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Comica DUAL Wireless Lavalier Mic System

Photo Moment - May 14, 2019

COMICA sent me their higher-end dual wireless lavalier mic system, the all-metal, 400 ft range CVM-WM200. Join me and Sean Marc Nipper to see how it sounds, what kind of range we get, and how it works!

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

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Ever needed two mics feeding into one camera? Here's a great option! What do you think; would you buy this? Get yours here: Comica dual mic pack
So for a Wedding Video during the ceremony would you guys advise to put the grooms mic on a different channel than officiant via the stereo option . Or should I put them both on same channel and same frequency via mono option ?
I can't find the video where you explore recording on two separate channels... I'm recording in "stereo" but both are still on one channel on my zoom recording (zoom is also on "stereo").
Interesting and useful review as always.
Have you ever tried the PicoMic?

What do you think of the audio quality? I film videos of myself teaching yoga for online courses and membership
I have not, sorry
Just started following 👍🏻
Some items completely over my head , however do you have some videos on a good wireless mic for iPhone ? Also I’m wanting to teleprompter and video ? Any suggestions
Watch this video for iPhone wireless microphone use and I don't have any videos on teleprompters but I recommend the iOS software PromptSmart Pro and a company called Parrot makes some nice mirrors to use.
Hey Jo! Appreciate the review. I like the mics, however, am constantly having them cut in and out for a half second. Subject about 7-8 feet away. My audio friend told me to turn the RF signal on high. That didn't really do much. Any help/tips would be much appreciated! Thank you
hm, "high" is for distance, and at that range "low" should be fine. But there's really only two things to consider… batteries or interference. Assuming you have good batteries then something else is interfering. Unfortunately these don't allow you to search for clear channels like the MUCH more expensive Sennheiser's do, but to test it, go somewhere far away from any possible interference (like a big open field with no power lines around) and test again. If you still have issues then perhaps you have bad hardware.
GREAT FIND! Considering getting one of these for narrative work (coming soon!) Would you recommened this? Or any others? Cheers Gents
Still the best dual wireless lab I’ve tested
Hi, just saw your video and Q&A on the Comica CVM-WM200 and first of all, congrats on a great vid, very complete, and you show something that's very important to me which is the capability of having each microphone on a different channel i.e. Left and Right.

I have the pack set to stereo (A/B), them hooked up to a Zoom H4NPro through a SPLIT 3.5mm Stereo male to 2 female XLR, 1/2 link is set to OFF on the Zoom, I'm working in MTR Mode, but I still pick up BOTH mics on both channels, even disconnecting one of the XLR from the SPLIT I get both mics on one ear. It's killing me to know where do I have it wrong.

Please help!!
Thanks for the comment. Sounds like the splitter is muxing them somehow. Sorry I really can't think of what is wrong… I'd say test at each stage of the connector to find where the mixing is happening. But without it in my hands that's really hard to troubleshoot.
I've heard from more than one trustworthy reviewer that Comica will essentially blackmail reviewers into giving them a good review. I had been considering their products before that. Not anymore.
@@alantuttphotography THanks for that. I know Curtis; I'll reach out to him.
@@photojoseph Glad to hear you're not having an issue with them. Here's a link to a video where one such report was mentioned, and there was another reviewer echoing the same idea in the comments:
Not my experience in the slightest. I don’t know how they could; they hold no power over me. Example, please?
I have the Comica cvm-wm300 a they fix all the issues. plus with a powerbank they work easily all day

I have been thinking how I can separate two speakers audio recorded into one channel of a zoom with the 2 in 1 comica mic. Any help?

Hello everyone, please to be here. I hope you all are doing okay. I have an issue I’d like you to help me look into. 

I have the comic 2 in 1 lavaliere mics and I will be recording the two speakers into one input of a Zoom h6 recorder during an interview. 

Do you have idea how I can separate the two signals either in post production or on the zoom since the receiver is just 1? 

Thank you

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