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Photo Moment - December 28, 2018

(Trying something new here… I've edited this live show down to a paltry 11 minutes. Tried for 10, but oh-well. It's VERY edited… what do you think?)

This is essentially a video user guide for the Godox XPRO flash controller (featuring V860II flashes)

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

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How to install Windows on your Mac (for free!) to upgrade your Godox flashes


How to Use High Speed Sync Part 1


How to Use High Speed Sync Part 2


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Trying something new here… I've edited this live show down to a paltry 11 minutes. Tried for 10, but oh-well. It's VERY edited… what do you think?

This is essentially a video user guide for the Godox XPRO flash controller (featuring V860II flashes)

Watch the Q&A video here:
Watch the unedited live show here:
Also Mark, since you commented on the new format… how do you feel about the “house ad” that is inserted in the middle of this video?
I have to admit I do not like adds but things have to be paid for somehow. Adds are better than no content, just hope that over time they do not become too intrusive. The current level are not too bad in most cases. If I had a choice I would prefer adds be at the beginning.
It's fine as an overview, which is exactly what I needed. I am getting two remotes and the transmitter today and wanted to see what I was getting into. Thanks for your time and effort, very helpful, sir! :-)
My pleasure!
This was great, but I don't mind a longer video at all. I am more than happy to watch a longer version so I know how to work a product really well and make full use of all its functions.
Great video and great explanation! I've watched several videos on this remote and yours is the best! Thanks for making it simple.
Please kindly help me out. Iha e à godox x pro Nikon but im unable pair it up with my nikon speedlights. Please help.
Please reach out to Godox tech support
I bought this trigger Godox XPro-C for my Canon 5D Mark III, my speedlite Canon 430EX II but I can't get it work wirelessly. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Please kindly help.
please reach out to the manufacturer for tech support
will this control the godox ad600 at the sametime
Thanks for the explanations, they are very clear. However, I do have a question: With this trigger, it is not possible to switch to the MULTI mode, is it?
Hm, I don’t recall, sorry. Check with Godox or just download the user guide for the unit you’re interested in.
Just got this and it looks great. However I cannot see any way to save the group settings so every time I switch it off I have to set these up again. Is there a way to do this?
Good morning sir..after long time perfect tutorial catched.. your video are diamond 💎💎💎...sir a small doubt..if I use multiple flash with trigger..if I don't fire flashes in 15-20 it off or in stand by mode sir.... please message me sir....
Do you know if it is possible to use a xpro(n) to shoot a tt685(s)?
I just got the XproS and TT600. I got the flash to connect signal, but the remote seems to have the group set to off. I cant switch to on. Buttons or dial just scroll the menue.
Now why would Godox not include firmware update with mac? Photographers are hella apple users.
Yeah it’s super annoying
Hi, dank je wel voor de video ! ik ben momenteel nogal in strijd met mijn nieuwe godox v1 flitser + xpro trigger, mede doordat er weinig goede handleidingen bestaan in het nederlands. Gelukkig heb jij deze tutorial gemaakt, echter: als mijn trigger op A staan en CH 1 ... en mijn flitser staat ook op tzelfde ingesteld, dan nog zie ik niet iets wijzigen op mijn flitser.. als ik de trigger aanstuur en wijzig. Dus Iets klopt er niet... heb jij enig idee hoe dit kan?
Sounds like they trigger and flash aren't compatible… if they are, then perhaps you need to update the firmware? I linked to a video on how to do that in the description.
Can you use the pro to fire an older flash if it is on a X1
I don’t know every model compatibility matrix. You will need to check with Godox on this.
How do I sync my godox xpro with a Nikon sb600?
11 min video - just what I needed! Now I'm up and shooting. Thanks so much.
I can seem to get my b chan. To TTYL. Sync as of today my ad 200 and v1. For nikon wont fire. Not sure what I did
The TTL funtion of the (x1t/x2t/Xpro) can control the TT600 (Manual Flash)?
The best info, Thank you👍
I would like to know ETTL M zoom 35 mm (What does the M zoom 35mm mean)
Thanks mate for this great tutorial!
you've answeres allllll my questions!!! THANK YOU
To get the Flash to remember the group you have to push set button after finding the wished group you want! A super helpful movie to help me make up my mind and go for a Xpro trigger
Godox v860ii c does he work with canon slr3 (250d)???
Does the auto focus assist beam work with wide angle lenses? I'm using the Yongnuo 622m trigger, but the beam spot is so small that only the central AF point can be used with a 16mm lens. How big is the coverage on Godox XPro?
I couldn’t tell you but I‘ve not had a problem with it.
Quick question i just purchased ad200 pro and ad400 pro but in order to get them link to together what trigger would be best
I don't know, sorry
11 minutes = a Mastery. Thanks
thanks for watching!
Thanks for the video. I assume it would not be able to connect to a canon flash. Works great with the Godox V1, but would be awesome if i could also control my canon 470ex-ai. I am assuming not possible but thought i would ask the community. Thanks
All I can tell you is that my O version (Olympus/Panasonic) controller can control the F version (Fuji) flashes, no problem.
So glad I found this. I have the same remote trigger and I've tried to wade through Godox's pdf manual and it just confused me, partly due to its multiple configurations but also it isn't all that well-written. Now I think I have a handle on using this with my TT350 flash, which is more or less like the larger one you used.
Sweet! Yeah the manuals… leave something to be desired.
can i fire a flash made for nikon with an xpro made for canon?
With the latest firmware updates, yes. At least that's the idea (I haven't tested that specific combo). I have "O" triggers (Olympus/Panasonic) and use them to trigger "F" (Fuji) flashes and it works perfectly.
Essential viewing. I've just invested in three V860ii and a XPro trigger and was getting very frustrated trying to get them set up. There's some subtleties--like setting the flash zoom to - - - that I had almost worked out myself but didn't understand, and then your video made it clear. There's a few videos out there, including some from Godox themselves, but you get right to the point in very clear fashion. "VERY edited ..?" Yes, perfect, too much guff on YouTube videos, I just want to find out quickly what to do. Thank you :-)
hehe thanks, much appreciated
You just answered a problem I was having today and explained my trigger really well for me! Thank you! Best yet. Your just a little too fast.😥
Thanks Connie. I do talk fast but you can slow it down in YouTube or back up and repeat if necessary :-) Appreciate the view!
This was stupidly helpful - just picked one up and was clicking around like a toddler trying to figure out how to change the channel and didn't realise you had to hold it - SO HELPFUL
awesome, glad it was useful! Thanks for the comment.
Hi, by default my xpro was set to ID1 and nothing worked while XT2 was working fine. By comparing i noticed XT2 was set to ID off. So now xpro in IDOFF works fine too. is it normal ? what is this ID parameter ? i thought it was just a name for rcognition during a scan...
About my XT2, i have a strange display for channels. OFF or ON and in ON mode i see a panel with power, duration, frequency like a RPT... i can't change it to select ttl or manual. any idea ?
Hi Photojoseph, already fan of your Nik tutos especially sylver efex pro 2, I am now discovering your website for hardware. nice tuto. I was just struggling with the zoom button i couldn't display, thanks for the tip :-)
Right on, thanks for stopping by!
Funciona no Godox v860 ii C?
You'll have to check with Godox; I don't know.
What do I think? Ten minutes is easy. Do we need to know about the old transmitter?
9:47 ID is in my V1. I assume they have to match, must read the manual.
If I have a multi light setup with say 3 groups (A,B,C). Is it possible to shoot 3 consecutive shots and have the transmitter automatically toggle from A to B to C? Thanks!!
Not that I'm aware of. I assume this would be for firing faster than the flashes can recycle? Interesting feature; I'd ask Godox to implement it!
PhotoJoseph not so much rapid fire, more so multiple lighting setups but short amount of time. Can fire 3 shots for instance and have 3 different lighting looks. I know the older pocket wizard multi max does it...
I see. Still interesting. And as someone who's worked in this industry a long time with lots of companies big and small, I'll give you this advice when you reach out to Godox — tell them that their competition is doing it! That's usually the best way to get a fire under their ass.
Thanks for the review and operational overview - always a great help.

