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GODOX V860II-O Flashes Part 1

Photo Moment - December 18, 2018

We're looking at the GODOX flashes (model V860II-O) — the “O” is the version for Olympus and Panasonic LUMIX.

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I have the V860 2N I can not get it to go in to HSS in I-ttl mode...why is this?
Love your videos. Just got this unit and I cannot alter the zoom settings. Press the zoom button, 07mm is highligted, turn the dial and nothing. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
Sorry without playing with it in person I really can’t say. In situations like this my recommendation is always to go back through the video or the manual and follow everything step by step… usually it’s a skipped step that “doesn’t apply to me” that causes the error.
I have a g85. Is this good for me.
@photojoseph. I don't need to have the same godox for the camera model to work on slave, correct? meaning that if i have an Olympus camera with a godox triger mounted on the Olympus i can have a godox flash for sony mount and one for canon mount and still work on radio trigger, Right? as long it is all within godox 2.4g capabilities! am i right?
Yes, but this came in a firmware update. I don't know what version and even if that applies to all models, but before you get started I'd recommend checking the firmware on each piece of gear. There's info on that here:
Very informative - thanks for sharing! I prefer learning via video rather than reading a manual so this was great. I just got the V860II-O for my Olympus EM1 M2 and your instructions helped me set it up for TTL Automatic zoom so I can start using and (hopefully!) mastering the new flash.
Excellent, glad to hear that!!
At about 12:30 you say you can change it from "meet to featers" haha.
Thanks for doing this walk through!
😂😂😂 I did, didn’t I…
When I switch onto manual mode the S1/S2 is still not illuminated. Any idea why that might be? I’ve tried all sorts but not there.
hm, offhand I can't think of why. Try reaching out to Godox directly, sorry.
PhotoJoseph thank you, I’ve sorted it, it was because it was on the camera v😂🤦‍♀️
Hello Joseph,

Thank you for sharing this video that you posted here, it is pretty helpful for my new flash to understand how to used.
Symply, very clear info and smart.

Have a beautiful day,
Marius from Romania-Bucharest.
You’re welcome! I gotta get there one day.
Thank you for sharing this with us. Very useful ! Best regards !
Hi, I would like to ask you, whether you can use HSS of Godox V860II with Panasonic G85? I read that there are banding issues, when it is attempted to be done. Do you have any opinion about it?
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for reply. Do you have a video, which would address this issue and sensible advice, how to go about it?
Hi Joseph, I'm wondering if you have any experience with the Godox VING V860IIO with X1T-O TTL Trigger Kit for Olympus/Panasonic. I'm looking to get something for my Lumix G9 for off-camera outdoor high speed flash photography for close up skateboarding shots. Basically I want to handhold both camera and flash for fast action situations. Thanks! (Canadian super fan here, and also Lumix Storyteller.)
Does it have slow sync flash? I am a newbie to flash and have a Panasonic GX8 camera. At the moment comparing the Nissin i60A and the Godox v860ii. Difficult to make a choice.
Slow sync is a function of the camera not the flash, so yes, you can do that. I haven’t used the Nissin but one of the great advantages of the Godox is being able to mix their studio and small strobes from the same wireless trigger. Check our all my Godox videos; go here and type “Godox” into the search field:
May I know is the max sync speed without hss is only 1/180 when if my camera can go up to 1/250?
PhotoJoseph: Thanks I am using omd em10m3 & G9 on TT685o running firmware 1.2
Hey there @photojoseph - dumb question from a flash newbie. You mentioned the S1 and S2 can optically fire off other strobes. Now here's the dumb question. Does that mean it can fire off Canon strobes? Thanks for a great tutorial. It was illuminating. ;-)
Added this to my wishlist on this orginal video release. Finally decided to order it and received it today in the mail. Rewatched to help quickly get an overview. Thanks!
Sweet! I really like them a lot.
Tenho uma lumix G5 este modelo serve pra ela?
Great vids. Very helpful. Couldn't help but lol at "...from meat to feeters":
Great informative Video - the instructions I received with mine were confusing and vague - this video put me on track - thanks
Hello again Mr. @PhotoJoseph.. I have an issue with my image using an external flash I was hoping you could tell me what you think? I purchased a TT 560 speed light by neewer for my gh5 camera and when I put my shutter speed over 400, a black bar begins to show at the bottom of my picture and the higher I go with the shutter, the black bar increases. Is there a setting that I can control this issue within the camera?
Hey, it was very useful!....
...especially for those who didnt read instruction like me. Thanks! :)
you mean there ARE instructions for this..LOL
was macht das für einen Sinn, deutsche Titel aber englische Sprache????
Will these work with the S1/S1R?
@PhotoJoseph great Thank you for the quick reply! just got my S1 and would love to get this system up and running.
can we use this flash and the godox XPro on the Lumix s1/S1R as well?
Yes, although I have not yet personally tested
will this work with my Panasonic GH3?
You’ll need to check with Godox. I really don’t know.
Hola Joseph,

Una consulta tengo una cámara Olympus OMD M10 Mark lll, quiero comprar un flash TTL , pero no sé si necesito también comprar un trigger transmisor para poder usar el flash fuera de la zapata, veo en el manual de la cámara que trae RC para el flash, pero tengo la duda si la cámara se conecta al flash o si realmente necesito el Trigger transmisor.

