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How to Add a Wireless Microphone to iPhone or Android ► 2019 Edition

Photo Moment - May 03, 2019

Need to connect a professional wireless lav mic (like a Sennheiser) to your iPhone or Android? It's not plug and play without a special cable! Check out the latest options in the third annual, 2019 edition of this video!

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I will apologize for the lengthy post right off the bat LOL

If you have an Apple Iphone feel free to jump to the "bottom line" of this post.

Here's an update.

I got the Saramonic USB-C cable, and it works... sorta.
I tried the cable on 2 different Android smartphones. at first, none of the phones seem to detect it. Then, I had the brilliant idea to look at the side of the box the cable came in, and saw that Saramonic recommends using this cable with apps that have an audio input selection option like Cinema FV5. I had the app already so I just ran it, selected the input and it worked. If you are just using your smartphone to record video it definitely serves the purpose, but don't expect it to work with Facebook live or Youtube live with the built in camera. There might be other apps that will allow you to do so, but do note that those apps will have to give you an option to select the audio input.

If you are expecting the Saramonic cable to work right off the bat with the built in camera, chances are it will not. From my experience so far, if your phone has a headphone jack, your best option will be the Edutige cable, as it will work with Android operating system by default because the system will think is a microphone headset input.

If anyone knows how to "fix" or "trick" android into accepting the cable automatically, or be selectable for use with the built in camera app, I am open to suggestions.

Second, I got the OTG cable and the Sabrent USB audio and it also worked... Sorta.

I had an LG phone (tribute, cheaper LG) that was doing a weird phase when I plugged in the Edutige cable. I was getting a signal, but the audio had this small amount of phasing that was perceptible. I grabbed the OTG USB (micro USB in this case) and plugged in the Sabrent audio dongle. for some reason, it automatically tricked the phone into thinking it was a headset and it displayed the headset Icon right on the status bar! I then went ahead and fired up the built in camera and... perfect audio, and with just a regular TRS cable going into the Sabrent's mic input. Not only am I getting perfect audio, but I also get to plug in headphones and do a couple of test runs to check my levels and make sure everything is working properly. I tried it on 2 more phones, and it didn't work (even with e Cinema FV5 software).

In my case, I decided to get a "new" phone, so I picked up a used unlocked LG V40 (which it's a very content creator friendly phone with tons of options) and the Edutige cable performed flawlessly. The SC7 cable made by Rode also worked great! (and its the cheapest option for 11 bucks or so...) Then again, this particular LG has an option to select an input in the built in camera software, and is a phone with very advanced audio features like limiter, HIFI audio, software selectable gain and even frequency roll-off.

Bottom line:

Apple's Iphones will have the advantage always due to the fact that there is only one company that makes them, therefore, anything that is apple related (MFI certified) will have better chances of working with the hardware simply because there is ONLY one OS and its made by the same company that makes the phone. In fact, BBC uses Iphones for mobile reporting and mobile news gathering (for those moments you cant carry a big bulky "look at me!!" camera) being the Iphone 6s plus the minimum requirement, which happens to be the last Iphone to come with an audio jack input.

