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Control Multiple LUMIX Wireless Flashes ▶︎ Menus & Options Explained!

Photo Moment - June 20, 2018

Have you ever been confused by how to set up multiple LUMIX flashes? It's time to shed some light on that! Joseph is running around the studio at this moment, getting ready for today's show and his trip to Chicago at the same time. Good thing he did his homework for this morning last night!

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So, what's your preferred 3rd party flash?

See something on the show that you want to buy?
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Hello Boss My G9 Flash is inactive , I can not use it , it is not active , can not go inside to turn off or turn on , could you please tell me how to work ? Silent mode is off
maybe electronic shutter is on, or some creative photo modes may disbale the flash
when i put on my flash and then go to wireless it says item can't be set please help meeee
i have a godox xpro for pannasonic
That’s because it’s Godox. This video is about Panasonic flashes. Try this:
Joseph...enjoyed the info you provided. Do you know if this same on-camera wireless functionality will work with the Godox line of wireless flashes (tt685o and tt350o), for the Lumix G9?
Have you had the chance to try these out yet? My brief experience seems to point to not being able to activate "wireless" in the camera. Using the Godox XT1o as the trigger. Your thoughts? Thanks.
I have started playing with them. I’ll do a show soon. From what I could tell you have to use the Godox units to control them, not the LUMIX interface. I was using two strobes and controller; I need to try with just two strobes.
joseph, how to use 1 flash (DMW-FL 360L) wirelessly with my GH5? I have it on RC, 1, A. But when I go into the menu the Flash option is greyed out. Does it need to be on the hot shoe?
You need two flashes to use one wirelessly. The camera doesn’t have a built in transmitter. I’ve done a few videos; check these out:
Where can you feedback/complain to Panasonic about dumb features on Lumix cameras (of which there are many related to flash)?
What do you think of using a light meter instead of TTL?
Whatever works for you! Of course a light meter is more work, and someone would have to prove it was more accurate, but I think there’s a good reason the light meter business is a little slow these days
Seems like a controversial topic.. Perhaps a good idea for a video ;)
LOL… find me a photographer who uses one and swears by it and I’ll have them on the show
Look up the Angry Photographer.. He swears by it. He also swears a lot, at people! Kind of an interesting guy
With a name like that… yikes
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