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Awesome RGB Ring Light from DVE Studio

Photo Moment - January 23, 2019

Check out this awesome Prismatic Spectra RGB Rainbow LED Ring Light from the DVE Store, and learn how you can win one! (contest is long over, but you can still buy one!)

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  • Well, you gotta watch the video to learn how to enter to win ;-) 

Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show (this starts with the Q&A; back up if you want to see the whole live show)

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Some fun photos taken with the RGB LED light…

Photo taken with Prismatic Spectra RGB Rainbow LED Ring Light in red / magenta colors

Photo taken with Prismatic Spectra RGB Rainbow LED Ring Light in blue colors

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Comments from YouTube

I have two of these.... tested them out when I first got them ... they're AMAZING... I just havent found time to use my camera. So, Im just going to sell them. If you're interested let me know
@PhotoJoseph I know.... these lights are super amazing. Even the light would make awesome ambience lighting in a house 😊 or Halloween and the holidays. But with all this traveling I'm doing I might as well sell them for a great price now and buy another set later once i get this huge project completed.

Thanks for pinning Joseph.
The lights I have, have less than 20 minutes on them, several batteries and one stand. They are both in their original carrying case and box.
@cosmosradio Still have them? or already sold? Hope I get the discount...
@m77ast ya, i still have both of them. I will sell the one and ill keep the other. What kind of discount do you want? 😀
cosmosradio YOOO my guy if the other guy hasn’t responded how much were you looking for it
is there a stand or is just manual holding?
It doesn't come with a stand but it mounts to one. I put it on a stand at 3:20
@PhotoJoseph I currently own a neewer ring light, will that work for this one? And thank you
this is a ring light… I don't understand the question
@PhotoJoseph I bought a ring light from Amazon and the brand is called Neewer but it came with a stand, I was asking if the stand that I have.. would maybe fit the prismatic rgb ring light
Ah yes. Stands are usually universal.
What is the lux at 3ft or 1m away...
Check the specs, I have no way to measure that.
Hey, just ordered one real quick... We have a return policy right? The price is too good to be true!
I love mine and use it for a lot of things, from quick product photos to background color on videos. I don’t think you’ll be retiring it!
thank you PhotoJoseph! I was wondering what practical uses does this serve? Also does this run hotter than the non RGB version? Thanks!
Creative effects; any time you want a color cast somewhere. And no temp difference that I’m aware of.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks PhotoJoseph! Happy to subscribe to your very much informative videos!
wheres the link to the app? what is the app name? I can't find the app anywhere
App on iOS is "fi light". For Android in the Google Play Store "Light Manager". Hope that helps!
please offer another code , thank you!!
Did that one expire? Ah yes… sorry that was a pretty epic but limited time code
You'll be happy to hear that we have been authorized to turn this coupon code back on at 50% off! Use coupon code "PHOTOJOSEPH"
WOW! Very good, thanks guys!!
Hello, I can not find the app. What is it called?
Just ordered mine with your code! Thanks Joseph, can't wait to try this out for some cool ideas!
why this channel have so little views? I really like this guy and i think that he deserves more!
Thank you, so do I! 😁
Love this light! Has the winner be announced yet?
damn i really wish this was opened to Canada :(
Looks great... Got excited and entered every way possible... Just finished entering and we get to the 'Shipping only in the US' part... Looks like I'll have to get it shipped to some friends and have some extra room in my luggage next time I'm Stateside!! Fingers crossed!!
Ah sorry… or doesn't say that in the beginning? I'll go fix that now.
PhotoJoseph maybe I missed it mate - no worries! If I’m lucky enough to win then I have friends in LA and NYC that are due a visit! Great excuse! Now, if I could win some flights too...?! 😉
I love doing ringlight portraits of family and friends with my iPhone and I even shot the official portraits for the company I worked for with a ringlight and the portrait mode on an iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately I got layed off (10 days prior to christmas nonetheless, sorry for the sob story) and don’t have access to the ringlight I used anymore. I would LOVE to play around with an rgb ringlight. You can check some of my ringlight-iPhone-Portraits on my Instagram (tirolerben)
Sorry to hear that. Beautiful work on your Instagram page. Following back now! And you've inspired me to do a video on that exact topic… portraits with the ring light and an iPhone. Hmmm
Missed this one live, excellent edited version of it though!
Thank you! I’m getting into the flow… takes a lot longer of course, but hopefully worth it in the end!!
PhotoJoseph tell me about it! I end up spending like an hour for every minute of finished video when I edit mine. You’re great live already though so I imagine it’s a bit less than that.
Thanks I appreciate that. Yeah it's less than that but there's always details to revisit!
That's one fancy light!
And yeah, the cost of international shipping on that thing probably exceeds the yearly earning of a CEO.
Sad but true.
So cool!!!
That's right, it's a contest! Learn all about this fun little Prismatic Spectra RGB Ring Light and how to win one — thanks to the DVE Store — Enter the contest at

Or just buy one, and get 50% OFF with code "PHOTOJOSEPH" !!!
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