With Androids? not so much. Every company has different variants of the OS, and some will have features others don't even within the same brand. My best suggestion? take any of these cable input options with you to the cell phone store, explain to the salesperson what you are trying to do and test out a few that meet your camera usage needs. this will definitely save you the disappointment of finding out after you have already committed to a purchase.
That is really awesome, thank you for so much great information. I’m going to pin your comment for others to see. I had no idea the Androids could be such a pain!
@PhotoJoseph Thank YOU for pointing me down the right direction (and into the rabbit hole LOL).
Just so I’m clear, Saramonic LC with a wireless Lavallee Comica should be the best set up for my iPhone X? I’m simply trying to do quick videos for email, social and want quality sound quality!! Thanks in Advance.
Yes. If you want really good quality though, you may want to look beyond the Comica. They make decent, affordable mics. With microphones, you truly get what you pay for. You can pay a hundred bucks, or thousands.
Thanks for the video Joseph and can you please offer advice: I have the DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 and with too much weight from cables the gimbal does not work!!! No one has made a video on the subject and you know what you are talking about! Thanks for any advice
Yeah that's tough. A buddy once managed to balance with the cables/adapters hanging off an iPhone on a gimbal by adding some counterweight on the other side. In theory all you should have to do is slide the phone the other way to center the weight, but I think then the phone hit the gimbal. So counterweight was the only way to go. That was a while ago though, so you'd have to experiment.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply Joseph! I have heard of the counter balancing idea before but you end up with a makeshift heap of junk gimbal that is not at all nimble. Perhaps one could make videos with a blue tooth phone ear piece, or do you know of a constructor that does bluetooth attached mics? Or do you have any other suggestions for chefs in a noisy kitchen trying to explain recipes? To thank you for your advice and time, can we make a recipe for you?
Quality Bluetooth mics don't exist for lots of reasons, including reliability and range. If I were doing chefs in a noisy kitchen, I'd mic up the chefs with a recorder, like this Tascam DR10 — the in post you can sync up the good recorded audio with the crappy iPhone captured audio. Plus that way if you have multiple chefs talking at once, you'll have unique captures of each one, letting you balance them in post. If you can't do that, I'd look at the RODE Wireless Go since you can quickly clip the lav mic onto your subject — you will still need to connect it to the iPhone though, but I think (I have not tested this myself) that you might be able to just go from the RODE receiver pack using a RODE SC7 TRS-TRRS cable which then plugs into the Apple Headphone Lightning adapter. If the SC7 is too short, use any TRS cable and then the SC4 TRS to TRRS converter (and then to the iPhone cable). That should work since this mic is designed for mobile phone use, but again you'll have to test it. And thanks for the offer, but I'm good, thank you ;-)
Perfect information for what I needed. Discovered my DSLR doesn't have a mic input (Grrr) and then came across your video. Ordered the Saramonic interface cable, which arrived today. Coupled it with my Comica wireless lav and it worked flawlessly. Finding your video just in time saved the day. Thanks
Very awesome! Glad this helped out 😁
Would Saramonic LC-C35 Lightning work on Iphone 11 PRO? Thank you for sharing this very informative video.
It definitely should although I don’t have one so can’t confirm. Keep the receipt!
Great video! My one question has to do with monitoring the audio if you’re taking the lightning port up with the mic adapter. Presumably Bluetooth headphones are the best solution but just wanted to know your thoughts.
Is there a way to go from a mic to an iphone with no wires at all?
Can u suggest simple coller mic phone or wireless mic record by smartphone redmi for short education videos
Try this. Good quality, affordable, And you get two mics!
Im shocked that there is no solution just to bluetooth or wireless connect ur phone to a wireless mic that links straight to the device without the need for a cable at all
Bluetooth isn’t a good solution. Too susceptible to dropouts and too high latency.
@PhotoJoseph thanks, finally someone on youtube explained it, none of these videos have so far. Does Wifi connection experience simlilar problems? our Dash Cam connects with Wifi no internet, just data transfer. Could that be used for a mic maybe?
I just want to be able to plug my Rode smartLav+ into a iphone 11. Can it be done?
what if you want to use a wired external mic? Then you need the 2017 version lightning to usb dongle + usb audio dongle + plug in your mic ... yes?