I just bought the Xpro trigger for my Canon EOS 250D (SL3) to use with the Godox V1C flash off-camera. FYI, the trigger will NOT work in manual mode on this camera. The flash will fire when set to ETTL, but it will not fire when the trigger is set to manual power. The trigger works fine on my old EOS 350D, so the firmware update has not addressed the missing hotshoe pin for this trigger :)

I tried to contact Godox customer support via email (twice over a week) and Facebook Messenger, but they have not responded at all which is really disappointing.

Has anybody managed to get this to work in manual power settings with an off-camera flash in the 250D (SL3)?
What the heck… I had to look this up, I never would have believed it. Canon made a flash that’s missing the main hoteshoe pin?! What the actual… don’t blame Godox for not working around this. This is 100% a Canon issue. That’s frankly ludicrous and I guarantee it’s done just to sell Canon flashes.
@PhotoJoseph It is crazy isn't it. The cameras missing the pin are the entry-level SL3, 1500D, 3000D etc - it isn't like we are going to spend £600 an a camera and then £400 on a flash, so I really don't know what their motivation is other than to alienate buyers - and let's face it, the lower end market is where we all enter the photography world and choose our brand, so.....

Godox, to their credit, updated the V1 flash (and many others) to operate with these crippled cameras (my V1 works 100% when attached directly to the camera) - unfortunately, for some reason, this particular trigger seems to have the issue I mentioned with manual settings even though it was updated to solve this issue.
Interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing.
You rock Joseph! Godox instruction manual frustrating until viewing your clip. Thank you, Cobber.
I don’t know what a Cobber is, but you’re welcome!
my x pro doesnt conect at all with the flashes
Then please reach out to Godox support
thank you sp Much
Hold on you have to press the set button after you make changes. Try zooming and then press set?
I have a V850 And I haven't seen any videos showing how use the x pro with it . please do a video showing how or let me know if it's incompatible . thanks and keep up the great wort
I don’t know offhand but you can look up compatible strobes on the Godox website, I’m sure.
Some handy tips thanks.
Can I use my X Pro N to connect to a TT685 C and TT685 S? Im using a nikon dslr. I mean, its not like imma mount the speedlights DIRECT to the camera, their just gonna be controlled by a Nikon mount X PRO
If I’m understanding all the letters, you want to use a Nikon model X Pro trigger to control a Canon and Sony model strobes, right? As long as the X Pro has the latest firmware, it can control other brand strobes. Of course I haven’t tested those myself.
@PhotoJoseph exactly that . Okay thanks for your comments, just thought you might have tested something like that
Going between the lightning bolt to the antenna mode on the flashes has tripped me up a few times.
Can i use this trigger with sony flash...
You would need the Sony version
I mean... im using sony flash gun... and godox trasmitter... can i use
mrpolie oh, no. The brands need to match.
great video. helped me get started with the flashes and the trigger!
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