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Channel Strategies I Learned ▶︎ VidSummit 2018 : Day 2

Photo Moment - October 12, 2018

The second day (and basically final day) of VidSummit is over. Time for me to pick up where I left off yesterday. I have a ton more notes around insight and strategies for things to the channel. Let’s take a quick look at the list of what I've learned!

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Optimize your YouTube channel with TubeBuddy (we swear by it)

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Comments from YouTube

My videos without my ugly face do WAY BETTER
Are you Jake Paul’s day
FYI...anyone reading this who wants to support Joseph, use his Amazon affiliate link anytime you order anything from Amazon. You do not have to buy off his list! If you get to Amazon through his link, you will earn him a portion of your purchase of anything! ***This does not effect what you pay!
Rather than embedding on your page, maybe you could embed a link shaped like a thumbnail. When they click play, it could send them to YT...unless you're worried about taking that traffic away from your website.
Yeah we haven’t decided what’s better yet. I don’t think that many people watch directly on the site but I don’t have a way to measure that. Kind of frustrating. And yes exactly if they’re already on my site, I don’t really want to send them away!
Joseph, instead of Rev, check out their AI system, Temi. It's 10 cents a minute.
That's a common question. From my experience, it's better as it has Rev's team behind it. Unlike Google/YouTube who have AI focus across many genres, Temi is focused only on audio to text translation. I still find errors, but it's far less than what YouTube produces. Also, you can output the transcription in paragraph form, even with multiple speakers, or as a subtitle file.

I use the paragraph form as a translation on my podcast's show notes URL and also on my own blog for my videos.
Awesome we will check it out. Thanks!
I created an account and am waiting for their support to respond, but it seems like it’s an API integration only, not something I can send or point to YouTube videos. Am I missing something?
Oh whoops I was on not Wow is only 5¢ per minute. But, API based. Moving on where you told me to go now ;-)
HAHA. Oops ;)
Great insights, thank you.
OMG that hashtag thing just blew my mind a little bit! YAS!
Thank you, Joseph.
Your reviews on vid summit have been great!
Joseph, this was most interesting. Not only does a creator have to be a whole TV production facility and host, it's now required to become an analytics and maketing expert to succeed, as well. You provide great content, keep up the good work - I wish you the best of luck in developing your channel further :)
Thanks for sharing the knowledge. You are the best. May the good karma follow you 👍
That’s nice of you to say, thank you.
I really liked the "Micro Influencer" statement and Collaboration. I need to work on growing that portion of my channel. I"ve been approaching things from that perspective, looking for quality smaller companies in my focused industry, and approach it from a "benefits both of us" perspective. It doesn't really gain me money at this point but I'm looking long term. One company I've done small stuff with (provided product showcases, etc) just hit me up about a paid trade show collaboration. So it does work, just takes time.
There ya go! Yeah I really like the micro approach too. And it doesn’t hurt to reach out to bigger fish either, if you believe you can provide a benefit. I’m about to approach T-Mobile about something… we’ll see!!
It does not hurt to ask. I've tried a little bit with bigger companies and had some good and some poor responses. Especially in my industry (the automotive world) some folks seem a little behind the times as far as understanding the value of what we have to offer. Just takes time. Good luck!
Thanks PJ!
Thanks for watching!
Congratulations to 20k Subs Joseph - really like your content! Go on like that :)
Thank you!
Thanks Joseph, useful stuff. LOL I love how you managed to get a Dislike already, did you upset someone there :-)
I have a hater or two. That’s life on YouTube. Someone called me an embarrassment the other day; whatcha gonna do. “Hater’s gonna hate!”
Loved the strategies you're learning from Vid Summit. Wish so much I was there. Can't wait to what you learn tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!
Yesterday was the closing, although there’s some small stuff happening today. I’ll be shooting a few interviews today if all goes well. Thanks for watching!
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