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BenQ 31.5” 4K HDR Monitor ▶︎ Whoah…

Photo Moment - September 14, 2018

I've been using this massive BenQ 31.5” 4K HDR monitor for some time now… so, what do I think? 


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What's your preferred monitor? Do you work in 4K or is the transition not worth it to you?

See something on the show that you want to buy?
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What benefit would that provide you? You can’t measure brightness, sharpness, or anything else important through a camera and a 1080p YouTube video. Plus, it was on in the beginning. That was the opening “gag”
A monitor review without actually turning it on 🤔
Great review!
Very nice review.
Interesting points regarding scalability on a Mac. I would not have imagined that a 32" would make it difficult to read.
Surprised me too but even at 32” 4K is still too small. Makes you understand why Apple went 5K on a smaller screen and pixel doubled it!
Looks like a nice monitor. I like the idea of a black and white mode.
I want!
I own this monitor. As far as I can tell, on windows 10 it does support HDR & 10 bit with the Quadro M4000.
Gavin Impett really! When you switch to HDR on the monitor, does the OSD say “HDR Native” or something like that?
windows has an HDR switch in their settings AND when you also switch to HDR on the BenQ AND the stars align, you get something that more or less falls within the HDR10 spec. With the Chrome Browser, I can watch 60p HDR videos on youtube, as far as I can tell. I edit on Vegas Pro, am transitioning to Resolve, and shoot with the gh5, and gh5s. I'm still very much in the baby steps as far as figuring this stuff out. When the BenQ initially switches to HDR, initially it's more of a "did I just blow up my monitor" feeling, than a subtle, "congratulations, you are now in HDR mode." Whatever I am seeing, it looks great. The text/program scaling on windows 10 does work, btw.
Very interesting. Delivering HDR on an HDMI output is definitely not common (hardware is $2,000+ as mentioned) so its super interesting that you’re getting at least some kind of HDR. Thanks for sharing!
Great review! Great monitor. Still really liking mine too!
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