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Aputure AL-M9 ► Best Tiny LED Light For the Price?

Photo Moment - May 18, 2018

A long-time viewer shared the Aputure AL-M9 LED Light with me with me at the NAB Conference. Is this the best tiny little LED light you can buy?


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Can't go wrong with a quality light that's also pretty cheap!

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anybody know how long these lights last
Can i mount the aputure Alm9 to my desk top screen for zoom call meetings?
You can put it anywhere you like. It doesn’t come with a “monitor mount” but you can rig something up.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks, - would you recommend Apaurture ALM( for desktop to do zoom calls nad youtube videos or would you recommend something bettter - I am on a tight budget?
I recommend ANYTHING that will cast a little light on your face ;-)
@PhotoJoseph Thank you.
jajajaaj, hola como estas?,
Bien, y tú?
Thank you. Buying now
That is Final Cut Pro X
I use the AL-M9 as stage light for small shows. It has one serious design flaw: it is dependent on the battery being charged, even if connected to USB. If the battery is not charged the brightness is much much less.
You mean with a low/dead battery, plugging it into USB and turning it on, you get less brightness then if it’s fully charged? Interesting… how long does it take before it gets enough charge to deliver full brightness? I guess it make sense… the capacitor probably isn’t powerful enough to both charge AND deliver full brightness. I wonder how much charge it needs for the power unit to deliver all of its power to the light instead of splitting it to the battery?
@PhotoJoseph Correct, but you HAVE to switch it off to load the battery to get full brightness. Don't know how long loading is needed, just discovered this, I thought it was broke.
Got it. So basically, plug it in before it dies or you’re in trouble, right?
@PhotoJoseph Thats not it. The problem is, you can not use it endlessly even when plugged in. You have to charge it when off and then you can use it fully plugged in. The battery drains when using it plugged in (at least with my charger).
I see. Well I suppose if you need a truly powered LED light than there are probably better options than this one for you.
Is this light worth for working on nightbars/discos/Nocturne events?
Yeah, I think it’d work. It’s not a huge amount of light but for adding a kicker and not overpowering the ambient light, it’s worth a try!
20 seconds in and I already have a new favorite youtuber
11 words in and I already have an new favorite subscriber!! 😄🙏🏻
Hi, I am very new to photography and videography, may I ask what was the program you used to change the video tones?
Final Cut Pro X
PhotoJoseph cheers fella
Buying one right now
You’re getting funnier. I like it. :)
My #1 fan 😍
hi. what were you using to colorgrade?
Final Cut Pro X
The last part of this video made me your subscriber :)
Awesome! (Which part was that?)
May I know the software you used for editing the video?
Final Cut Pro X
'Ooo, a new PhotoJoseph vid! I'll watch that after I've finished this Godox instruction video... Here we go... Is he drunk? I can't believe it! He's absolutely slaughtered...! He's slurring his words and everything! He just said good morning too! I can't believe he's this ratted in the morning! Hmm, the music's a bit funny too? Oh... It's still on 1/2 speed from the last video... He's not drunk.... I need a drink...' =¬)
Value to Value. Have you seen that Youtube have started to enable a new Sponsor a channel feature? Not sure if this would also be useful for you?
I have… AFAIK it’s not available to me
You have such a great demeanor-- it makes your show a pleasure to watch. You convey a lot of info without making broad assumptions about your audience, nor seeming condescending. You're a really good teacher-- thanks!
Wow thank you! Comments like this totally make my day. Thank you. 🙏🏻
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