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Good Morning From Stockholm! - Streaming Live with the VidiU Pro

Photo Moment - August 22, 2017

Just a quick hello… a good morning from Stockholm! Just a quick check-in while still on vacation. Definitely check out to see the shots from the trip. (Oh, and the word he was looking for was Archipelago Tour)

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Joseph, thank you so much for checking in with your loyal fanbase during your vacation, you're a true star, hope you enjoyed your break, sounds as if you did. Looking forward to your daily broadcast's when you get home.
+Tony Heale Thank you! Was good to be on a break but I really miss the show and all of you!
Glad you have had a break. I'm exhausted watching all your stuff. Very pleased with GH5.
+JC Flippen haha I'll take that as a backhanded complement ;-) I'll be back soon and thanks for watching!
I meant it as a proper compliment - have a good journey.
Vacations always go by so darn fast!
When you come back to America, could you teach us how to prevent fungus on our Lumix lenses?.
+olga Irizarry Uh… yikes! Same way you prevent fungus on anything. Keep it dry, never store it wet, and if you have constant humidity, invest in a ton of Silicagel packs!
yes. I forgot to tell you I have one lens with a small spot, where could I send it, or if there something I could do.
+olga Irizarry it has to go to Panasonic and that probably won't be covered under warranty, sorry.
It is hard to go live during vacation. Anyways I can't make a decision on what to get. Should I get a mevo or webmaster x2. Planning to use it for church purpose.
Ryan Greene planning to use it with a single camera my gh5. Possible one shot and maybe zoom in with the lens. Also might pan around with the camera to get the audience. I was planning just going with a elgato hd60 and connect to the Mac and use obs. The think I like about the webmaster is the dual cam. Webcam and a actual camera. For the mevo possible lighting issue. Since the stage where chorus are is not well lid.
+dtechlogic I will run a test converting a second real camera to the USB input as well for the X2
PhotoJoseph thanks.
Damn I missed the live show !! Really glad you're having a great holiday, looking forward to seeing the photo/videos of your stay.
Enjoy the day.
Remember to buy something special for the kids to take back and remember 'dad's holiday'.
Look forward to seeing you Monday. Envious of Stockholm, but definitely not the trip to get there ! Take care, see you soon.
ps goto large food store ASDA/Walmart and buy a large spice container, makes a great protective sleeve for the Mevo.
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