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G9 High Resolution Mode ► Can You See The Big Picture?

Photo Moment - January 31, 2018

Ever wonder how the “High Resolution Mode” works on cameras like the LUMIX G9 or Olympus EM-5 II? High Res capture on the G9 is an amazing feature that combines 8 separate sensor-shifted exposures into an ultra-high-res 80-megapixel JPEG or RAW photo. The results will blow your mind, and it makes this camera very valuable to a stills-shooter.


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Super techie article that explains this with way more brains than I have

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Have you tried a hi res time-lapse? Would you need an intervelometer and is each frame consistent?
Interesting. Have not tried it; I don’t know that the time lapse mode and high res mode could be used simultaneously. But, why would you? Time lapse photos are typically turned into video, and the standard rez photo is way beyond 4K, so what would a super high resolution time-lapse be used for?
I guess this mode wont work with flash?
Hi dude, I know it is an old video, but I was wondering (specially because you have contacts inside Panasonic) if they could ever release some kind of firmware update for "High Res" mode support for flash/strobe. I cannot see it as a hard to do thing (that can probably be done via software), you basically could just assign each "shot" of the 8 shots to an external trigger, so, you as a human outside, could wait for the flash/strobe to recharge and let the camera fire the next shoot. Did you ever ask something on those lines to Panasonic??? Thanks as always! :D
PhotoJoseph Exactly, but, it could be super cool for product or very controlled macro shots :)
so one question if shooitng for example architecture and or landscape will i notice a huge improvemnt in quality when using the high resolution mode? and what about portraits?
I was just wondering how this compares to the new upscaling tech that seems to be able to double or more the resolution of an image using machine learning to fill in the likely details to produce an image?
Which “new upscaling tech” do you mean? There’s always improvement to the algorithms but is there something specific? Without seeing anything new, I’d say that upscaling can never be as good as something originally created at that resolution. And even if it was indistinguishable to the naked eye, remember that you could take the larger original and bump it up another factor, while the smaller original may be able to double but couldn’t double again.
I read about a few projects late last year on some photography websites but one I have tried is It says it does 4x upscaleing and from what I have seen it does a good job. I think from memory the only downsides are that it takes a few hours to for you to get the final image and they were only allowing a few photos at a time but that might have changed. It would be interesting to see this using the first image and upscaled compared to the in camera made version.
Thanks for this video PhotoJoseph!
One question. Is the DMW-XLR1 by any chance compatible with the G9?
No, sorry. It’s for GH5 and GH5S only.
Bummer. That would have made the G9 a good fit for what we do. Thanks for the reply. I couldn't find a definite answer anywhere.
Yeah, that’s definitely considered a pro video feature. The G9 is lacking a pin in the hotshoe that the XLR1 needs.
Eye glass store said green sun glasses are the best because you can see better.
In use this mode with my Olympus EM1 Mkii and it is really impressive. I have read the dynamic range is very high in this mode also. As far as the movement goes everything has to be perfectly still in my experience.
I’m definitely starting to lean towards getting the G9 more than the GH5. What I want to see is digiscoping with the G9 through a spotting scope, perhaps one made by Swarovski.
Great Idea with the GH5s vs. G9 maybe you also compare the 80mp of the g9 downscaled to the 10mp of the GH5s
Nice! I'm looking forward to see your next video! Do you know whether the highres mode works with long exposures?
Hey dude, how the high res mode works with speed lights or strobes? Thanks!
Likewise on my Oly EM1 ii my flash works perfectly as well which is great. Glad you made video by the way there isn't much out there about this feature.
Really?! That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of a camera that works with electronic shutter and flash. Does the Olympus work with flash for all electronic shutter shooting, or just in high rez mode?
Good question. I also thought that it was impossible to use a flash with electronic shutter. I'm fairly certain 1/20 second is the fastest shutter speed you can have in high res mode. So you can't really filter out ambient light with the shutter.

This is pasted from page 99 of the EM1 Mkii manual: • Electronic shutter is used for high resolution shooting.

As a side note the flash feature in high res mode did not work when the EM1 Mkii was first released. (Actually I think it worked with an Oly speedlight if it was mounted on the camera only. No radio triggers) It was May 2017 when they issued a firmware release. I predict Panasonic will do the same.
PhotoJoseph let me come back to you on this I have definitely used a flash when in high res mode I could have been mistaken and been in mechanical shutter. I will revisit cheers
1/50 is the maximum speed with the electronic shutter, normal photo mode or hi res mode...:)
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