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Do You Shoot Photos With One Eye Open? Both Open? (or Both Closed?)

Photo Moment - March 07, 2018

Human — two eyes. Camera — one eyepiece. Which eye do you use? Are you a right eye shooter or a left eye shooter? And more interestingly… do you keep the other eye open or closed? Tune in for some insightful photography skills talk and some potentially eye-opening (groan) perspectives on shooting!

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Both open 😝❤️
I close my unused eye, I want everything I see to be the photo Im taking.
In lieu of a rangefinder system, I might have to work on keeping both eyes open so I am aware of opportunities to re-frame.

For me, a two-eyes-open strategy in a low light action scenario (a Tango Ball called a “Milonga”) was disconcerting because the eye viewing reality would see the subject passing out of frame while the same subject appeared in-frame according to the eye looking at the EVF display.

I felt a certain detachment - lack of control over the camera - as I was unable to focus on a subject that - despite showing up on the EVF display - had already moved out of frame.

The experience via my Nikon’s optical viewfinder and focus system facilitates a more intimate, responsive and satisfying user experience with a higher hit rate.

I prefer the responsiveness of Nikon’s optical viewfinder and focus system over EVFs, but at the same time I appreciate the benefits of the EVF and I love the M43 lenses.

I’d probably set up a manual focus zone next time I use the Oly E-M1 in a low light action scenario because the subjects move in a predictable fashion across the focal plane.

My eyes went dodgy from age 42, but I nearly had a heart attack last week when quoted a price for a new set of glasses with Nikon lenses! New glasses to address a decline in my vision. 👁👁 🤪
Almost always with just my right eye. I do however sometimes use my left if I have been shooting a long time and need to get my right eye a break. With some sports shooting when the subject is coming from out of frame I will sometimes use my left eye to see where it is to judge when I am going to need to take the photo. It can also depens on what body you are actually shooting with as some a so big that there is no point in having the other open as the body obscures its view anyway. So I guess my answer is mostly right sometimes left and very occasionally both.
Edit: I just realised that the above is when shooting with the camera up to an eye but with mirrorless and phones you will for sure use both eyes looking at the screen.
Love your channel I learn every time I watch
Pretty upset over the ordeal of ordering a $2500 camera for it to show up broken and then when it was returned they had none in stock and now I’m out a Camera for another three weeks hope no one else has had any issues like this
The interesting thing is is when I called them they said they didn’t have any Gh5 s in stock And it would be 2 to 3 weeks
I shoot with both eyes open
Hay still waiting on my gh5 It turns out they sent me a display model not a new camera that was the reason the lens was broken
What a strange mistake to make!!
One of the nice things of the Panasonics is the flipped out LCD being off when using the EVF and keeping both eyes open. In several occasions when in the audience of an outside performance (in daylight). I noticed interesting action behind me in the mirroring of the black LCD. I was in time to turn around and make a photo.
I'd never thought about it! I'm partially sighted (just peripheral vision) in my right eye, so always use my left on the evf, or use the lcd.
But as for seeing whats around, I've got practiced at lowering the camera just a little bit, so can see about, but to raise and shoot takes minimal time.
I also turn on the screen point focus as my face focuses for me, its a shame you cant turn the off/on with a button!
On Sony A7RII you actually conserve power by using the screen. The EVF actually uses a bit more power. Probably true for newer models as well, as the EVFs have only gotten better - brighter and higher res.
One eye open. Just not the one at the viewfinder.
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