It really will depend on the mic. If it’s a wired lav like the RØDE SmartLav+ then all you need is the Apple TRRS to Lightning adapter.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for reply ... I want to use a larger shotgun mic ... I keep reading comments from ppl who say the Apple dongle doesn't work or makes static or whatnot ... other ppl say it works. OY!
My subject needs to be recorded from a distance. I understand a lavalier mic is best, however my subject is also demonstrating a variety of acoustic instruments and they often distort with a lavalier mic. The frame is somewhat wide to show subject and instruments. Not sure if a single condenser mic above (out of frame) would work? Any suggestions. Thank you!!!
Nearly any mic can distort. Is the one mic capturing the music too, or are the instruments mic’d separately?
Thank you for your reply. I am using a iPhone. I don’t know how to mic instruments separately. I do have a zoom. I set levels on lavalier and told subject to play instruments very softly, but was hoping for a better way. Thank you!!
if you can record audio separately that would be better. Search YouTube for “Curtis Judd Zoom F6” and learn about that product which would help with distortion. Also then you’d use a book mic. Good luck!
PhotoJoseph Thank you very much!!!
I have a Alvoxcon wireless set for my iphone. It has a 1/4" male coming out of the receiver and a cable to convert that to 3.5 but it is male. What do I need to work with the Saramonic? Here is the mic for reference:
Hello, I just purchased the LC-C35 to connect with my Audio-Technica wireless transmitter on my iPhone XR. No voice recording is coming through the video. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thank you!
Hi there, I hope you haven’t already had to answer this question. I just purchased the RODELink Wireless Audio system FILMMAKER pack. Do you think the Saramonic cable will work for that? I’m placing the order through your link. I appreciate it!
PhotoJoseph Thank you 🙏
Hi! I have a XLR microphone and a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD audio interface . I want to know how I can connect the mic to my iphone 11 pro max.
I watched this and found it to be very informative, great video! I had a look around locally for a solution. I went and bought a RODE SC4 and that so far seems to be working well. I haven't had a chance to test it out with various transmitter brands, however the one I did use was an older sony wireless lavaliere mic and the sound was superb.
Hey guys, I am using a Sennheiser mic so my recording is in mono. What software should I use to convert it to stereo? Can you do it wit Lumafusion? Thanks
PhotoJoseph thanks mate... I figured out how to do it without getting the mono to stereo adapter. Triple tap on the video to isolate the audio bar... Then hit duplicate... then put one channel coming from the right and the other from the left. Great channel, keep up the good work :)
My Bluetooth setting is not recognizing my Comica wireless microphone which I realize is a different product than you listed. How can I get this to work with each other? I have tried multiple scenarios.
This video is absolutely everything I needed it to be!
Regarding the Sennheiser receiver: were you able to test using the Saramonic-Lightning + Stereo-To-Mono adapter?
Thank you!
Hi Joseph, thanks so much. Bottom line which do you recomend for the sennheiser ew100 for an iphone, shooting live, if cost were not the issue? Thanks so much.
also, which adapter is needed for the saramonic. "Gender bender" or the simple mono to stereo?
So helpful Joseph. Thank you!
I’m trying to figure out a way to get great live sound at church for Facebook live streaming I’m an affordable way. I want quality sound from the speaker and the audience for the “amens” (audience feedback). Also is there a way to use the same mics as the ones going through the house speakers dually into the phone?
Yes, just pull a feed from the mixing board directly into the phone using one of these adapted solutions.
I am trying to connect a BOYA BY-WMA MARK II Wireless Lav Mic to my iPhone X and I am using your recommendation of the Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter with the USB SABRENT Adapter. I do not have any sound coming through when I try making a video. Do you have any recommendations? I was wondering if I needed to change any settings on my phone to allow the mic to be connected through the lightning adapter
@PhotoJoseph Thank you I found the reply pertaining to the Boya Microphone. It was a different model Microphone. I have the BY-WM4 Mark II. Update to my problem. I have the iPhone X with the latest updates. I found the Lightning to Headphone Jack that came with my phone. I used that converter and everything worked great. This is the wireless Microphone kit I purchased and it came with the TRRS and TRS cables I needed. After I had trouble with the kit you discussed I saw another of your newer videos, so I figured I would try only using the Lightning to Headphone Jack cable and I was surprised it worked. I sould not get it to work any other way. Thank you for your videos. They are very helpful and very informative.
