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Photo Moment - May 02, 2019

Some of the most rewarding work I am privileged to be able to do is working with schools around the world as an “artist in residence”. I'll spend anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks with a school, working with the students and faculty on a “visual literacy” program. Specifically I work to integrate the camera into the classroom, joining all ages from Kindergarten through High School. Photo and video, shooting, editing, publishing, social media… we do it all. 

This video is from a trip to Guatemala in early 2019, with the American School of Guatemala, or CAG.

If you'd like to discuss me visiting your school, reach out from the contact form.

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Comments from YouTube

Thanks for having me in your video!
Great concept, but why Guatemala, why not right here at home?
If you work at a school in the US and want to bring me there, reach out. I go where I’m asked.
Great job sharing your blessings.
very nice
Wow! This is really amazing! Never thought that such a program would bring so much joy and motivation to the children. I think it’s mostly due to your emphasis and passion. Great job 😊👍
That’s nice of you to say, thanks!
I always knew you had a big heart Joseph... and now this confirms it. Beautiful. :)
That's really great that you participate in a program like this. It has got to be such a fulfilling experience. Well done
Thank you, and yes it really is
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