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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!


Photo Moment - December 28, 2018

(Trying something new here… I've edited this live show down to a paltry 11 minutes. Tried for 10, but oh-well. It's VERY edited… what do you think?)

This is essentially a video user guide for the Godox XPRO flash controller (featuring V860II flashes)

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show


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How to install Windows on your Mac (for free!) to upgrade your Godox flashes


How to Use High Speed Sync Part 1


How to Use High Speed Sync Part 2


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Comments from YouTube

Trying something new here… I've edited this live show down to a paltry 11 minutes. Tried for 10, but oh-well. It's VERY edited… what do you think?

This is essentially a video user guide for the Godox XPRO flash controller (featuring V860II flashes)

Watch the Q&A video here:
Watch the unedited live show here:
Also Mark, since you commented on the new format… how do you feel about the “house ad” that is inserted in the middle of this video?
I have to admit I do not like adds but things have to be paid for somehow. Adds are better than no content, just hope that over time they do not become too intrusive. The current level are not too bad in most cases. If I had a choice I would prefer adds be at the beginning.
It's fine as an overview, which is exactly what I needed. I am getting two remotes and the transmitter today and wanted to see what I was getting into. Thanks for your time and effort, very helpful, sir! :-)
My pleasure!
This was great, but I don't mind a longer video at all. I am more than happy to watch a longer version so I know how to work a product really well and make full use of all its functions.
Didn't read all the 261 comments but what about multiflash mode?
Hi.. What if I want to adjust the flash to group d or e.. Because the flash shows only groups upto c
Will the Xpro allow you to work the flash if the Xpro iis off the camera? J. Payne 8/1/22.
Great guide. You are very astute when it comes to delivering explanations in very understandable and digestible way.

