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Beginning Overview - Talking About V-Log L on the LUMIX GH5

Photo Moment - July 06, 2017

I shot some sample footage for V-Log on the course and want to share a little bit of this! This is just a basic beginning overview. If you want all of the info I've compiled on V-Log, then my GH5 Training Course is what you are looking for.


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Comments from YouTube

When are exposing Vlog where are your highlights on the waveform? Where are your skin tones?
Waveform clips at 70 or 80 (don’t recall which), so I just expose watching that… keep the highlights from clipping on the wave just like when shooting regular video. If you view it with the LUT enabled, it’s actually remarkably easy to shoot. Not really any different than shooting regular video IMHO.
i can see green spots on the bricks and other places.
so does ninja inferno output VLOG L when you use it as external recorder...
Output? It will pass through whatever you send it. You have to send V-Log to the Ninja for it to record V-Log, and then you can pass that signal to another device if you want to.
@PhotoJoseph i have it set up on gh5 aa vlog L but on recorder it doesnt look like vlog l was wondering if there was something i was missing on the screen where it has atom ninja inferno doesnt show me native processing its greyed out...
Thank you! Joseph
come to premier !!
Premiere is very good, no doubt. But I love Final Cut
I think personally after you adjusted the v-log image the pavement (sorry you Americans call it a sidewalk) was still blown out because you can visibly see about 25% of the detail you could see before adjusting the v-log levels.
Why is the intro-music soooo loud in comparison to the spoken word?
Because the video's audio has huge dymanic range and needed audio compression to make the audio all throughout the video more consistent. I know about audio compression because I used to be a live sound engineer and still even now work with sound systems. It's shocking just how many videos on Youtube have huge difference in audio level people really need to learn about how to use an audio compressor.
The thing is, your videos are always really well prepared, the lighting ist good, the sound is good, the content is good! So every little detail of a little lower quality sticks out.
But your videos are always really well prepared, the lighting ist good, the sound is good, the content is good! Got the point?:-)
You rock. Thank you! Finally, I understand this. Well illustrated explanation of the practical application of V log.
Thank you and you’re welcome!
Very Helpfull Mate !
I saw u working 10bit files on FCPX !! does it work ?
there is a special procedure for importing files without losing the 10bit depth?
I read on the net that10 bit not working on FCPX
sorry My english
PhotoJoseph thx a lot for reply , I usually record in MOV , so just copy , or transcoding 422HQ ?
work perfect on my Imac 27" i7 late 2013 !!thx again mate
when filming on the GH5 sometime autofocus will not work (tapping screen or shutter button 1/2 press). Is this because of VFR or 8bit vs 10bit? is it a one-or-the-other scenario? thanks!
that's what i figured, but glad i doubled checked (incase there was a work around i don't know of). thanks dud! and thanks for the v-log info.. i was confused about whether or not v-log added dynamic range on both ends (in the blacks/shadows or mainly for highlights). it seems that we can get a bit more range in both shadows and highlight. that being said it also looks like a better idea to expose for the darks and allow v-log to help with the highlights. that the best practice?
An old school guy like me who was weaned on color transparency films in the 70's, I learned early on to expose for the highlights on Kodachrome,  then lighten up the dark shadows when printing, and if projected on screen the shadows would naturally come up  with a strong projection bulb.  When shooting color negative film, it was the opposite, i.e. expose for shadows.  Anyway, thanks for clarification on proper exposure protocol with gh5...all I have to remember is to pretend I'm shooting Kodachrome:)
Is it true that vlog is only useful if shooting 10 bit? I keep seeing that in comments elsewhere.
Tess Goodman LOG profiles were meant for high bitrate, RAW footage. Using VLOG on 8bit footage can result in various different color issues as well as more noise when graded, however you may get more room for grading. 10bit is where VLOG was intended to be used as it has twice as many color information pixels and it will result in much more range. Some people have been reporting color issues with the VLOG profile on the GH5 but if you are not shooting 10 bit, shoot in either Cinelike D or the Natural profile. These won't be able to be graded as heavily, but will result in more natural colors to what you shot.
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