I am looking for making online course on my subject. I have a set of Sennheiser XS EM10 TRUE DIVERSITY RECEIVER, SK20 BODY PACK TRANSMITTER and ME-3EW HEAD WORN MIC. I want to use this mic to record my voice on an android mobile or a computer for recording online courses. is there a way out? Please guide. Thankyou in advance.
I cannot get Pixel Wm-10 wireless mic to work properly with iPhone XS, any updates or advice?
Well what about those of us who don't use iPhones? I use my Galaxy S7. I wonder what adapter I would need? That's why I'm here.
To record quality audio onto iphone videos, I have ordered the Comica Audio CVM-WM200A 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System and the Saramonic adapter shown in this video. Do I need an app on my iphone to monitor audio levels? If so, what's recommended?
the app I use is FiLMiC Pro, which has audio level meters but it's a full featured video recording app. If you don't need that, just try using the built in Voice Memos app. Record some sample audio and play it back, check the levels there.
Brilliant video, thank you.
Hi Joseph, do you have a video of your live recording set up? I would love to see more about how you do the process
Thanks for the great video and info. I'm just getting started into vlogging and am trying to connect a digital Sennheiser AVX receiver to my iphone x and bought the Edutige cable via your affiliate link. However, I think I need the female to female adapter since the AVX receiver does not have an input to plug the Edutige cable. Hopefully, it will work.
It should work. Let us know! I didn’t have an AVX to test.
PhotoJoseph Got the female to female connector today. The Edutige cable works perfect with the Sennheiser AVX. Thanks again!
That’s great to hear, thanks!
Hello Joseph. I have an iPhone X and 2 MOVO WMIC50's, what's ur recommendation to be able to connect both to my phone. I have not yet purchased either cable that you've recommended.....
Yes Sir!
PhotoJoseph thank u so much. I’ll update u on the outcome! BTW I’m using MOVO WMIC 50’s
Gat dam....mics could get this complicated?!?!!?!?
When connecting to a smartphone… yep
Hi Joseph, thank you for the great information. I have a Sennheiser ew100 g2 lav. After watching this video, I bought the Edutige ewl-001 and lightening adaptor so that I could record audio from my phone. The problem is that they do not work with my iphone SX Max. I've tried everything ... I've talked with Apple tech support and also Sennheiser. No one has been able to help. I have a message into Edutige. They haven't responded yet. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
Are you using FiLMiC or something else that lets you see levels, or are you just recording and listening back? Be sure you’re able to monitor levels in realtime as you adjust the mic. And with the Sennheiser, try cranking the output all the way up on the receiver. Finally if that doesn’t work, the Saramonic may be the better solution
Pity the Saramonic doesn't also provide power to the phone. Does no one make a Bluetooth lav mic? Is there just too much latency with Bluetooth?
Right, latency is an issue. And reliability. And range. Bluetooth kinda sucks for this sort of thing. Lots of companies make digital mics but most of them suck too. And they all have latency. Analog is still the best.
Software needs to support duplicating the left channel to both L&R…
I have an old sony URX-p2, and I think it has the same issue as the Sennheiser, I recall plugging it to my GH3 at some point, and only got one channel, so I think I may have confused the cables and got a generic one instead of a proprietary. With that said, I did use the mono to stereo adapter, and had the mic send signals to both channels on my camera, so I think your theory may very well be correct. However, I tried one of the rode mic's sc7 cables the same way, and that was a no go, so I will be trying the saramonic adapter, although, in this scenario, do you think the Edutige cable with a mono to stereo adapter could work??
@PhotoJoseph I figured it out today, it is left left, so yeah, its mono. I ordered the Edutige cable today, thanks for the coupon!
happy to report that using a female stereo to mono male connector (cheap online) my Sony URX-P2 worked like a charm with the Edutige cable on my android phones! Thanks @PhotoJoseph . Buuuuuuuuuut....
A. your mileage may vary from phone to phone. I had one (HTC 8) that worked flawlessly, and a second one (LG tribute) that had this weird SLIGHT phasing It was still useable, but make sure your input is not overloading.
B. My receiver has a stereo (left-right) monitor out jack, so i plugged in my headphones and adjusted the volume to about as average as possible, and plugged the Edutige to that output into the phone. I was able to get a recording on both channels without the need of the mono plug adapter.
C. I am using an ENG setup, which means I am using an XLR transmitter (on the Sony and the Rode respectively) so chances are if you don't have a mic or do not need a handheld mic you could go with something like the rode mic go or similar.

