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Comica DUAL Wireless Lavalier Mic System

Photo Moment - May 14, 2019

COMICA sent me their higher-end dual wireless lavalier mic system, the all-metal, 400 ft range CVM-WM200. Join me and Sean Marc Nipper to see how it sounds, what kind of range we get, and how it works!

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show (this starts with the Q&A; back up if you want to see the whole live show)


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Ever needed two mics feeding into one camera? Here's a great option! What do you think; would you buy this? Get yours here: Comica dual mic pack
GREAT FIND! Considering getting one of these for narrative work (coming soon!) Would you recommened this? Or any others? Cheers Gents
You don't say "mic" as *meek*. It's pronounced *koh-mike-uh*. I already emailed them about it.
Hi, just saw your video and Q&A on the Comica CVM-WM200 and first of all, congrats on a great vid, very complete, and you show something that's very important to me which is the capability of having each microphone on a different channel i.e. Left and Right.

I have the pack set to stereo (A/B), them hooked up to a Zoom H4NPro through a SPLIT 3.5mm Stereo male to 2 female XLR, 1/2 link is set to OFF on the Zoom, I'm working in MTR Mode, but I still pick up BOTH mics on both channels, even disconnecting one of the XLR from the SPLIT I get both mics on one ear. It's killing me to know where do I have it wrong.

Please help!!
I've heard from more than one trustworthy reviewer that Comica will essentially blackmail reviewers into giving them a good review. I had been considering their products before that. Not anymore.
Not my experience in the slightest. I don’t know how they could; they hold no power over me. Example, please?
@PhotoJoseph Glad to hear you're not having an issue with them. Here's a link to a video where one such report was mentioned, and there was another reviewer echoing the same idea in the comments:
@Alan Tutt THanks for that. I know Curtis; I'll reach out to him.
I have the Comica cvm-wm300 a they fix all the issues. plus with a powerbank they work easily all day
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