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Photo Moment - March 22, 2019

If you use Moment lenses then you're going to want this new belt bag by COSYSPEED — it's the best way to carry your smartphone and lenses together!

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show (this starts with the Q&A; back up if you want to see the whole live show)

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I’d like the Phoneslinger but if I fund the project it doesn’t guarantee I’d get one,? Am I paying to support your project just cus’ I’m a nice guy 🤔😛price shows 49$ never used a crowd funding purchase before so could do with some info before committing. Cheers.
The link to the Q&A at the end of the video jumps to an older Q&A with the 5" display. The link in the description is correct, however.
Possibly the funniest ever photo joseph I was not part of! But I saw the live recording as it was ending while I was on the Tube/subway train back home! I love Whiskey! I am Scottish by the way, and I can recommend lots of great whiskies for you to try!
Oregon sure looks beautiful. I think we are going to be good friends for a long time. Cameras, whiskey!
Problem: You really need to have a story for that hot chick you just met, explaining the fact you really are a professional "iphone" photographer and really, really need the grey tweed lens bag attached to your belt. Otherwise you are doing your personal life a huge dis service. Just like wearing a Safari outfit everyday or a Hawaiian print. Don't do it guys!
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