Bottom line: the cable performed great!
Glad to hear. And yeah Android hardware definitely varies. That’s one nice thing about iPhones; all made by the same company so there’s consistency across the hardware for developers like Edutige to manufacture for.
@PhotoJoseph I tried it on an Iphone X today, and it didnt work. But we found out the hard way that the problem was not the cable. The problem was the lighting port to audio connector. Turns out it wasn't an original apple connector, and was only good for headphones. We used an original adapter and it worked great. So yeah, make sure you get legit lighting connectors!!
Definitely a good call. There’s a reason the Apple hardware costs more!
4:29 Hi, Joesph! I’m wanting to purchase the Saramonic lightening cable so I can finally plug in my Sennheiser AVX lav mic to my IPhone. I’m still a tad confused about the mono stereo tho? 🧐 Please link your affiliate links for any other accessories I might need to successfully do that and they’ll go in my cart ASAP. Thank you so much! 😎👌
+Tanya A all links are in the video description already. I can’t really explain the mono issue any more clear in writing. Please rewatch the video and see if it makes more sense.
PhotoJoseph I ended up using the Rode TRRS to TRS cable along with the Apple lightening adapter which I already owned and that actually worked! But thank you for all the info. 👌
Great info but we are still having some problems we hope you can help with. We are trying to get audio from a Sennheiser ew 100 g2 to an IPhone 6s. We have a TRS to TRRS cable from Rode and we are getting nothing from the phone. The mic works with a Sony camera but we get nothing from any of our phones. An ideas are greatly appreciated.
Remember in the beginning of the video when I said that there’s an impedance issue and that’s why you need these adapters? That’s why you need these adapters. The problem you’re having is exactly why I made this video.
Wow! Right on time ! Thank you for updating and continuing this series, this channel is a gem 💎.
That’s awesome to hear, thank you!
PhotoJoseph I mainly shoot on iPhone 6s plus and a Logitech webcam. Ever since I upgraded to the 7 plus (losing the 3.5mm) I regret it. Lol I’ll be buying the camera connection adapter and usb input kit with your links soon ! Thank you !
Good luck!
I have a WMIC 60 wireless mic and I'm trying to use it on my Samsung GalaxyNote8, what should I get?
Did you watch this entire video? That’s literally what this video is about. Pick the one that suits your needs based on the info here.
Can you use any mic pack you want?
That’s the idea, and that’s why I tested so many at NAB. Obviously I can’t say every pack in the world will work, but the odds are in your favor.
Good job I like these mics thanks 🙏
Help help help, please. I have purchased the Rode videomic me, SC7 (TRS to TRRS) to use on my iPhone XS. It did not seem to work at all. I bought the Boya M1 Lavalier lapel mic, with a lightening to headphone adapter and same deal. What am I doing wrong? I am a beginner beginner. So I do not know much about all of this; it has to be my error. Please tell me what to buy to have a external mic on my iphone without having to do after recording editing on the sound (because I do not know how to do that yet). Thank you so much. Jen V
The RØDE video mic me is already TRRS on the end and designed for smartphones, so just use the Apple lightning audio adapter and you should be good to go.
Thank you Joseph. What about with the boya mic?
I don’t know, you’ll have to try it
Thank you SO much for this info (been looking for months)! Used your link for the Saramonic UTC-C35 :-D
Are you checking with an app that shows what audio source is being used, like FiLMiC Pro? That helps to isolate if your phone is even seeing the audio interface. The PGX looks like a big device; does it have different outputs (i.e. line level and headphone level)? Try those and try adjusting the output. It shouldn’t matter but maybe something there will click.
