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Cheap Wireless Lav Mic Comica CVM-WM100 ▶︎ is this Mic Any Good?

Photo Moment - August 07, 2018

I've got a (relatively) cheap wireless lav called the Comica CVM-WM100. Let's see what's in the box and how it stacks up against a Sennheiser at 4x the price!

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Very good mic review. One of the best, if not the best I've seen so far. The Comica doesnt sound so bad after. I used a headset and closed my eyes during the switching and I could tell when the switch took place but it really was so far apart from the Sennheiser. The Sennheiser does however has a better sound. The bad thing about the Comica is the dropping of audio outside the studio. A definite no-no. I would'nt purchase this mic set.
Well maybe for weddings and stationary interviews
when he was inside sounds like the comica has a gate or looses audio signal when he speaks quiet, also while inside sounded like the comica didnt have same gain, that could be the effect of the wind screen but all in all i like the Senn
Excellent review! Thank you for putting all that effort in this, very useful.
Bang for the buck..............It looks like a winner for us to record our church sermons for Youtube application. Thanks and God Bless
Why wouldn't you put the upgraded mic on both units? Not a good sound quality comparison. Definitely better wireless from the Senn.
@@photojoseph what is the upgrade used in Sennheiser?
OK that’s fair, however the difference between the two Sennheiser mics is not quality as much as direction. The one I use is more directional than the default one.
But your comparison was to the Senn WITH an upgraded mic. At the very least, use the Senn with its supplied mic. Better yet, mix and match the Senn mic, the Comica mic and the upgrade mic on both units. That way we get a full comparison and know what we can do (potentially) to upgrade the Comica.
Because then I wouldn't be comparing the "cheap wireless lav mic". If I'm going to show you how a mic works and sounds, that's going to be with what comes in the box, not with an upgrade that costs as much as the original product itself.
Fantastic video! Thank you. I was wondering about the "volume" setting as well. It should really be named "Output Level".
Have you had any experience with the Comica CVM-WM200 or the Comica CVM-WM300?
Only the ones shown here
I also have a movo wireless lav that’s around $170 and it sounds soooo much better than that comica unit
the movo and the comica are the same the just brand them with different name
Are you taking about the range, or the sound quality? Because at close range (at my studio desk) I thought it held up very well. Not as rich as the Sennheiser but I thought it wasn’t bad.
Dang that comica sounds like crap, very muffled and a low tone. Not very clear at all. But on another front the rode pack I have is great for the money. But of course the sennheiser is the best just really pricey
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