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Freewell MAGNETIC Variable ND + Circular Polarizer filter! 🤯

Photo Moment - July 03, 2021

Freewell has just announced an extremely innovative filter system… it’s an ND (Neutral Density), Variable ND, CPL (Circular Polarizer), and even a Mist system — all in one! And because it’s Freewell, it’s magnetic, which just makes it even more awesome.

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What do you think of this system? Check out the Freewell page at and let me know if you order one! Don't forget to subscribe at
Best review for this filter sistem. 🙏
Thank you!
Nice explanation. Though you showed the CPL practically. I was waiting to see your feedback on the VNDs.
Just found your channel. Nice stuff going on here, subbed! About non-variable and variables (both magnetic systems), do you think worth to buy the non-variables in order to better quality or less issues like vignetting? Or this VND is just awesome and more practical? Just wondering here :) Kind regards!
In general non-variable is better quality. I’m working on a video now on some new ones that I really like. They’re expensive but very good. If you can hang tight for a few weeks you should watch that first.
Nice one! But can I combine the CPL and the ND2-5 (or ND6-9) together?
Yep! Pretty sure I covered that, no?
No you cant.
Hi, thanks to share the interesting video. Out of curiosity: do you not think a variable ND filer is more convenient if it has a lever on the ring to be able to move the lens more easily to shoot videos? Thank you
Yes but it’s not required
@PhotoJoseph Ok, I thank you.
A curiosity please. A variable ND filter, in which position of the first lens does the filter give the highest quality, losing as little as possible on image degradation? When is it at the minimum, or in the middle or at the maximum of the stops? In other words, the best quality is obtained with fewer stops? THANK YOU
The stupid thing is that the CPL doesn't work with all the VND so these new ones are kind of misleading if you don't watch a review like this. If having for example the Freewell 2-5 or 6-9 VND's and B+W CPL attached at the same time - the CLP is not working. Obviously same case with these new ones and the CPL is only compatible with one particular separate ND filter with one particular stop. In this case either 32 or 64. Damn you physics :| :D
I’m glad to hear my video set it straight!
Another great video! Thanks for all this free content, especially the Lumix-related stuff. I'm seriously keen to get the full Freewell kit, but alas, Covid-poverty prevents atm. My immediate solution is to get one of Freewell's 'All day' VNDs- but they come in 2-5 and 6-9 stops. So here's my question to a Lumix ambassador. Which one should I get if I'm shooting in V-log on an S1 (base ISO 640)? The sort of stuff I plan to do will involve both indoor commercial work, and some outdoors short documentary stuff (so a lot of shooting wide open at f2.8 and faster). Of course, having both is the best solution, but in the first instance, which would you recommend- the 2-5 or 5-9 for v-log? TIA, Fred
hm, probably the 5-9 if you plan to shoot in full sun wide open.
@PhotoJoseph Thx for the advice, Joseph. cheers!
How does it do with vignetting at wider focal lengths?
It's not much thicker than a regular filter, and it is quite a big larger than the front element, so it shouldn't be a problem. No vignetting on my 24mm.
@PhotoJoseph Dang. This creates a new problem. What do I do with PMVND now?
haha given the price of that thing, you could probably sell it used and buy two of these 😂
@PhotoJoseph Not a bad idea!
great review as far as it goes but you leave out the most important sharp is it and does it have a colour cast!
So I guess it's impossible to have a configuration with both the VND and the CPL? So u can adjust the CPL and also adjust the VND?
With this configuration, that's right. You could add a separate CPL and add that on top of the VND, but it would be very difficult to control. Whenever you spin one filter, it'd spin the other. It'd require some hefty acrobatics to make that work. And, I don't know if the Variable ND would conflict with the rotating CPL… that would require testing.
RUN FOR YOU LIFE FROM FREEWELL: The filter is good and I'm happy with it. The magnetic part is set up to fall off. I can not walk from point A to point B without if falling off. They sell them for 20 dollars when you do loose it. A complete and total scam in my opinion. I called the company and the made me jump though hoops to take pictures and videos and it was all very time consuming and frustrating. They know what they are doing. I will never ever ever buy another Freewell filter again. Shame on this planned obsolescence.
um, a magnet isn't planned obsolescence or a scam. If you're having troubles with the magnets falling off, then don't leave them on while walking around. It's extremely convenient to be able to swap out filters quickly, but if I'm going to be walking around, I'm aware that magnets are not locked permanently and are suspect to falling off. Heck, I've had clip-on lens caps and twist-on lens shades fall off before… it's a magnet, not magic. And it's wrapped around an expensive piece of glass. Use with caution and common sense and don't get mad at the company when the magnets fail to stand up to your movements.
@PhotoJoseph I’ve had many tell me that their magnet cap never falls off and it’s hard to take it off when they want it off. Your answer does not make sense to me. That being said I’m a big fan of all things photo Joesph. Thank you.
Your the Lumafusion guy love your videos
How do these work with lens hoods? I would probably look at getting an 82mm set (my largest). What hurdles will I face?
Lens hoods will likely be a problem. They are too big to use any included lens shade. You might be able to get something bigger but also that’d get in the way of rotating the filters.
Awesome stuff! FYI, Moment does sell mist filters - they’re called Cinebloom and comes in two strengths :)
Oh interesting. I wonder why it wasn’t included in the chart… glad I pointed out that this chart was supplied to me!!
Looks like the outer filter is larger than the base or the thread size. I wonder if you have original Freewell magnetic filters that have 82mm thread size, will they also fit in this VND version that is also 82mm?
Hey Frank. Yes… so the size of the outer filter is larger; the INNER filter is the one that matches the size. So the original filters slip right into the inside of the ring, where the BASE filter lives. In my sample here, I would have combined the original 77mm ND64 with the new CPL or ND32CPL. I talk about this at 6:48
Does it work with step up rings? I have the old Freewell 2-pack (82mm to fit my fattest lens) with step-up rings. It’s brilliant! But this new pack is even better!! And I’m told by those who know that the Freewell gets better results than that other brand endorsed by some Youtuber plus it’s cheaper. Also anyone hesitant about the price of this kit - would you like to buy all my cheap VNDs that didn’t work properly? I.e. just save and buy these…once.
Definitely you can buy any size and step up (not down… obvi). I’m using this big one on many smaller lenses. I got the biggest I needed so I could use it anywhere.
$2,339 daaaaaang (contributors)
Where did you come up with that number…
Contributors... Actual price is I think 300
Ah yeah!
Hey David, Thats HKD.
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