@PhotoJoseph No go. For reasons we can't even figure out. :-(
@PhotoJoseph Good point. At first we were not haha so that was never going to work.... Installed the OpenCamera app and set the audio source to external, but eventually realized that the UTC-C35 says for mics and mixers with a 3.5mm output, which, of course, is not our case (Shure PGX, with XLR out), explaining the horrible signal into the phone. We're now waiting on a Saramonic XLR Plug Microphone Cable to 1/8" (3.5mm) TRRS Connector.
We'll eventually figure it out by process of elimination! Thank you very much for your help! And you have a nice site :-)
Do you have another mic to try? What phone? That’s the android model right… so, it may well be the phone. Android phones are of course a lot harder to develop for as who knows what they’ve put in the USB stack.
@PhotoJoseph Woohoo! Success! Yeah, this is for a Samsung Galaxy S8. So you put the little end into the phone's headphone jack. And don't forget to remove the thing from the jack when you want to replay to test or you won't hear anything and will believe the test was a failure :-)
HELP I've been trying to use a small sony ecm 909 mike through the audio jack on my s9+ and a trs to trrs adapter cable. It works (in stereo) but unless mouth is close to the mike, capturing sound from more than a few inches away, sound level very low, about 5X lower than phone's mike. the mike i have is 90 or 120 deg selectable. Is the problem going through the headphone jack on the phone??? Should I abandon the external mike idea? i don't want to use usb c because its blocked by gimbal. (i heard you say something about true line level. would my sony mike output true line and then the 3.5mm input on the samsung phone lowers that level?)
I can’t say for sure as I don’t have that combo but you are running into the impedance issue I mentioned earlier (watch the previous versions of this video, linked in the description, to fully understand). So the headphone jack is unlike to work. I’d try to Saramonic if you can flip the camera in the gimbal to free up the USB port? If not, try the Edutige cable. It will likely work too. Buy both and return the one that doesn’t work!
I am frustrated - Very Import Question: Apple Iphone X using your Apple lightning USB camera kit set up and an Azden 310 dual mics transmitters / lavaliere - single receiver set up - I have tried everything to get it to receive both mics on Iphone but its not working - Both Mics come thru loud and clear and it all works perfect when plugged directly into a DSLR camera - but when I plug into the Iphone with the Lightning USB set up - It will only pick up one mic - Will this cable solve my problem ?? thank you for so much insight here - your videos are VERY helpful - watched them all and just found this updated one - I hope that this is the answer ?
@PhotoJoseph thank you so much for the quick response - I have ordered thru your link and will see if it works - I will let you know what I find out !
@PhotoJoseph OK thanks for the feedback again - Now I have used your suggestions and both Mics are now coming thru loud and clear on my Iphone videos - it appears it was the cable that was supplied from Azden - there were 2 fixes - 1. I used a C2G 03174 3.5mm Stereo Female to 3.5mm Mono Male Adapter (from Amazon) on the supplied Azden cable into the Apple Lightning USB set up - that converted the signal to mono and my phone liked that and both mics worked ! Fix #2 was the Saramonic Cable - this seems the best option and appears to give me the 2 channels separated as sound comes out from the top and bottom speaker on my iphone X - Thanks Again !
incredible... THANK YOU!! purchasing the Saramonic via your link on amazon. thanks again.
Amazing ! Now what would be GOLDEN is a Bluetooth wireless mic into more cables...Anything out there like that?
Most useful information I have seen on this subject to date. Thanks, Joseph!
Awesome, thank you!
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