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Channel Strategies I Learned ▶︎ VidSummit 2018: Day 1

Photo Moment - October 11, 2018

It’s been an incredible first day at VidSummit and I have a ton of notes of things I may do to the channel. Let’s take a quick look at the list of what I've learned so far!

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Thanks for the insights on Vid Summit. Definitely coming out to Vid Summit 2019!
What about not splitting the 2 videos? Theoretically, some people would watch the whole thing. Some, or even most wouldn't, but as long as you get 60% watch time or more, it shouldn't hurt you. In regard to the holiday buying guide, any key words related to current holidays or seasons you can tie in should be considered. Thank you for sharing your notes! Would love to make it to VidSummit! xo
We started splitting the videos a long time ago because people don’t want to even click on a video that’s 30 or 40 minutes long. So they don’t even give it a chance. Videos around 10 minutes always perform better than long ones.
Personally, I get weary to click on live replays bc there is often a lot of time wasted during a live stream. The creator is distracted by the comments and it's just not as fun to watch when you aren't involved with it in real time. Some channels don't even leave the lives up for replay unless you have the link. I guess you do have a lot to consider. Good luck!
That’s exactly what we do… we don’t leave the live up.
The automated paid group subscription is coming for Facebook.  I am currently beta testing this feature for Facebook.  If you want to know more about it hit me up on by business page on FB under the same name as my channel here.  I'll bring you up to date on this.
Thanks for sharing value from the vidsummit, this is very cool
I really enjoy watching your videos. From a viewer’s perspective, I found you not because of your thumbnail, but because I was searching for something one day and the of relevance of one of your video titles came up. What made me a returning viewer is the way you communicate. It’s relatable, fascinating and speaks to my curiosity. I hope you continue doing what you do and not second guess yourself because you’ve got something good going on. I really think the over emphasis on thumbnails is hook for a different (younger) audience, but what do I know, I only have a handful of subscribers and a pitiful view count, myself.
Thank you, I appreciate that. The thumbnails are, however, remarkably important. It’s not about a younger audience; it’s simply about getting people to click on the video to watch it. If you search for any given topic, your eye will naturally go to one thumbnail over another based on its design, color, relateability, and about 1 billion other factors. The good thing is that we are all on the same level playing field; we all have the same space and same opportunity to grab attention. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 million subscribers for 10,000 subscribers. Yes, your videos won’t be ranked as highly as theirs, however once the results are shown from search, we are all the same.
Why does this video has so bad quality? was it live streamed?
Yes. From my phone on hotel WiFi.
Alright! Thanks for sharing this feedback! Helpful for everyone here on youtube creating content!
Oh well, if I came up to you and shake hands you would probably also look at me like a tree ... or bush (big bush) :) .... the planes in the background was a little disturbing (I started counting) ... otherwise, love you show and the way you do it.
Haha Peter had a kind of people to greet him. Last night at the bar he had a buffer of his mates around him. I totally get it; he’s kind of huge. Me? Come up and say hi and we’ll chat for 20 minutes! That’s what I did all night with a bunch of YouTubers, almost all of them under 1,000 subs. Super awesome!
All the best you tubers seem to be at this thing! Thanks for the run down on things you learnt you are the first one to share the wealth of knowledge gained from this convention
There are some big names here for sure!
Thanks Joseph. There's a lot of things I didn't think about. I hope you manage to still get some tacos. I feel like some tacos now :-(
I got my tacos. They were gooooood
@PhotoJoseph Ah that's awesome. With all these good tips you have earned them!
about the Q&A, did you thought about a secundary channel more focused about the ''comunity'', in that case you can focus the content on the main channel and have other channel to interact more with people outside the streams, so you dont have to keep the same content line if you want to talk about a product or topic that dont fits on your main acount you can do it
I’ve definitely thought about that. I have been doing the opposite, bringing content together lately though, trying to focus and pull it all into the same place. I don’t feel restricted on what I can talk about on my channel. Yes it’s primarily gear/apps/technique for photo/video/live but if I want to talk about travel, I will, because it’s all connected. The brand isn’t “photography”, the brand is “PhotoJoseph”, and that’s *me*.
Just got done working. So much for going to bed early. Great seeing you. 🌮
Ouch. Good luck tomorrow! I mean, today!
@PhotoJoseph - Great summary, thank you for your contributions to the Youtube community.
Would be awesome if YouTube would enable channels to add a Forum tab. And have all the advanced features like phpbb like moderators, sub-forum categories, filters (show only posts from "verified" YouTube users) stuff like that.. and I just am lucky I got the $4.99/month membership feature added to my channel (they lowered the threshold to 50'000 subs recently) and then it would be good if members might get exclusive access to that whole forum or to parts of it, and any posts from members are well highlighted just as their comments could by default show up more highlighted (by default show more towards the top possibly) under any video. And members also look more awesome in live chat. I don't have any members yet but I didn't yet announce it in a video as YouTube recommends people do. I'm hopeful it should become a good thing. Hopefully any moment now YouTube will lower the threshold for Memberships to 20k subs and you will be able to have it. I think it could possibly be a perfect feature for you.
Yes hopefully YouTube Memberships could integrate with your own paywall system on your website, if price is compatible on both. Yes 30% commission is too much hopefully YouTube reduces that. I think YouTube Memberships though has the potential to be very efficient. Angry Photographer is getting a lot of members right now very quickly I don't think he promotes it much even yet. Probably more member signups on YouTube Memberships in 2 weeks than he got with 1 year promoting patreon in every description text..
Using YouTube makes it easy, and easy is best. But for me, I couldn’t take those members and give them something more on my site. And I’m not about to rely on YouTube to provide my users with every aspect of the service. That’s putting all my eggs in one basket, and I’m screwed if YouTube changes their mind on how something will work. Remember; if you’re not paying for the service, then YOU are the product.
Six hours ago… I was just leaving. I chatted to Derral briefly. The dude is exhausted.
Your website's membership system looks very impressive and your UI and everything also. Very well made stuff. Bravo. I tried doing Memberships on my wordpress 5 to 3 yeas ago and somehow I got 200-300 people pay me $20/year then $50/year for that. I just have a feeling and hope YouTube Memberships will have the best possible efficiency. If somehow that easily allows you to give access to your YouTube members to also access all your website's membership stuff, if possible automatically. That would be great. I think if YouTube membership gets you 10x more members at $4.99/month even if they currently take 30%, overall that could mean much more income for you.. And highlighted comments in live chats, highlighted comments in YouTube comments, all that ads up too nicely.. if somehow YouTube provides forum functionality too with some forum categories could be for members only, all this kind of stuff could be nice. YouTube memberships allows for creating any custom perks and some channels I see for example give members-only Discord server/room access for members only chat. So if you did also a forum anywhere outside YouTube you could give members-only access to some sections of that possibly.
That all sounds great, but I’m not waiting around for YouTube to do something they haven’t even said they’re doing 😬 I like the idea though!
I watch all those YouTube Creator Insider videos, I am not sure delisting "less popular" videos hurts your channel, I think that is a supposition by some YouTubers but I don't think the YouTube algorithm is so weak that it would "down-rank" you channel in their algorithms when it sees you posting less popular stuff together with the more popular stuff. Though I do think it might be fine to just link to the Q&A stuff as an Unlisted video and you can "extract" the unlisted Q&A part using YouTube Enhancements Trim feature and then also trim the main video down using that also, so you keep all the "juice" and all the views on that main trimmed video.