Thank you.
thank you
I changed distance to 0-30 but I still can't get one of the flashes to fire using the Pro X transmitter. I have both flashes using the same settings, same channels. I can't figure it out. The one that fires says SONY in the bottom left, the one that does not, has no SONY on the LCD screen. Any ideas?
Why my camera didn't connect to the trigger? Trigger and flash no problem.. when I take photo flash doesn't come out..
reach out to Godox
Do u have any idea how i turn off/on the external flash with the xpro itself ? is it possible ?
Hm, not offhand. Maybe set it to zero output?
The video was a life saver, the default range being set to 1-300m was my issue. After changing it to 0-30m everything worked perfectly.
I bought twp V860IIOs and the XPro for my Lumix G9 and GH6. It takes some practice, especially since they operate quite differently than the SB800 and SB600s in my old Nikon CLS. For example, I need to crank the gain way up to be able to use the McNally Lastolite. With the Nikon CLS, the camera and Speedlight would compensate. Finally, since the WiFi on the G9 and GH6 is 2.4 GHz, same band as the XPro trigger, I have not found a channel in the Godox system that does not interfere with the Panasonic Image App on my iPhone. Thanks to your videos, I had very little learning curve with navigating the flash and trigger menus.
Glad my video helped!
My Godox X-Pro does not allow me to use the 2nd curtain sync on Canon 700D (Rebel T5i). I am not able to enter the camera menu “biult-in flash settings” when the trigger is attached. Does anybody know how to solve that?
thank you very much, you solved my problem, which was to adjust the zoom on the radio and transmit to the flash!!!🙏🏼
Great !!! Thank you very much !!!!
Congratulations for this video.
Hello! I can't use the function zoom to my speedlight TT600 with Xpro(C). Can you help me? Sorry my bad english. :o(
Please contact Godox support for issues with their hardware.
It helps me much.Thanks
Ahhh, I think I've figured out why the darn thing keeps turning off. It's a menu setting. THANK YOU!
That focus assist lamp is really good in low light, even if you don't use your flashes. It nails focus every time so I tend to keep it on the camera in low light or shooting things with no contrast features in them, such as a plain wall. NOTE: It does not work when you set your Canon to focus AI or Servo. You need to be in ONE SHOT mode. Took me ages to figure this out.
Useful tip... thanks!
Looks good, I might do a buy
By any chance will the Godox TT350o work with the XPro remote ?
do a video on HSS with this
I have godox v865 II, when I set this on xpro, working, then I got ad200 pro, on xpro working, now I tried both ob chanel one, different groups, non is firing and if I switch one off, also, how I set this back?
Sounds like your channel and groups are mixed up. Make sure the one flash is on the right channel and group
I just purchased 2 of the Godox AD100s and the Godox X Pro C. First venture into flash and , after watching several supposedly "easy to understand" videos, became very frustrated trying to get it all to work. Your video is EXCELLENT! After watching I was able to put it all together. I can't thank you enough.
Oh that’s awesome to hear, thanks!
Thanks a ton! awesome video!
Good information but please SLOW DOWN!!!
Try the 0.75x speed playback. I talk fast, sorry.
Where is part one?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks - found it!
Is there a way to turn off flashes individually to test lighting?
Yes, absolutely. I do this all the time.
Thank you so much Mr.joseph for this tips
thanks for this! :)
Thank you! the Step feature!
Big thank you for this comprehensive tutorial .. brilliant
Great video, everything so clearly explained - thanks! I have a question... I intend to get a godox xpro remote for my Nikon, I already have 3 Nikon flashguns, will I need a Godox receiver to fire each of these? If so, what would work best with the godox xpro transmitter? Thanks!
Can the X Pro remotely control the TT600 (which is manual only, no TTL)?
You made it so easy! Thanks Joseph!
This is just what I was looking for, love your delivery too! Subbed!
Thank you!
Excellent! Best tutorial ever. Thank you!!!
How do you set HSS on an XPRO Trigger when paired with a V1? I'm breaking my head on this one. On The V1 I just push the sync button, but it just does not appear on the XPRO. HELP!
trying to follow with my xpro by the time I look at what he is talking about he has gone to another portion of the instruction.
This isn’t designed to be a “follow along in real-time” guide. If it were it’s be 5x as long and everyone would complain that it was too long. Please use the pause and back-up features of YouTube if you’re trying to set yours up as I go.
Not a single word on using the Pro as a remote shutter release?
Glad to find this review as I just picked up this remote. Quick question- if I want to use two bodies, would it make sense to have two remotes and would both cameras be able to control the light setup? or for example, two photographers using the same setup- each with a remote?
Hello Joseph. Do you know if it is possible to get these triggers to sync above 1/250 with Panasonic S1 family? I know the S1 can sync at 1/320, but when I have the XPro trigger on I can't go higher than 1/250. Same if I put the flash (V1) on camera. I don't want HSS, I want full sync at 1/320, which I know the S1 supports - but so far it seems that Godox does not. Appreciate your insight...
Not that I'm aware of. That's a question for Godox for sure.
Dude, you rock. I'm just getting into mutli-flash now and you really unpacked this beautifully. THANK YOU!
Thanks Joseph, well explained!
Glad it was helpful!
Is it possible to trigger the test flash feature remotely... Let's say when using a light meter... Is it possible with the xpro attached to a camera's hot-shoe to trigger it to produce a test flash while you're standing next to your subject or light?
The easiest way to do that is with a PC cable from the strobe to the meter
@PhotoJoseph Thank you! I will look into what that entails...
A very cheap cable
This is the best video explanation hands down! I have been struggling trying to get my trigger set to the light and also getting my camera HSS to work on my Nikon Z6. Thank you for this video!!!
Great video! But, what about the TEST button?
What about it? It test fires the flash…
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for your reply. What I need to know is if this test fires the flash(es) at the right power, as when shooting with the camera. I have Nikon gear, and the SU-800 test button does not (not always). :)
@PhotoJoseph I’m asking you this because I need to know how I can use a hand held light meter (photo meter) with this Godox system.
@José M. Garay If the flash is in manual, the test button will flash at whatever it's set to (full, quarter, half, etc.). If it's in an automatic mode, then it'll just flash at some power (no idea what) because the camera is part of the calculation to determine when to turn the flash off. Does that answer your question?
@PhotoJoseph Yes, man! Thanks!
Hi, does it also trigger the shutter? That is does it also have the functionality to be a wireless shutter release unti?

Not that I’m aware of
@PhotoJoseph thank you
Great video and great explanation! I've watched several videos on this remote and yours is the best! Thanks for making it simple.
Please kindly help me out. Iha e à godox x pro Nikon but im unable pair it up with my nikon speedlights. Please help.
Please reach out to Godox tech support
I bought this trigger Godox XPro-C for my Canon 5D Mark III, my speedlite Canon 430EX II but I can't get it work wirelessly. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Please kindly help.
please reach out to the manufacturer for tech support
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