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Behringer X AIR XR16 Digital Mixer Is Finally In My Live Broadcast Studio!

Photo Moment - September 06, 2017

The Behringer X AIR XR16 is up and running! Definitely not fully configured yet, but let me show you what it's like so far! Also, we're using YouTube's new Ultra Low Latency Streaming Mode. What do you guys think about it?

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is there a tutorial on how to set this up to go live and record at the same time?
some of the best audio ive heard on youtube... better than more expensive productions!
was just about to point out you had the ipod channel selected but nvm lol
yes a gate sounds odd on a vocal channel when no other audio is also running.
did you try proper effects loop to reduce line noise? not sure if it was ambient room noise or line noise re: 25min
Why didn’t you go with the XAir 18 with its build in computer interface?
The XAir 18 has an built in USB 18x18 audio interface or some call it a sound card.
You have to convert the analog audio coming out of your XAir 16 to run it into the computer the XAir 18 has that functionality built in over USB.
PhotoJoseph Ok that’s cool, also do a YouTube search there are tons of videos on the XAir mixer these videos will teach you all you need to know. Also there are a couple of really cool feature in the XAir mixers you might want to play around with. There is a ducking feature, say your playing bumper music in an intro and you want to talk at the same time you can set the ducking to audio reduce the the level of the music as you talk. Also there is an auto mix feature where if you have like a panel discussion with multiple mics or mics and a Skype feeds, when one person is talking all the other mics get auto reduced and you can set your mic as the master and auto reduce all the others! Now you did mention in your video about recording as we discussed before the XAir 16 doesn’t have any USB audio interface to a computer, that usb jack on the mixer is only used for recording to a usb flash drive. Yes it also can be used for playback but that can be a bit tricky, the files need to only be in the wav file format and you have to convert any other file like mp3 to wav in the compatible bit rate and the file names can’t have I think numbers or spaces in them. Also I don’t think the XAir 16 can do simultaneous play back and record so you best to just use an external source like that iPod your using it’s easier!
talk about the mixer begins at 8:20
@photojoseph - I have the xair 16 - and I usually record the audio to garageband - but the audio volume is always so low. How can increase the volume being sent out?
obviously 5 and 6 was setup to be used as a matrix. XR18 and the X air 18 does not a carry Matrix like the X32 but it can be configure to be a matrix. The only drawback is you lose two of your AUX, but you can also use your main left and right as additional output.
hey Joseph, can you use the X-air with software like OBS?
This helped me a lot! Thanks.
I've picked up the 18 and my head is still spinning...... lol
Interesting but complete overkill for your needs. This is not a music program so crystal clear spoken voice is good enough.
PhotoJoseph It is a fun, interesting, and very powerful toy, for what this channel is. Keep focused on content. For someone mixing for live performances, an excellent tool.
Fun to see the X Air used with ATEM for live broadcast! I have an XR18 & ATEM 1 M/E 4K. Check out the AUTOMIX function on the X Air, Joseph (useful if you have multiple people on multiple mics: it adjusts mic levels automatically, depending on who's speaking!). Also, if you had the XR18 version, you could use USB to record each individual input plus Main L/R (to record in Logic, for example) as well as pass through audio over USB from computer to X Air. The Behringer X-Touch control panel is also so very helpful in live production (gives you physical controls, like a traditional mixer; talks to X Air over Ethernet). And with XR18 you can also use the P16 monitoring panel (super cool for adjusting/selecting what's in your headphones).
PhotoJoseph No connection with Behringer other than enjoying some of their tools! :)
My background is in video production (TV, postproduction) and otherwise dabbling in audio, lighting, music, art. I'm a big GH4 fan (GH3, GH4, FZ2500) and Blackmagic user (with a refurbished GVG110 to control my ATEM).

That Mini controller isn't for direct control of X Air mixers (some people have rigged up control using that; check Behringer Forum & YouTube for their experiments). A cheaper option than the full XTouch is the XTouch Compact: doesn't have LCD scribble strips. But both XTouch & Compact have motorized faders: the faders move, to correspond with their Settings whether you make changes in the computer software/iPad or on the control panel. These panels are also great to use with DAW (like Logic and Audition) and in editing (Premiere).

These X Air boxes are so full of features! I'm constantly learning new things about them, too. Now that you're seeing what they can do, I recommend you think about upgrading to the XR18 (or MR18), for even more useful features: multichannel 2-way channels via USB for recording/playback, more Aux outputs, extra Ethernet-based (but proprietary) port for connecting to monitoring stations (check out that Behringer P16M panel - great flexibility for a solo operator!). I've used USB for multitrack recordings of events, and so much easier than hooking up external audio recorder to Aux outputs.

Anyway, keep up the good work! As an adjunct instructor at local community college (video editing; motion graphics) I can appreciate how much time and effort you put into explaining things. :)
i have an xair 12 and my macbook pro air 13 doesnt recognize the mixer :( can you help me?
Use those noise gates when you're mixing a live drum kit or in a place with a noisy background, not when you're sitting in a (mostly) quiet room. I use an X18.
I got an xr16 and x18 they are great, I feel I should have bought an xr18 instead of the x18 because the form factor is so much better on the xr16 and much lighter
airjaff Everyone I know who has an XR16 wishes it were an 18.
The Linthicums what about if they have an x18? Do they wish they had an xr18?
Natürlich. Buy them all.
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