appreciate it, thank you.
I 100% talk about that in this video, and include a link to a USB-C Android compatible adapter. Please watch the video again.
@PhotoJoseph silly me, I found it . And all is working just like you said it would 🍻👍
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for making this how-to/video review. I found it quite useful and informative. That said, however, I have a few questions.

Now, it appears that you're an iPhone guy. So, this first question may prove difficult to answer: Are you familiar with the BlackBerry KeyOne (running Android 8.1.0), and if so, have you tried connecting it to a wireless microphone unit using the Edutige EWL-001 or the Saramonic UTC-C35?

Note: I'm asking because I've made an unsuccessful attempt to use the Movo WMX-1 DUO with my BlackBerry KEYone, despite using the included TRS to TRRS adapter.

Moreover, as mentioned in the clip, we can expect to see another similar video this year (2020 Edition). Have you posted the video yet or is it still in the making?
Will you still need a Trs to trrs cable?
you need what's shown in this video… nothing more, nothing less
It worked like a charm. I used the lighting to camera card reader With lightning port with an Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone and it not only picked up my voice through my iPhone with crisp clarity, but it also picked up the voice of 4 other people within 4 feet from me while we stood around a table. Excellent video. I will definitely subscribe to your channel.
How do you connect the saramonic uc c35 to the Apple usb3 camera adapter? I need the power port on the Apple adapter
Hm, if you get a USB-C to USB-A adapter, the connect that to the Apple USB adapter, that might work and would give you power. But at that point you may as well go the old-school way and just do a small USB audio interface. Remember the advantage of that system was to be able to power the phone simultaneously.
PhotoJoseph Thank you PhotoJoseph for your advice. My Comica wm100Plus mics are working just fine with the included 3.5mm cable, the small USB adapter and the Apple usb3 camera adapter.
Hey Photo Joseph. I have a Comica CVM-WM100 Plus wireless dual mic. I also have a Comica CVM-D-SPX (MI) 3.5mm TRS to Lightning Interface Audio Output Cable. I have the short little Apple 3.5mm (female) to Lightning cable. And I have the Apple Lightning USB3 Camera adapter. I need an adapter or cable to go from the Comica cable (lightning port on the end) to plug into the Apple adapter (USB input). The Apple adapter plugs into my iPhone 8+. Can you suggest an adapter or device to connect the Comica cable to the Apple adapter? Thank you so much! (If there is another work-around to connect the Comica receiver to the iPhone, I'll go with that.) I want to use the Apple Lightning USB3 Camera adapter because I need the power port on it.
I'm at a loss and don't know where to go from here. I have a Sennheiser Microphone setup that I wish to connect to my XS I-phone. I bought the Saramonic cable first but only received sound through my left ear. I then bought the Edutige EWL-001 cable and the Apple USB-C 3.5 Headphone Jack Adapter but it wouldn't fit my I-phone. I bought the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter but it didn't work (no sound). I don't know where to go from here. Can you help me??
All I can tell you is to watch this video again. You bought connectors I did NOT recommend (the USB-C for iPhone, which no iPhone is USB-C), and I can't help on details like this without seeing the hardware. What I did in this video works, I promise. All I can say is watch it again.
​@PhotoJoseph FYI, I did buy exactly what you recommended. The Edutige EWL-001 and the Lightning/USB-C to 3.5 Headphone Jack Adapter. After going to the Apple store, I found the Edutige EWL-001 did NOT work on my Iphone XS to the Sennheiser ew 100 G2 wireless microphones, but that the Lightning USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter worked just fine WITHOUT the Edutige cable. I don't need the Edutige EWL-001 cable at all! You may wish to experiment with this and see if it works for you.
Thanks PhotoJoesephhe
It's June 2020. Where's the COVID-19 edition? We need you now more than ever.
What specifically do you need? THis is all still 100% valid.
Would these also work for an iPad Pro (current model)? Thanks!
The USB-C one should yes. But I haven’t tested it.
@PhotoJoseph Ok! I've ordered some of your suggestions to try on an iphone and ipad for live broadcast using Sennheiser ew 100. I'll report back!
Great thanks!
How do I get sound on playback via speaker? I have an android. Can you do a video on Android?
I have an Android but it doesn't play through my speaker.
I watched this and I’m still confused on how to get it to work on an iPhone. Seems quite complicated.
So if I'm looking to run a bootcamp from my phone and bluetooth my phone to the speaker and be able to talk over the music what would u recommend?
So the Edutige ewl-001 is out of stock everywhere for a long time, and I don't think the company will make any more, after emailing the company several times with no response. Wondering if there is another solution besides the Sarmonica adapter.
the sound disappears when the iphone xr 13.4 rings
Hi Joseph, how can you link a wireless ew100 g3 system to a macbook? Thanks!
It should just connect direct to the headphone/mic port, but if not, use the tiny little USB audio interface and that should be the only additional thing you need!
@PhotoJoseph thanks so much, just bought the SSL2
Thank you for help. Purchased Saramonic LC-C35 Lightning. Working perfect
This is extremely informative, thank you. Do you have any more updated solutions for 2020 for connecting Sennheiser to iphone 11 before I make my purchase?
Nothing new, no. Without NAB I wasn’t able to scour the offerings like usual.
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