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Budget “Speed Booster” Alternative?

Photo Moment - August 20, 2018

Everyone knows about the Metabones Speed Boosters… but for those of us on a budget, that may be out of range. Does adapting full frame lenses have to be so expensive? Maybe not. Can this Pixco brand version do the same thing? 

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Have you considered a focal reducer?
Yep! I have a couple. Handy!
If it changes angle of view, it has nothing in common with a speed booster!
All in all a relatively useless advertisement.
I laughed about the major tom part
Haha well I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this so much. Welcome to the channel!
Omg. U r pro in speaking
Is it possible to pop the speed booster glass out? I have lots of Minolta / Sony A mount glass and a dummy adapter MA to M 4/3 and wanted to pop it in this adapter. The flange distance between the Canon and Minolta mount is very close...Wanted to use it on a BMPCC 4K.
I’m sure you CAN take it out, but glass is designed for a specific lens combination. It’s not something you can just swap out. So, I’m gonna say no.
just buy one that's made for your purpose, in other words Minolta to M 4/3.
Little bit late question, but that iris controll works? As in does it give heavy vignetting and does it cut all light? (As like lens cup)
I haven’t noticed vignetting but I don’t usually stop down much. And no it doesn’t close all the way; what would be the point of that?
1:55 Uncle Tom is a novel character. Since then the term has gained widespread use for black people that are considered inferior in society, and most of the time they are aware of this thing and accept the fact after centuries of white supremacy and propaganda.
Well that was a bit depressing. What if your name is Thomas and your siblings have children?
@PhotoJoseph Life is depressing. We are catapulted in this bitter world without the minimal knowledge and experience to endure the hardships of life. No comfort or compassion is available, just a huge space full of apathetic people that don't care about anything except for themselves. And the world is getting worse every day...although, this might not go on for long since corporations and governments are polluting the planet and annihilating all the creatures that live on it. As Venice sinks under rising sea levels, few years divide us from the total disappearance of Florida, the Netherlands and many other territories of planet Earth...unless the rich wake up and try to fix everything in the desperate attempt to save the lives and homes of their beloved consumers, without whom they wouldn't be able to continue inflating their revenues.

I just wanted to offer that information to those few people that wondered: What did he mean by "Uncle Tom, that's another thing..." *nervous giggle*.

Not trying to criticize you for anything. On the contrary, thanks for your work and dedication. I'm really enjoying my GH5 and your videos and tips have helped me a lot :)
Can i use canon 18-55mm lens to the adapter?
Is that an EF Mount lens? Then yes.
PhotoJoseph its efs
Vertix As far as I know, EF and EF-S are the same mount; the difference is that EF-S is for APS-C sensors and won’t fill a full frame sensor. Since MFT is smaller than APS-C, an EF-S lens should work just fine.
Hey PhotoJoseph (and fellow community members!),

I'm a beginner filmmaker from AUS and I'm currently looking to adapt a lens (potentially with a speed booster) on a budget! I was wondering what Lenses you would recommend for an original Pocket Cinema Camera (BlackMagic Design) to get that cinematic look and feel. I would love to do a wide variety of close up and wide shots with varying depth of fields.

Thank you in advance for reading, your advice is greatly appreciated!
Is image quality relevant in a review of photographic equipment?
Is image quality even relevant these days AT ALL with super retarded extreme megapixels and extreme high quality glass, even on the budget side, for us peasants anyways?
I have a Rokinon 85mm m4/3 and would love to have a speedbooster. Is there a way to buy a speedbooster that fits a m4/3 to m4/3 in order to get more of the scene.
I don't believe there is as the m4/3 lens is made for a m4/3 sensor. what you could do is get a Anamorphic adapter.
does it works with sigma 18-35?
If it's a Canon mount then it should but I haven't tested it
Hopefully, this talk of focal reducers has expanded your understanding. Did I leave anything out?

See something on any show that you want to buy?
Head on over to

•• Pixco Manual Speed Booster Canon EF Lens to M43 ••
Does it vignette when using smaller apertures? I have a Pixco and mine does. The vignette only goes away when aperture is fully open. Thanks!
Not that I saw so far but I’ve done no actual shooting with it. I’ll be doing another show later with real world samples
Does Panasonic make a 35mm (50mm equivalent) with auto focus and manual focus?
The Leica 15mm (30mm full frame equivalent) f/1.7 is the closest, and I love that lens. Olympus makes a 17mm that would be a 34mm equivalent but it’s not as good (I own both lenses). Both are AF and MF.
Hey, thanks a lot for your info.
@PhotoJoseph Hi. Great videos, you are so vivid. Can you explain, if I combine Panasonic Lumix GF2 + Pixco Speed Booster + Canon 50mm f 1.8 - what do I get? I mean how many mm, what will be f ratio? Hope it is clear. Thanks a lot in advance.
@Vyacheslav Krysko 50 x 0.7 = 35mm (or 70mm equivalent on full frame)
EXACTLY the video i needed right know answering all my questions! Thank You ^^^^
Edit : ooops talked too soon, you didn't go through the usability of the aperture thing, does it change depth of field or it just take off light like would a nd filter?
in the comparison you forgot to mention that the resulting full frame equivalent is 70mm f/1.7 (not f0.84). great review - love your show!
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