Gracias por su ayuda.
No se, amigo. No estoy familiar con el Olympus
Oh man. That was an awesome tutorial. I don't even have this yet. I've been Lumix for about 6 months and I used to shoot Canon for weddings, headshots etc. Now I am gonna get another G9 and some of these bad boys. Nice tute. I love love love those rechargeable batteries. I freaking hate dealing with AA batteries.
How do I know if my Olympus is appropriately connected in TTL mode? The flash works when I press the shutter button but the auto zoom on the flash head doesn't change when I try to zoom in or out with the lens. Also my photos are too bright no matter what settings I try
Interesting. There's nothing special to do to make them connect. And you're sure you're in regular TTL mode and that there's no +/– compensation happening?
can we go above 1/200 shutter speed with the godox? does it have the same mode as the Panasonic 580? the FP Mode.
Yes. High speed sync
Wow, that looks like a sweet easy flash with the TTL. Also interested in how this compares to Pana's own top flash.
Thanks for another informative vid. Would you happen to know what the most powerful on camera flash is for the m43 system???
@PhotoJoseph that's great. I look forward to that vid
Anyone knows if the 350O it supposed to work well with the GH5? I just bought it and High-Speed and Auto Zoom is not working..not sure if I got a lemon since I just notice that the GH5 is not listed in the compatibility list of their website.thanks
Are there any restrictions in functionality when using this flash with a Lumix G9 (especially the AF support in darkness due to the flash’s infrared light)? Can you use the HSS when the camera is in „A“ mode?
Would you (still) recommend this flash over the Nissin i60a as a part of travel equipment and for the on-camera usage only?
Unaware of restrictions. I don’t typically use the IR light but I just tried to figure out how to turn that off, and I can’t find it. However… it isn’t evne coming on. Maybe these don’t have one? The remote trigger has one, with a physical switch to toggle it off evne. Am I being daft? To the other questions… HSS does work in A mode, and I don’t have any experience with the Nissin lights.
Also 😀 Hey have you seen my “2018 year in review” video? I just released it…
What iPad are you using and what case/keyboard are you using?
I've been using the Godox TT350O with the Godox X1T-O and have been thrilled with it.
Well, thank Joe Edelman for a new subscriber. How I didn't know about you is my bad. I'm a big fan of Joe but I'm a Panasonic user (G85 & G9) and man, do I love them. Enjoyed your interview and your work. Looks like I have some catchin' up to do on all your content.
I'm also a Godox flash fan and thinking of moving up to the AD200. Cheers from New Mexico.
I had trouble updating the firmware in my 860 and XPro. Ended up using VirtualBox on my Mac as I don’t have a Windows PC. Love the combination of the XPro and my 860’s. Looking forward to your next episode on using the Godox speed lights.
I haven’t tried yet but you’re the second person to tell me you need a PC. That’s massively disappointing.
@PhotoJoseph The Godox G1 and G2 programs that are needed to update the firmware are only currently available in .exe. It is possible to run them on a virtual PC within an iMac just a bit of a pain. If you need any info let me know. Take care. Colin Walker
Will any of them work in burst mode on a Panasonic body?
Perhaps on a slow burst with a low power setting so fast recycle time. You’re the second person to ask about this. What’s the use case?
@PhotoJoseph for stage show burst. As far as I know only panasonic top of range will burst for pany cameras. Was hoping that info was wrong.
I’ll have to try it. I have the Panasonic 580 flash, the biggest one they make. So I can compare it to that. Do you know if there are any specs on the usage, like “only works in manual at 1/16 power” or anything like that?
@PhotoJoseph I'm not aware of any restrictions, it wouldn't make much sense if power was limited? I'm. Assuming if you pass recharge capability you will just get underexposed in between fully exposed in your burst.
Hello from Germany! As always, thank you very much for another informative video. I generally avoid carrying a flash because I like to work with ambient light, and i don't like being dependent upon yet another piece of kit - especially when travelling. I am finding more and more that I'll need to pick some of these up, specifically for the automotive photography I've been doing in lower light situations, and because my new G9 lacks an in-body flash. The radio functionality looks like it will be very helpful in that I would also be using these to back-light a subject where line-of-sight isn't available. I think more compelling than anything else is the price point; being able to buy nearly 3-to-1 when compared to the Panasonic DMW-FL580L.
Bingo! Perfect reason to use them. I’m super impressed, as you’ve seen. Thanks for watching!
Very good explanation on the working of this Godox flash! I have two TT685(N), some options are different, but the basic idea is the same. I learned a lot. Thanks!!
@PhotoJoseph Still something I would like to ask: one of my two TT685(N) refuses the change the ZOOM by using the dail button? The second one does, no problem! Is this a matter of updating/re-installing firmware?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph! I already reset the system, but that didn't handle the issue. The dail works perfectly with the other settings, so nothing wrong with the dail itself. I hope it's a software issue. I bought these flashes already some time ago via AliExpress, but only recently I started to get serious and needed to get familiar with the different settings. I'll check for firmware update and/or contact Godox and ask those guys overthere. Thanks for your support!
Hey Joseph, I got a question for you. Does your photos turn out to have some some parts not showing? As in it acts like it's not in HSS when going at 2000ss, , 4000, 5000, etc. when the flash power is lower than say 1/4 of the power? It's happening to my G9 when using the Godox AD200 at 2000ss at lower than 1/4 of the flash power.
@PhotoJoseph please take a picture of a uniform surface (wall, floor) with off-camera flash in HSS mode, let's say 1/2000 s. See if there's an overexposed horizontal band on the upper 10% of the frame. Some cameras may have that bright band on the bottom of the frame, not sure.
@PhotoJoseph The problem is Panasonic bodies (G9, G85, probably GH5 and GX85) do not delay the shutter opening in HSS mode enough to allow for radio transmission of settings and trigger. That or if the Panasonic hot shoe interface allows control of shutter delay then Godox (and Cactus) don't know how to do it. This too early shutter opening results in a band at the top of G85 images and bottom of G9 images.