When looking into YouTube advertising prices, I am thinking to suggest to some of the companies that I film, that they should invest just a little to "boost" their videos targetting the right keyword searches, targetting the right other channels and content, targetting the right search queries and targetting the right "show as related next suggested video" and that might be worthwhile for them to boost the popularity of the videos that I film that feature their stuff. I think it doesn't have to do with videos being themselves sponsored or not by that company. But it would be for example a good thing to convince a consumer electronics company that they should spend $500 to get 50'000 extra views on the video I did of their thing (if 1 view really costs as little as $0.01 as you say). Regardless if that company is sponsoring me directly or not, if they sponsor my video of their stuff, it brings more views and more subscribers to my channel overall, and I think the paid advertising style views leak off some of the juice over especially if the video is good, people will like, subscribe, comment and etc. I think it should be worth it but I think only very few companies understand the value of YouTube advertising. I am thinking not so much in terms of creating new 30 second videos but more in terms of just boosting any video I filmed, could be a 20min video about a product. It just plays as an ad and people can skip it after 3 second just using Truview based YouTube advertising only. When people skip the video then I don't think it costs anything or it doesn't cost anywhere as much as if the viewer gets hooked and watches more of it.
The video is in one of these I think:

I will try to find the exact point and link to the time code once I found it. But all those mythbusting videos are very interesting. It's interview and info from the algorithm guy at YouTube and it's quite important as most views from from the algo..
And I just saw another video, which kind of contradicts somewhat (recommending 2 videos a week minimum, I don't think that is necessarily true for everyone), but he seems to say longer is better but it very much depends on the genre. I think your genre is good for the longer style. I think people watching your content want as extensive into a topic as you can give them. And I would think that view % stat should get reduced slightly the longer the video is but that is not necessarily a bad thing. People might also enjoy skipping in long videos too, it might be a good thing to overwhelm them with too much so they keep thinking they have to come back and will for sure be able to find more and more.
I had two videos on my account that had copyright strikes because of music that I left on the channel - I decided to delist them months later - and I've seen a huge spike in views and new subs since.  I believe there is some strategy to delisting certain videos.
@TEAM TERYX copyright strikes are different though.. PhotoJoseph isn't posting anything that's copyrighted..
PhotoJoseph, we all learn from each other. I have you on the same "must check out what they are saying this week" list as Peter McKinnon, Roberto Blake, Sean Cannell, etc., so don't sell yourself short.
Wow, thanks! I’m not a speaker this year… but perhaps I will be next year ;-) Are you here live, or watching the streams? If here IRL, find me at the bar!
@PhotoJoseph I wish I was there. I took the virtual package, perhaps next year. I will be at NABShow NY next week, though.
No NAB York for me. Photo plus however; I will be there.
No NAB NY for me. Photo plus however; I will be there.
I guess I don't understand how the facebook groups work? I've never been able to follow a conversation without somehow searching for the topic, that assumes I remember what it was -- if you do this, you need to help some of us understand this.
Fair enough. I think in a closed group, it’s better because it’s isolated. But we’ll see. I can’t set it up completely on mobile and didn’t bring a laptop with me. Plus I will have to manage it totally manually, which sucks, but it could be worth it. We’ll see!
Great meeting you! Love making new friends.
Let’s chat some more while you’re here!
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