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AtomX Ninja CAST; who’s it for, anyway?

Photo Moment - December 15, 2021

The ATOMOS AtomX Ninja CAST is here — but who's it for? It's a switcher, but not an encoder, which makes it more like the $295 ATEM Mini than anything else — for some use cases, at least!

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  1. Future Beginning by UTAH

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ATOMOS AtomX CAST Live Switching Device with Atomos Ninja V

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So more of a quick IMAG gig, or maybe a secondary on-site use case.
I was wondering about this, also, is it limited to 1080p?
Yes it is
Hi Joseph, I got myself an S5 recently. I was thinking to get an external recorder. Is there any other option other than BM or Atomos in the market or any DIY set up? Thanks
I only know of BM and ATOMOS, sorry
@PhotoJoseph Okay thanks Joseph
Cool video. But to be honest ATEM mini pro ISO is much much better. What I like the most with BM Atem mini pro ISO is option to record all files + u get project file so later in editing you can easily fix mistake or do quick re-edit. Let's see what's coming in the future... This is just first model.
Well done, Joseph, an excellent and concise comparison.
Thank you, Denial!
nice video and on time i was going to buy one but i think your right the atem with encoders is a better choice ..
I want to love this… but, yeah.

I think this is great for ppl who already have a Ninja but it should be about 100dollars cheaper coz its bscally a few buttons and a multiviewer *plus a HDMI to usb
The recording function is form the actual Ninja
You’re not wrong!
I bought it just because I have the the Ninja.
I do live streaming using the black magic design web presenter as an encoder.
Have to say, it is working great.
That’s great to hear. Yeah with those pieces in place I can see how it’d work well.
I returned mine and got a yolobox for live-streaming. Only downside is the delay on non active videos. This device was amazing for directly connected to obs.
I guess it’s probably better to compare this to the ATEM Mini Pro over the original Mini, not from a streaming perspective, but from a recording one. As far as I recall, the original mini doesn’t have recording built in. With the NinjaV you’re getting a ProRes recording of your mix, so really, the comparison setup would be the ATEM Mini Pro PLUS a Monitor for Multiview, which if you use, means you lose the HDMI out for any live relay. I don’t know how it compares to the Yolobox in this regard.
Are you getting a ProRes recording? That came up in tonight’s live show and no one knew. If so, then that’s an advantage (I don’t have it anymore so can’t check). You’re right about the original Mini not having record, so that’s true. And while it’s correct as well that you’d be giving up the HDMI on the ATEM Mini Pro by attaching a monitor, you don’t need it to record as that’s over USB, and you don’t need it either to stream as that’s over Ethernet. I’d argue the usefulness of a ProRes program recording though, come to think of it. What are you doing to do with it that the ProRes should make a difference?
@PhotoJoseph Yeah you get a pro res (or avid DNxHD) recording of the program..... and no, I'm not a doctor ;)
@PhotoJoseph Yeah, recording on the Mini Pro over USB, but the HDMI for MultiView so you're not cutting blind, which then means you don't have the HDMI for a PGM output to screen/projector etc., Whereas the Ninja setup has the screen built in, displaying the multiview leaving outputs (2 of them!) free for PGM. I've got a Mini ISO, which is fine, was using an original Mini on a job the other week and the lack of multiview was painful!. I guess in the context you see the Ninja CAST being used (live relay), then a built in ProRes record would be for any post-event edit work, but yes the Mini Pro has record, which is why I feel it's a better comparison than the original mini. As always it's picking the right tool for the job and budget of course :)
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