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Best Raw Processing Software DxO PureRAW - Integrate with Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One

Photo Moment - April 14, 2021

Introducing the BEST Raw processing ever, DxO PureRAW - Optics Modules and DeepPRIME now integrate seamlessly with Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, more!

get DxO PureRAW here! — save 30% through May 31!

Visit the DxO Camera Support page to see if your camera is supported!

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Its a shame Pure Raw 2 software deletes some of the IPTC data entered in LR like Caption and Title.
@@sangpeirisYT oh man… really? Got a case number? DM me on Twitter if you like with your case and email address used and I’ll say something. It really bothers me when I hear this.
@@photojoseph I don't know about sidecar files... but all other tools that integrate with LR such at Topaz, Auroa HDR etc., don't kill / delete IPTC data... No reason that Pure Raw 2 should. Its Bug/Defect. Now if you can get DXO to respond to a ticket/case, maybe they would be interested in fixing it... :(
does it? Isn't that stored in a sidecar file?
Very interesting !! I am trying the different options you suggested, but I have issues :
1) When I transfer the edited CRaw from LR to DXO, I have very good DNG back, but without the edited parameter I made before in LR
2) while yesterday using the plug-in I found the DNG back from DXO being in the folder and in the Catalog, today I see I the folder, but I have to add to the catalog "manually" . Any suggestion ? thanks
You should reach out to DxO for support; I’m traveling and can’t help now sorry.
is there a similar way to improve jpeg photos? another software?
just the basic noise reduction in any app. This level of NR requires the raw data, as it's not "removing" it as much as it is recalculating the raw translation, which means you need the RAW data.
I bought version 1 less than 3 months ago and I feel like we should be upgraded. When I asked about it here was their reply ....... ( BTW I WILL REMEMBER THIS IN THE FUTURE. ) MOST OTHER OFFER A FREE UPGRADE ) !

THE REPLY ....On 16 March, 2022 we released DxO PureRAW 2, adding powerful new features, support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras, and dramatic speed improvements. There will be no free upgrades provided for this software, our apologies. We invite you to upgrade to DxO PureRAW v2 in your customer account at this time, the pricing available is our currently offered pricing for this upgrade.
Riley - DxO Labs Support Tea

They could have said we would be getting a new version just 3 months down the road. I would have waited. This is poor customer service.
Not sure if you're referring to the "glitch" i this video where the color shifted. We figured out later that for some reason, the profile on the photo before it was sent to PureRAW was different than the one when it came back. This happens with some profiles but not most, and I know DxO is looking into it (may have already fixed it; not sure). But if it does change change it back to what it was before, and the colors will be identical. Does that answer your question?
@@photojoseph Question which is prob stupid. So this is something I noticed . The color profile is set to adobe when the file gets thru running in DXO Raw and Raw 2. Will it affect the photo if you change it back ?
They have a program for them. I’m unsure the details but they do have a program in place.
Maybe so . However someone bought it just a week before the release. 🤷‍♀️
I think three months is a lot to ask for. One or maybe even two months, but three is a lot. Just my opinion.
Thank you for the explanation. As a Nikon Z9 shooter I am irritated that DXO Photo Lab does not yet support this camera but Pure Raw 2 does. I did not like the 1 button solution that pure raw seems to be at first glance — however saving the output as a DNG gets around this. The drag and drop method and export back to LRC is a surprise and welcome.
Using test version of version 2 right now.

It actually works and especially in situations, that were hard to catch with ordinary cameras and lenses: Fast movements, at distance and very low light, requiring a certain minimum depth of field - including all body parts on a twirling derwish ;-)

Canon EOS 90D APS-C 17-85mm at 85mm F5.6-8.0 (auto, ⅓ steps) 25600 ISO (auto) 1/500 sec or more with indoor dancer - Wow!

Canon EOS 90D APS-C 70-300mm at 300 mm F5.6 at 1/400-1/640 sec (auto) at ISO 25.600 (auto) indoor dancer - Wow-Wow!!

