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Photo Moment - May 22, 2020

Adding timecode to your production can greatly simplify syncing multiple cameras, audio recorders, slates, iOS cameras and recorders, and even GoPros on set. The ATOMOS AtomX Sync for the Ninja V brings it all together.

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Links to everything are on my site — What do you think of the new motion graphics??
I`m so obsessed by how crisp your light looks in this setup. Do you mind sharing what kind of modifier you are using and at which distance?
Hey man. I’m using a LOT of lights in this video, but the main light is a Nanlite Forza 300 and a big-ass softbox with a grid
@PhotoJoseph Thank you!
I totally get it and would love to use it but it is so expensive for an amateur videographer, I use a Ninja and a GH5 along with a G80 and often a couple of GoPro’s along with audio recorded on a Tascam DR60, now I have today spent at least 45 minutes lining up all the tracks before I could start to edit, but I cannot afford to spend what would amount to the best part of a grand on the various devices needed.
We need a cheaper alternative before this becomes anything but a professional level tool.
Thanks for the very useful informations ✅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
you’re welcome!
Can I sync the Zoom F8n to the Atomos Sync without using a Blue or USO?
I see how easy the F6 is, but the F8n only has a Bluetooth option for the control unit.
You’ll have to look that one up, or ask Zoom. I don’t have a list of Zoom compatible units, sorry
Never seen someone digging in so deep on YouTube. Thanks for that! You're a legend.
Thanks for that. To be fair, it’s only because ATOMOS sponsored this that I was able to justify going so deep. This took a long time to put together as you might imagine, and I wouldn’t have been able to justify doing that for the ad revenue alone on a topic this arcane! So a huge thank you to ATOMOS for wanting this video for their own use and paying me to make it!
Informative, and crystal clear. I did not know this gear existed. Even though not free, the gear is truly useful. Seems to work well together.
That it does! I know this isn’t for everyone but it’s a really great solution.
Will the AtomX Sync also work for multicam live things? Let's say you have cameras with different HDMI delay, could it sync them all up so the output of each Ninja V is synced? Or is this just for actual recordings?
In my case, I have 4 different cameras, each with a Ninja V... I have an Sony FS700 that has about 3-4 frames more delay than the others, so it's useless for live use. Could the AtomX Sync solve this issue?
ah, clever thinking, but no, unfortunately. The devices can’t shift the video / audio, they just shift the timecode so it all lines up in post. So for example, if you have audio in realtime, and a camera that’s 6 frames delayed, then if you looked at the timecode on the devices while recording, they would be 6 frames apart. That way when brought into the NLE, the all line up properly.
@PhotoJoseph that's what I thought. Bummer! Thanks for the clarification!
Is there a way to do this with the ATEM Mini Pro being the master? This way, I won't have to look into Blackmagic specific cameras? I'd especially love to get this working with a GoPro (with automatic record when the "Record" command is sent from the ATEM Mini Pro to the cameras, since a refresh of the micro cinema camera - with the Mini Pro direct support - is looking extremely unlikely), since that would make for a great aerial kind of shot.
This doesn’t integrate into live production, other than you could record ISOs of your live show and ensure they were in sync for post. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. The timecode offset doesn’t shift the video/audio; it shifts the timecode embedded in it so they line up in post.
Very, very good explanation! Thank you so much 🙏
You’re welcome and thanks for watching!
excellent THNX!
Thanks for watching!
Well explained! Clear communication. Surely a convincing approach for securing timecode across multiple devices going into post. #Salute
Incredible work as always!
Thank you!
loved it
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