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GH5 v.2.1 Firmware Update, plus 42.5mm Nocticron & 30mm Macro get Dual I.S.2!

Photo Moment - October 13, 2017

It's a day of firmware updates…
📷  The LUMIX GH5 gets v.2.1, fixing a bug and adjusting some presets
🌺  The 30mm macro gets Dual I.S.
👰🏻  The 42.5mm f/1.2 Leica Noctircron gets Dual I.S.2 (dual image stabilization version 2)

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Hey Joe is the auto focus much better with the 2.x updates? I'm thinking of getting a GH5 for vlogging etc from all the reviews everyone still says its bad .. .thoughts ?
Hi photojoseph. Love your shows. Do you know anyone interested for trade; panasonic 12-35mm 2.8, panasonic 25mm 1.7, two pocketwizard flextt5 panasonic, and panasonic fl360 flash in exchange for the panasonic 42.5mm? We also can sell as bundle.
Hi Joseph, today while shooting on a gimbal with a friend, I wondered, why there's no possibility to do a usable manual focus pull with the Panasonic Image App and the GH5 while recording? It would be so nice to just have a bar or something like that on your phone, with which you could do faster, smoother and precise focus pulls remotely. We really wondered why there is no such thing on the market yet because it's a feature I think many would use while working with a stabilizer. And yes, you do have those two arrows in the Image App to focus, but you have to tap them and they are really unpercise and slow to use. So maybe you have a clue why there's no such feature yet? Is it not possible on the technical side? Maybe you can pass on the thought to Panasonic because I think it would be a great feature to have.
@photojoseph Panasonic G85 has Dual is2 too
+Mr. Tesla sweet
Whats the cheapest Lumix camera that can live view (not necessarily tether) on hdmi monitor? I need to do some self portrait strobist shots. All I have is mft lenses (for my BMPCC) and my LX100. Thanks!
PhotoJoseph ill look into it thanks again.
Lip Sync on this is terrible!
Do I have to install the 2.0 first or can I install the 2.1 without the 2.0? 😊
How is the autofocus after the updates?
No, you can apparently go straight to 2.1
I found the answer 😊
When you shoot in 180 or 120 vfr do you set the camera for 24p or 30 or 60? I noticed when I set the playback at 24p the footage is slower but is there a difference on these other than the final playback and if it is 24,30 or 60
I have only done it at 24 but I am assuming if set to 30 or 60 the file is recognized as 30 /60 fps in your editing software
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