And then the nasty one: ISO 51.200 in near darkness F5.6 and 1/100s at 85 or 300mm. Both converted to HDR after default NR. Wow-Wow-Wow!!! And one more Wow (you wouldn’t wanna look on the HDR based on Lightroom only noise reduction after using a lot of time on fine tuning - compared to waiting a few seconds for the result chewed out by the DxO critter on any lowly Apple M1 based computer (Intel version on MacBook Pro 13 2018 not ideal).

Compared to Lightroom Classic 11 capabilities and „reportage use“ (you haven‘t got time to fiddle with minor details of next to insignificant importance and delivery tomorrow, when deadline is 20 minutes away) the DxO PureRAW 2 is a winner.

For the first time, even indoor, low-light „fast moving objects“ can be captured with confidence on auto, with camera freezing most movements and good depth of field (NOT a thin slice, where one eye is in focus, and most of the body blurred. I said “reportage” mode - not “art” as an excuse ;-). Without even powering up my heavy, powerfull Canon Flash in order to get at least something within reach (and then not needing 300mm at all since the dancer often will be more or less to completely out of reach of the flash).

I love it. It’s not the fastest tool in the block, but it certainly delivers stunningly clean results, that where completely out of reach before with the gear used here.
I'm using a windows system with standard lightroom. (not classic) I see no way to transfer files to DxO. I've tried all these drag and drop methods, but nothing happens. I also don't see a "reveal" option to just open the folder. Any clues?
@@photojoseph Good to know it wasn't just me. Thank you!
Because Adobe hasn’t built the API for any third party app to work that way. Complain to Adobe, please. They need to hear from users that we want plugins!! The only way to do it is to export the original raw file, then process in PureRAW, then import the DNG. Sucks.
Hi, great video. Do you think it is possible to edit 360 spherical photos in HDR.DNG files?
@@salvoproietto no. It requires raw data. You can’t convert an image to raw. Think of it like raw ingredients. You can’t un-bake a cake.
@@photojoseph but if I change it inside LT in tif format? tif supported?
I doubt it but you can check the supported camera list at DxO’s website
Great video thanks and I really love the way you introduce practical stuff—e.g. show photos in sub folders. I already have DxO Photolabs Elite so I could do this there in Deep Prime presumably?
Correct, and thank you.
Just problème iT’s nécessaire win 10 and graphique carte 6 go ect………….. for people fortune
Now that was a great informative video. Pity that the price is very high compared to say Topaz denoise.
And significantly better than Topaz, actually.
This is the video and with PhotoJoseph that is going to get me going with DXO PureRAW... But I am stuck, I want to pull the cropped version from Lightroom into PureRAW and I got to the part in Lightroom where I can check only 'cropped' and leave all else unchecked, but then I go to the Edit menu and 'copy' and in PureRAW I want to 'command V on a Mac 'paste'' but PureRAW has no way to take in a pasted image. I need the careful step by step of how I get that image that has 'cropped' only selected and to a form where PureRAW can download it or even if possible 'drag and drop.' I'm really stuck at this point. Please help.
I don’t follow. You want to send a cropped image to PureRAW? You can’t; it has to use the full raw file. Copy and paste the adjustments back onto the file in Lightroom (including crop). If the issue is that that’s not happening automatically then make sure that automatically writing metadata is enabled in the Lightroom preferences.
Does pure raw apply lens correction?
Absolutely; every lens it supports has custom calibration.
So how do I do this with light room cc? Is there an easy way?
Export original then reimport. It’s the only way.
In your description you make it seem like you will show how it works in Capture One, however you do not actually use Capture One as an example. I specifically wanted to see if this program works with C1.
I did really enjoy learning everything you did show and explain! It was a very informative video. Thank you!
I'm trying to determine what I need to get; DXO, Pure Raw, Deep Prime etc... are some of the afor mentioned included in DXO? I do photo editing. Thanks & best wishes for 2022!
DxO is the company. The products you’re referring to are DxO PhotoLab and DxO PureRAW. “Deep Prime” is the de losing technology in both of those apps. Everything in PureRAW is in PhotoLab. PureRAW is just a standalone RAW decoder for those who prefer to use another editor. PhotoLab is a complete editor. Hope that helps, and if you buy, please use the links at as that supports the channel! Also there’s a discount (20 or 30% I think) through the end of the year (2021).
Hi ,is denoise always the first process to any editing a photo.
Generally, yes
This is one of the most information-dense and clear instructional comparative videos I have ever seen. Good work Joseph 👍
@@photojoseph Your very welcome. I am have done many a clinic and compaired a LOT of software at a professional level since around 2000. This was good content. No fill. It's hard to do.
Thank you!!
Your 'cool trick with LR Classic ' at 12:34 does not work on my Windows PC! PureRaw 1.5 simply does not accept the 'dragged' file.
Yeah unfortunately it seems Windows doesn’t support that, sorry. Lots of discussion on this in these comments.
I purchased it because I think this will greatly improve photos of my artwork etc. I'll have to use apple photos first to export because photoshop cs6 is on my older MacBook Pro.
Can I use DXO if I edit only on Lightroom mobile?
On a computer? Yes, you just have to export a TIF then open it manually in the Nik plugin. If you mean on mobile (iOS, iPadOS or Android), then no — the DxO apps only run on macOS and Windows.
Is there a way to have it integrate with Adobe Bridge?
Hm, I know I played with it but don’t recall the outcome. I don’t think the drag-and-drop worked, but… 🤔 … scroll through the comments here. Others have discussed it. I don’t remember and I can’t test it now.
