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edelkrone SliderONE & Motion Module IN ACTION!

Photo Moment - January 11, 2017

PhotoJoseph just got the SliderOne from edelkrone and he wants to show it to you in action. It's all controlled from his iPhone with an intuitive user interface.

edelkrone SliderONE —

Unboxing! edelkrone SliderONE & Motion Module — 

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Comments from YouTube

Hi, got a quick question. Can the slider work on an angle or vertically? Cause I'm thinking about making a purchase.
+Mind of Yano it's meant to be flat. I'm sure you can do a little angle but it's definitely meant to be flat.
Hey man, just got a reply from Edelkrone apparently its good for angles up to 45 degrees
+Mind of Yano oh really!! That's great to know. I'll mention this on the show
+Mind of Yano Hey would you mind forwarding that email to me so I can see it in context? Joseph at PhotoJoseph thanks!
I wonder if this would work with the far less expensive Proaim slider one clone?? Hmmmm...
+Tory Taglio Is it motorized? That's why I got this one.
Proaim makes a clone of the Edelkrone Slider One. Its not motorized but it may fit the Elenkrone Motion? Or Proaim may be working on their own motion clone for significantly less $$ i'd imagine. Time will tell I guess?
+Tory Taglio Oh I see. Edlekrone is definitely on the high end but DAMN the gear is nice. Every product of theirs I've used feels SO solid.
This is a street price of $180 and Im getting amazing results:
It is slightly longer and gives me more options than a 9" slider for sure. I hope that they come up with some motion solution for it similar to the edelkrone?
+Tory Taglio Sweet! I bought this one specifically for travel. Fits easily into a bag. Of course there will be times it's too short, but I'm loving it for the stuff I do. It's super fun having it.
Any idea if this Canon to Sony battery dummy battery would fit in the motion module? i have a ton of sony and ZERO canon... would rather not add battery & chargers to my kit.
+Harry Pallenberg I don't know :(
hi - did you do any filming or timelapse with it.
I have now! Watch here to see video results; time lapse will come later:
Hi Joseph, I am really excited about this product now, because I am looking for a device which is easy to take along with me while travelling. But i haven't seen anywhere an actual timelapse made with this product. Any chance you can share a timelapse made with this device?
+Paul Beunk I will be sharing some soon!
Joseph Linaschke great!
Hi - great video !
can you tell me, which equipment do you use to make the video - you have 3 cam.... cuttingsoftware and tools ... thx
I'll do a complete setup rundown soon, I promise. It's a BIG task to do right live so I haven't done it yet (plus I keep changing things), but yeah… I need to do it.
hey mate, just wondering if you managed to get the time lapse feature to work?
I'm more interested to know that if you set a time lapse is it a constant movement from a to b or does it move and stop to allow for a shot and then move again etc. mainly for longer exposures for example a 20 second exposure for capturing stars.

+Zeb Thompson It works great. I just wasn't understanding the interface initially. First off, the camera needs to be powered off before you connect the trigger cable; then it works fine. Also, for time lapse, the duration you set for the slide translates to the final video duration. So if you set a 10 second slide, it'll calculate the movement and frames for a 10 second video. And finally, yes it does move and stop, then take the picture. I think it'd work great for long exposure time lapse.
Joseph Linaschke ok awesome, thanks for getting back to me, appreciated
the platform will have is own motion module soo for panoramic and parallax shots no doubt
I hadn't thought of that… yeah there's a lot of potential here I think!
Excellent overview. Did you figure out what was causing the error?
Sorry, which error? For the time lapse? Yes; you have to have the cable plugged in before you power up the camera. Then it works perfectly. Or there was another error… it never came up again, so hopefully it resolved itself.
Joseph Linaschke it was the app error regarding the slider having an issue. But if it hasn't happened again cool. Just was wondering if it was a bug or defective slider.
+Brian Westfield Yeah hasn't shown up. One other annoying thing did happen today though that I'll be emailing the company about. I launched the app and was forced to do a firmware update, which took over 10 minutes! Fortunately the shot could wait but DAMN that was not nice.
Can we use it manually while the module is attached?
+completelystupid87 No, you need to remove the motor (and then screw back in the bottom plate) to use it manually.
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