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BTS of My GH5 + Russian Lens Video for iPhone X ► Aspect Ratio, the Notch, and M39-to-M43 Adapters

Photo Moment - November 20, 2017

Joseph released a video over the weekend of his son running around in the woods. Let's go behind the scenes! It was recorded with a mix of modern and vintage technology. The setup was the GH5 body and the vintage Russian индустар (Industar) M39 Thread Count lenses. The video was then optimized for the iPhone X screen aspect ratio… and factoring in the notch.


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Let's go behind the scenes of my GH5 + Russian Lens video from this past weekend.
So which adapter did you use for which lens???
1:40 Can you not just add close up extension rings to the thinnest adaptor until you get focus?
@audio question. If I have a GH5 with the XLR extension unit is the audio good enough for a classical piano recording? If I still need an external audio recorder (eg a Zoom recorder) does the XLR help when syncing video with this audio?
You just need to add a suitable microphone, and an XLR lead. Audio will be sync'd to picture in-camera.
I have some experience with microphones, but not mic'd a real piano (baby grand?), not sure if you need a special mic further back to capture the low and high strings - which are quite far apart physically, or face mic towards a certain part of the piano.
+Geoff Cox XLR-1 is definitely good enough. The bit rate is high enough; but of course you’ll want an appropriate microphone and the right mic placement. I’m sure you can find videos on that here on YouTube.
Thanks Matt. I must be getting closer to buying a GH5 !
Good to hear that, will look into the mic aspect. Cheers Geoff
+Geoff Cox Good idea! 😁 Make sure you get the when you do :-)
If you're shooting these wide open outdoors, are you using an ND filter? What kind/size?
+Robert Reiter No ND. Just stopped down when I had to.
Привет, Джозеф!..
В цифровой матрице, все пиксели разделены друг от друга шторками.
В аналоге, луч света попадает на пленку под разными углами.
Разработанный для пленки объектив не раскроется в полной мере на твоем GH5.
Hello, Joseph! ..
In a digital matrix, all the pixels are separated from each other by curtains.
In the analog, a ray of light falls on the film at different angles.
The lens developed for the film will not be fully revealed on your GH5.
+Press Baby Maybe not… but it’s still awesome :-)
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