I see some people struggling with the drag and drop in windows, what I have done instead with the same result is I have created an export preset that exports the original RAW file into the same folder as it already is and then in at the bottom "Post-Processing" browse to the Dxo Pure Raw EXE file, in my case "C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO PureRAW\PureRawv1.exe". I actually prefer this way to the drag and drop as I'm a big right-click fan after many years of windows use. The only drawback is that it duplicates the original RAW file, if that is a problem, just delete it after the roundtrip to Pure RAW is done.
This was simply one of the best tutorials I’ve seen explaining all these scenarios, thank you for this great video!
Thank you!!
Thanks for the video, I’m using photo lab 4 but when i drag the image from Lightroom classic with edits the edits are not seen in photo lab 4 - any ideas ? Much appreciated
@@photojoseph Also will version 5 do it ? As I have been updating photo lab since version 2 to try and get this to work.....Or is there something i need to do in Lightroom to get this to work ? Much appreciate any info - thanks
@@photojoseph mac....also when returning back from photo lab as a dng Lightroom does not automatically open the import dialogue. Although the plugins manager has the exporter and importer module for photo lab running.
Hm, mac or PC?
what format conversion software exists to prep non cam raw files for use in dxo
@@meh11235 please check the DxO website for a list of compatible cameras. There are hundreds.
@@photojoseph which formats?
@@meh11235 you can’t convert jpeg to raw. That’s like un-baking a cake. Sorry.
@@photojoseph so no converter .... i tried topaz jped to raw and files aren't supported so, i guess my question really is,... what specific file formats are recognized by and workable within the program, that i may find a workable converter or program one.
PureRAW is only for RAW files
Thank you! Joseph! Excellent! Subscribed.
Much appreciated, Jules!
Tell DXO that while the noise reduction algorithm is fantastic, indeed, DxO PureRaw is overshapening A LOT. That nasty sharpening contour around the edges spoils the good job done by the noise reduction. They need to add a sharpening slider, or an option to disable sharpening all together.
@@photojoseph I already made a ticket. They said it was passed to their developers. I was expecting that given the numerous requests, the recent update would include this option. Not the case, unfortunately.
They have heard this but need to hear it again. Please provide feedback through their website. The more they hear it the better.
If I buy PhotoLab 5 do I get all this functionality? Or do I need to buy this on top of that?
@@photojoseph wow thank you for the quick response. That's good news. It wasn't 100% clear from their website.
This is all in PhotoLab 5
I agree with comments, PureRAW sharpening is too strong. DxO needs to fix this. Else, unusable for my RAW files.
I shoot: Canon 1Dx Mark III. Always RAW files.
Nice. I am going to do the 30 day trial.
Thanks Joseph. This is by far the best tutorial on DxO PureRAW workflow integration I ever seen. But for some reason, LR Classic on Windows didn't allow me to drag n drop photos in PureRAW nor to any external window or app. Any idea how to overcome this?
@@photojoseph Drag'n'drop works between Capture1 and DXOPR2 on win11 but not on lightroom, so it needs to be bug or something with windows version of lightroom. I have C1 trial now and thinking to chance from adobe to it because that D'n'D, mouse scroll zoom and C1 can be configured better to ultrawide screen(filmstrip on left side) + many other advantages. Then i lose Photoshop but i don't use it almost at all anyway.
Sorry I must have not read the entire original comment. I’ve heard many reports that drag-and-drop doesn’t work in Windows. Right-click, reveal in Browser, is probably the fastest way.
Yh, seems to be a Windows "feature". Doesn't work on my Windows system, too. Bummer!
Just realized the issue.. kind of a deal breaker for me.. I would love to simply just export numerous pictures and get them denoised... sad :( Anybody with a solution?
thank you Fareed!
I tried this on a couple of my images and it was pure magic! It works so good that I will be underexposing a bit from now on cause when I push the exposure, shadows, and blacks it looks amazing! HSL performs great as well. This tool alone takes my set up to a whole new level! Even if you shot an image in base ISO I’d recommend processing the image through this software, it allows you to push the dynamics of your image like nothing you’ve seen before from your set up. The other camera set up I’ve seen do this seamlessly and flawlessly is a large format camera. I’m blown away… great job DXO.
Nice testimonial, thanks for sharing!
I just try it! And its crazyyy noise reduction!!!!!! Incredible Apps 😎
Really helpful video, thanks Joseph. I have just about every noise reduction software out there but I'm finding on a RAW (Olympus) PureRAW is the best. Workflow back into LR is a bit clunky maybe...
love it but it has some serious problems on an M1 mac.... it takes for ever before it starts the processing, if it start at all....
Needs Fuji support
Clear, on point and so helpful. Thank you 🙏🏻
When using Pure Raw do you have to use the DXO optic module, can I try processing with and without the module?
I just downloaded V 1.2 of pure RAW. Like you explained In LR, I selected an image dragged it to Pure RAW using ALT+TAB.. and thats it... Nothing got copied. I guess I am doing something wrong.. Maybe someone knows? Thanks in advance !
I've heard mixed messages if it works in Windows or not. I think it might be OS related, but unfortunately I don't know. Sorry!
I used the GH5 for 2 years.
Iut i now attach more importance to low light and auto focus.
So i switched to Sony A7C.
I tried to drag the photo from LR to Pure Raw - but its not exporting it - it shows the circle with the / across it! i dont know whats going on there :-(

