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GNARBOX First Look! - Backup, Edit, and Share Photo/Video Projects On-The-Go

Photo Moment - October 06, 2017

Ever heard of the GNARBOX? It's an intriguing device for photographers and videographers that allows you to backup, edit, and share your projects on the go. I've got one to show you!

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"These files have already copied over." So now that I have purchased this find out that copy over process takes a lot of time! A lot of time. I waited 5 minutes for a less than 1 minute clip. And the Gnarbox tells me that .mov clips that I shot with the GH5 are not supported. What settings are you shooting with that are supported? Thanks.
Hm, that doesn’t sound right. I shot all on GH5 and my camera is set to .mov. And your copy times sound long… you’re talking about copying from the gnarbox to the iPad? Are you coping into the Gnarbox app, or into LumaFusion?
Interesting device, I am currently using a WD wireless pro when travelling. It's a 2 TB drive with SD slot, That backs up my footage automatically daily or whenever I put the card in. It's great for that, plenty of storage and saves taking a laptop however you can't use it to edit, which is awesome, and the Wi-Fi interface totally sucks, it is so slow it is unusable and it won't play my 4k files on the iPhone but they do seem to back up okay. I could see the Gnarbox being really useful for me if it had a larger SSD. Andy
I'm with ya. Size matters here. Fortunately you can connect a USB3 drive to it, and 1/2 or 1TB SSD drives are relatively affordable. Obviously adds size and weight to the full package but it's still less than a laptop!
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