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Fun Little RGB LED Light

Photo Moment - April 13, 2019

This RGB LED is a well-built, bright, compact and fun little light for any filmmaker. It even has built-in effects, like lightning and sirens!

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The M9 seems better.
Any $50 ones you recommend? I don't think all those features are too useful considering the small amount of output. Just a color dial and a stand hole would be enough. $150 is quite expensive. $50 would make sense.
Not that do RGB, no. You can certainly get cheap LED panels but as with anything, you get what you pay for. Better quality parts, better quality light, longer lasting, more durable, etc. etc. It’s not just about the features.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks. It was BH Photo or maybe Adorama had a sale on RGB LED panels this same size, for $50, last week (regret not buying) -- which is why I asked. It was a Cyber Week kind of deal though, and I thought maybe there was a brand that just always was that price. Anyway, these things are coming down in price and thats great for everyone!
@Firebrand DVM RGD Led
Bought this, charged it once and it died. Wouldn't charge, wouldn't turn on, wouldn't do anything regardless of configuration I tried using the original charge cable that came with the light. Shame was really excited for this light. Couldn't find any sort of fix
Oh no! Well, electronics fail… you returned it I assume?
@PhotoJoseph yes I had too
I bought one and love it
looks cool, you can also try our Moman LED video light
Nice review, nice light too. :)
I’d buy the handle/arm for all my lil lights.
Great review. Wish you demonstrated the "Throw" with this light.
Thanks. I don’t bother with that because these small lights aren’t meant to replace big lights and are really not usable at a significant distance.
Nice. I think it would be nice to be able to program the "play mode" - since it is quite useless in any (at least most) non US countries. But color temperature range was really nice - good accessory light!
I agree. And it has USB-C, so you’d think it could be doable. To be fair though the only “play modes” that are specific are the sirens. Lightning, TV, fire, and hue rotation are pretty universal.
@PhotoJoseph True. But tv and fire would also be nice to 'adjust' in terms of intensity - watching TV sometimes flickers quite intense, like epilepsy-trigger-intense but not strobe light... Well you know.
It would be nice if it had a music sync mode
funny toy)))))
Fun tool!
Thanks for giving some visual examples of the effects like the candlelight. Do you feel this is bright enough to use as a portable key light or rim light at a high color temp or should it just be used for simple accent lighting? Thanks!
This RGB LED is a well-built, bright, compact and fun little light for any filmmaker. What do you think? (Get yours here:
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