And if i import directly into Pure Raw and then export to LR - it doesnt create a sub folder as you mentioned

So then what i tried was - convert the photo into BW in LR, then went to pure Raw and imported the photo there - but it imported it as a color photo so that means my external XMP is not being read.
Ok, my computer is a little older, but one picture took over 5 minutes, however cannot fault the outcome
Yeah it’s power hungry but worth the wait!
The noise reduction result is amazing, now i can reprocess some of my old photos.
Excellent video! Though when I drag and drop an image with my A7RIII import preset from LR Classic to PureRAW the sliders are zeroed out after returning it to LR unlike in your video. I wonder why? I've tried ctrl-tab also but it's the same. Also, I find dragging and dropping a LR thumbnail onto PureRAW in my dock (on Mac) saves the ctrl-tab step.
Does anyone know if it works in Windows? When I drag the thumbnail to PureRAW it just denies.. Would be a great feature especially if it will keep the settings like in the video!
Interesting, and that's awesome! I think it has something to do with auto-saving of metadata…
if i use PURERAW with capture one and PS, i will end up having original RAW files + DNG + TIF files ?
Are they paying you for number of words you speak in a video? You talk to fast.
There’s a playback speed option if I’m going to fast for you. Works great.
DXO noise reduction is awesome but the camera module for lens collection is still faulty.
believe it or not , it adds vignette to my RAW file !!!

My camera : Sony a7RIII
Lens : Sony 20mm f1.8 G

And I just have found that if we do not want DXO to sharpen and lighthen our RAW image, Do not click " Camera Module"
The RAW will be only denoised and the rest will be kept in original.
I already use Pure Raw, but you made me discover very useful tricks, thanks ! BTW, do you know if the sharpness/accentuation can be reduced in PhotoLab, and if so, with which sliders/settings ? That would be useful for some photos, especially for portraits.
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