Godox speedlights (TT350, V850ii, V860ii tested) start their HSS pulses at about 1/2 power for about 1/3000s of a second which produces a bright band when the rest of the pulse is less than 1/2 power. The Wistro flashes (only one I have tried is the AD600 pro) don't start bright but don't get up to set output fast enough and produce a less obvious dark band. The higher the set power the more obvious. Older Panasonic and Olympus bodies don't show this problem and so must have more delay. It only needs about 1/2000s extra shutter delay to fix the problem. The Godox HSS pulse is about 1/100s long so losing 1/2000s is trivial.

Xpro-O V1.2 firmware didn't fix this. If it is a Panasonic problem Godox can't fix it. The Godox V860ii-O manual says
"Note: In the wireless remote control mode, using high-speed
sync flash with Panasonic camera may occur out of sync."
@PhotoJoseph I tested out my GH5 which I got recently and does the same banding at the bottom as my G9. But on another note, when I have my exposure at f4 or higher, and my AD200 power at let's say 1/64, the banding isn't there anymore. The banding occurs under f2.8 and wider when the power level is lower than 1/4 of the full power on my ad200. Good timing because I just tested this earlier today.
@PhotoJoseph From talk in other forums and my own observations. I can mount a TT350-O on a G85 set to 1/16 power and HSS with 1/1000th shutter speed and shoot a plain wall from a few feet. If the TT350-O wireless is off (not M or S) exposure is fine. Set as a wireless master all else the same there will be a very bright (about +3 stops) band at the top of the image. You could probably try that with a V860ii-O.
@Jeric Tamayo I can't say I have noticed any particular effect of aperture on the problem. If you root around on the Cactus web site they have a comment about banding below f5.6 (I think) which I assumed was just due to flash power requirement being lower.

I suppose the time taken to stop down the lens (which would depend on aperture and the lens) could contribute to delaying the shutter and solving the problem, but, that seems unlikely.
The little port in the side is for their FTR/XTR -16 receivers, which were required for the first generation of the flashes, but will still offer more groups if you need them on the current models. Also try any other of the transmitters, the xt1 is fickle and annoying to use. XT-16 is manual only but really easy to adjust, X-Pro triggers are really nice but have some odd design elements, and there’s the new Adorama X-Pro-2 (R2 Pro mk 2, not released yet for m43). I also really like the v350 for its size for travel or just as a backup flash/trigger and the ad200 as it has 3-4x the power of a normal flash of roughly the same size, can also switch heads, and even has a unit to combine 2 into a single 400ws strobe.
Godox makes great stuff BUT... Go for the Xpro controllers. They are much better than the original X1 controller.
@PhotoJoseph I think there is some other advantages that I've not used but I just did not like the clunkiness of the X1 trigger and its overall workflow needed to use it. That scroll wheel was pretty frustrating for me. There's clearer access to the features, making it quicker to use for my workflow and it looks cooler, too.
@PhotoJoseph I'm glad I could be of service, my friend. 🤪
Thanks for sharing. We just got this question over on our channel. Gonna link to this, and buying two!
I use them all the time. They are awesome. I use mostly the 350 models and the ad200s
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