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Cheap Canon-to-M43 Lens Adapter from Pixco ► Metabones Alternative

Photo Moment - April 04, 2018

Switched to Micro Four Thirds, and have some old Canon glass laying around? Breathe new life into your old gear with these super inexpensive lens adapters! 


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These inexpensive lens adapters open up so many options. What would you shoot with it first?

See something on the show that you want to buy?
Head on over to

** Pixco Canon to Micro 4/3 Lens Adapter (no aperture) **
** Pixco Canon to Micro 4/3 Lens Adapter (WITH aperture) **
Heeey! Is this adapter compatible with the BMPCC 4k ?
It definitely should be; its just a mechanical contact
Cool thanks man! Just bought one, lets see how it performs
I dont understand, why can you put Canon and Nikon lens on to a M43 mount but you cant put a M43 to a Canon EF body?
Think of a lens like a projector… it is projecting an image (whatever it sees) onto a screen (the sensor). An full frame lens projects an image onto a full frame size sensor, which is larger than MFT sensor, so the "coverage" is over 100%. However an MFT lens projects to a smaller sensor. So if you put an MFT lens on a full frame camera, the image it projects onto the sensor would not fill the sensor, and you'd have a bunch of blank space (vignetting) around the edges. Make sense?
@PhotoJoseph couldn't they just make an adapter that magnifies the image ?
@ShadowManV3 yep! That’s called a “focal expander”; the opposite of a “focal reducer” which is what metabones and other optical adapters like an EF to MFT are. It’s not ideal for many optical reasons and there are very few on the market and they’re very expensive. I don’t see anyone making one to go MFT to full frame. It’s be too expensive to be worth it.
@PhotoJoseph Ahh gotcha, Me and my buddy have a BM6K and bought a Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm and were trying to figure out why we couldn't find an adapter for it to work. But we are just gonna borrow our buddies BM4k camera to use the lens lol
@ShadowManV3 yeah the 6K has a Super35 sensor which is basically APS-C, so bigger than MFT but not quite full frame. The EF mount covers that, and then some. But an MFT lens won’t work. Good luck!
I came here for one thing; to know if these adaptors cause any loss of quality. That was not discussed at all.
Nice video, greetings from Spain!!!
4x TS-E
1x MP-E 65

