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Exploring the Lensbaby Sol 22 for Micro Four Thirds

Photo Moment - October 02, 2018

Lensbaby is known for funkilicious lenses, and the Sol is no exception. I took it out for morning of fun on a LUMIX G9 and LUMIX GH5S… let's see what it can do!


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Fast forward to 2:08 for the first examples.
I had a few Lensbaby lenses when I had my Canon gear. I have been waiting for a long time for Lensbaby to make a dedicated M43 lens. I ordered one immediately upon hearing about the Sol22..
First and foremost, kudos to you for one, testing a product and being very thorough and informative about it, but two... Actually providing examples of your work w/ the product. Both photos and video were very dope ! Three, you gave the cherry on top w/ showing us the product in real time. Very dope review. Thinking about buying this, a little worried about shooting video on it tho, let's say outdoors, at 12noon on a sunny day, with the shutter at 1/50th.. Gonna be impossible to "stop down.." Thoughts..?
Thank you. You would need an ND or be ok shooting at a higher shutter speeds. I'll only be in the studio briefly on Monday before leaving town again but will try to remember to check to see if it even has filter threads.
Confirmed; this Sol lens has 46mm filter threads
Awesome !!! Thanks again man !
This one could be pretty cool for product photography! Imagine a person inside of outside using a product and using these lenses to isolate the product from your scene.
I like it!
Just noticed that B&H also have a "Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic for Micro Four Thirds" if they would lend you one it would be nice to see what it can do.
Cool! They’re out of stock but I put myself on the notification list
Looks like a nice little lens. I may get Santa to bring me one of these.
I was looking at he pin hole lens but this looks better suited to my needs. Or realistically "wants" not really needed.
Looks to be a fun addition to your kit.
Your examples may help push it over the line for a few people.
Sweet! I have a pinhole… I should do another one of these with that 🤔
Very cool lens - I definitely want to try it out. I agree with Ben - seeing your shooting in action was cool. PhotoJoseph - I am heading to Ashland next week - besides Lithia Park - any spots you would recommend for nice fall shooting? Thanks, Amy
How cool! Welcome to Ashland! Lithia is definitely the easy spot but there are lots of hidden gems up in the hills. You may be a little early though for the best of it. If you have time, drive the back roads behind Talent and Phoenix. What is bringing you to our sleepy little town?
I love Ashland and come twice a year if I can - I live in Portland so an easy mini-vacation. Been coming there since 1981 when I played basketball against SOU (then SOC) and ate breakfast at Brother's - I was hooked! My mom spent winters there for a while and my best friend grew up on Leonard Street. I love hiking the trails up above Lithia - there are some really cool trees up there that I shoot every time I am in town. For the past few years I keep thinking I will run into you. :-)
Awesome! Well maybe you will… it’s a small town! Be sure to say hi if you do!
very cool
Always nice to see you working with the equipment and being able to see how a pro photographer/videographer works and what the resultant images look like. From my perspective it would be nice to see this more often in conjunction with your usual style of presentation live in the studio or the iPad wall 😉. Thanks Joseph.
Yeah I’d like to do that too. Just takes time. A lot of it :-)
@PhotoJoseph Apologies Joseph, I posted this comment before watching the associated Q&A, so I hadn't heard you saying basically the same thing about going out in the field with the equipment etc.
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