But I think I would go with some brightener.
Lol that quick start !
Hello very good video< I have a lumix gx7mk2 in japan and in USA is called gx85, will it work on it?
Yes, it’s just about the mount. It’ll work on any MFT camera.
thank you for the reply
Yes but we need to be able to use autofocus we have an adapter that uses autofocus but the motor makes a ton of noise and the picture is kind of soft what would you recommend that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
A better adapter. Good adapters cost money, sorry.
Hello Joseph, is this adapter offer a tight snug fit around the lens mount? I bought an electronic Viltros (no glass) and there is a lot of wiggle with the mount on the lens and the camera mounts, both. Thanks for the video, always enjoy your shows!
It’s been a while since I played with it but I don’t recall that there was wiggle. I have a new adapter for EF to MFT from Kipon that I’ll be reviewing soon too, so if you’re not in a hurry, hang on for that review.
@PhotoJoseph Hey Joseph thanks for the reply! I have a Viltrox adapter (no glass) electric, but it is loose wiggles on the adapter to lens and the adapter to camera mount, in desperate need of a tight fitting adapter. Always enjoy your show!
The Metabones adapters sorta get rid of the crop factor so the effective focal length of the lens on the camera is closer to the ACTUAL focal length (rather than 2x or 1.5x as with u4/3 or APC). In so doing the effective F ratio is also reduced, IE: the lens is "faster". The built in lens in the adapter is a negative lens (same kind on your eyeglasses if you are myopic). Those adapters with the built in iris don't really make sense, they solve the aperture problem but not the focus problem. Most electronic lenses have focus motors in them, so if you mount them on an alien camera with an adapter you won't be able to focus them, the focus ring on the lens is a 'focus by wire' type, and the wires are not hooked up! Those adapters are really best used on MANUAL focus lenses, and there is NO problem with the iris or focusing with these, although you have to focus with the lens wide open, THEN stop it down to meter and shoot.
I have olympus pen epl 7. If i buy adapter named k&f concept, will this match with my camera?
the PEN is micro four thirds, right? Then yes it should work.
thank you for great video, enjoyed watching it. Still can't decide what to pick for video shooting on micro 4/3... Maybe you have some tips?
Camera? GH5 is the easy choice
@PhotoJoseph no, optics :)
That’s like asking what to have for dinner without any explanation of what you like or don’t like :-) Check out these kits I put together: and
Great video Joseph, thank you for the info. I have the G9 and I've been really wanting to get the Tokina AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D AF Macro Lens which uses a Nikon F mount. I know I'll need to pickup an adapter for this but you think I could get good results with a cheap one or would the Speedbooster work better for that lens?
Speedbooster is pretty much the gold standard. If top quality is your goal, get that. If you want to try the cheap path, give this a try.
I've got the G9 and just ordered one. I know in the past I've had to set "shoot without lens" to on but can't find this option on the G9. I presume with the GH5 and G9 it defaults to shoot without lens turned on? Thanks.
Yeah that option had been removed; it's now just always on. May be just on pro bodies though. Don't know.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for letting me know, much appreciate it.
How has the adapter with aperture been holding up. Looking to buy one, but don't want it to quit on me after a few uses. No reviews on Amazon.
Honestly I've barely used it since this video, sorry
Hi, when you have M43 adapter (for a Panasonic G7) what is the best to have a canon 50mm equivalent ? i know it can sound dumb but i read a comment about an other video
just take the 25mm panasonic 1.7. great lens and always smarter than adapting a lens just because of autofocus and sharpness etc
What Lennart said. On a micro four thirds lens, to calculate the full frame equivalent, multiply by two. So the 25mm lens Lennart suggests is a 50mm full frame equivalent.
the metabones will make the 85 f1.2 work?
Yes, but at $800 or something I haven’t been able to justify it.
can it fit with BMPCC ???
I don’t have one to test but that’s a micro four thirds mount camera, right? So yeah, it should work fine. But also watch this video
Hi, I have some none full frame efs lenses, from my 7D, will it adapt those to or do I need an eos adapter then? Thank u.
Hm, it is the same mount so I think it’ll work but that’s a good question I can’t answer 100%. Also, did you see today’s video which is the next level beyond these adapters?
Thanks. Gonna check out the latest video :)
Did the adapter with the aperture actually work ? I used one by quenox and it was horrible. The aperture only created a big silouette.
It worked but I wasn’t super impressed by this overall because it didn’t give me anything I didn’t already have in my Panasonic lenses. I’m testing their speed booster version now though.
Hey - I bought one of these but I cant de-couple it from my canon lens...the side button doesnt doesnt reveal much help. does the side button push in to release the canon lens?
any luck? mine doesnt fit on
Hey Joseph. I have an Lumix G81 and i only have one lens that is the 12- 60 mm 3.5/5.6, an i am looking to buy an lens for portrait photos. i think that the Canon 50 mm 1.8 still cost less with the aperture adpter than an lumix 50 mm lens. I dont know really what to do hmm.
Are you going to do a review/video test of the Pixco focal reducers?
Really hoping to be at NAB next year! Cool that you did a meetup.
I am still waiting for one of these companies to work out how to get Nikon glass to work on M43 cameras with full AF etc. I think as you point out the problem with adapting lenses especially full frame ones is that they are many times larger and heavier and with often no IQ advantage. The other thing I worry about is the camera capable of actually suppoting one of these heavy lenses? As strong as they are made they are not in general designed to support a 2kg lens where the CaNikon ones might.
I hear a lot of video guys use an adapter especially to use the Sigma 18-35 f1.8.
I wouldn’t worry about the weight. A lot of lenses are seemingly huge for the camera. Just hold it by whichever is heavier, and you’re fine.
The problem with adapterters without glass is resolution. You are practically just cropping to a middle of the image with full M4/3 resolution. If the lens has huge resolution in the middle, that is fine. If not, the image falls apart.
I have lenses that somewhat work with such adapters and lenses that are useless because of low image quality. No such problems with Metabones. With metabones lenses are not all towards telefoto either.
Crop faktor from ff to m43 is always 2,0 (without speedbooster)
Just RSVP’d to the Meetup! Looking forward to meeting you again this year
really really really good video, first i think would be a great idea to make an Essentials playlist and add this video to it to all the people getting into m43.2th to all of you who are thinking on buying a cheap adapter with ultrawide lenses, may not be a good idea, because depending on the finish, the focal plane will fit or not with the correspondent focus distance marked on the lens and in some cases you can lose close focus on a 8mm fisheye like i did... or maybe lose infinity by an eyebrown with long focal lens will not be an issue.
i recommend to buy a speedbooster to get the better of both systems, but its good to have one of these inexpensive adapters in your bag to play or just in case, so take your gear out , play, and maybe change gear with friends and try new things.
thats one of the big reasons why i love Lumix cameras and the m43 system.

gear i use

Lumix GX8

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 EFS
Helios (44m) 58mm F2 with an m42 to eos ring adapter

cheap EF to M43 adapter (no electronics)
kipon 0.7 speedbooster EF M43
Hi there instead of this adapter you can use the viltrox Speed booster giving you the electronics from canon lenses and you can focus and control the aperture, plus a stop of light plus a smaller crop. And it costs 160 usd. You can get it at amazon or eBay viltrox ef-m2
Awesome! But while that’s a lot cheaper than a SpeedBooster, it’s still 5x the cost of this. Lots of tools available!
true it just gives you much more options like setting the aperture and using auto focus and last but not least a stop of light :-)
I use both this and the metabones speedbooster on my black magic pocket 4K depending on what I'm trying to do. Sometimes while filming wildlife via telephoto I WANT the crop factor I get with this adapter.
Hey Joseph, the best Metabones alternative is actually another adapter called "Viltrox". They have two models, the EF-M1 that doesn't have a focal reducer (similar to the Metabones Smart) and a 0.71x focal reducer model called EF-M2. It works perfectly, and it has electronics, so, the real lens aperture, IS and auto-focus works, and you can find the EF-M1 for around $120 and the EF-M2 for $200.
I have the Viltrox EF-M1 "without focal reducer" and it works with my 18-35, 11-16, 17-55
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