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High Speed Sync, Part 1… featuring LUMIX GH5 & Panasonic 580 Flash FP Mode

Photo Moment - October 18, 2017

Ever wondered how to turn day into night; to use high speed sync (aka high speed flash, aka FP mode) to get dramatic light photos at high noon in the full sun? Check out part one of this two-part show!


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Everything but setting for the camera???
FWIW, HSS works with Godox TT685O on my Lumix G9. Bridging between the HSS and Godox topics.
I love leaf shutters! I wish Panasonic would come out with a m43 version of Fujifilm's X100.
Hi, I would like to use the unit for shooting video in low light. Manual does not give any info on this. Could you explain. Is it a viable way to use the flash? Bob
FP mode: Focal Plane. A flash mode used in older cameras. My 1978 Pentax MX film camera had a special socket labled “FP” which I recall was specifically for use with flash bulbs. I never used it, nor did I lean any of the techniques that would have been associated with its use. Perhaps another reader might know more.
Thx for this great video (and many others).
I have a tiny little problem and maybe you can help me with it.

I recently purchased a quadralite ad200 with navigator x2 for mft system (aka godox ad200 xpro-o) but i cannot get HSS working on my GH5. Manuals from quadralite/godox say that it should work (both lamp and trigger supports HSS) but i am getting this nasty banding.
I have flash section enabled but wireless menu is disabled.
Camera, trigger and flash light run the newest software.

Is there a magic setting that I am missing?

Best regards
Thx for reply ;) I will try to find a solution and if I succeed I will put my findings here.
Do you now how i can activate the HSS mode in the GH5 for the Godox flash?
FP is for Flash Priority
Does the GH5 have a pc sync cable to connect to a NEO 2 and sync the flash?
It'd be nice to save the money and not buy a transmitter
Great explanation of how HSS works.
Personally if I am using HSS it is to not have a darker background but to balance the light of the subject with the background while using a fast aperture. This either means that I put the subject in the shade but the background is in full sun or the subject is backlit by the sun often around sunset. This gives are more natural appearance to the image how your eyes would see the scene.

One thing I feel you should mention is your aperture really needs to be no slower than about f5.6 as it will also have a large effect on the flash light. I would say about every photo that you are likely to be using HSS with you are trying to isolate your subject from the background so a faster shutter is always going to be better too.
The other thing that might be worth mentioning is the light modifiers that come with the flash and how the will change the results.
HELP! When I'm in manual mode / photo (M) mode (on GH5) and i'm focusing, the screen goes bright (basically showing me what 3200 ISO would look like) and blinds me :( ..where do I turn that craziness off? Thanks man!
+fmrl productions Toggle off “constant preview”. Although you’re seeing the OPPOSITE of what I’d expect to see (usually in manual mode shooting with flash the screen is dark until you focus, then it looks fine). Make sure exposure compensation isn’t cranked to max.
thanks, but I actually just ended up turning Af/AE LOCK to off (or the box, second option from the bottom). keeping constant preview ON.seems to work (only goes bright when i push the AF/AE LOCK bottom to zoom/check focus/auto-focus in manual. thanks (still wish i could turn it off completelt tho).
+fmrl productions With constant preview ON, the image may change when you focus. You’re telling the camera to show you what the image looks like with the exposure settings you have, but to focus accurately it needs to “properly” expose the image temporarily when you half-press the shutter or press the AF-ON button. If you set constant preview OFF, then what you see, regardless of the exposure settings, will be that “proper” exposure. Your recorded image will of course reflect your settings, but the preview will be “proper”. Does that make sense?
Yes, thanks, that does makes sense of things. for me tho, I wan't to see what my photo will look even with i'm focusing. So I will keep constant preview ON. This way, rather than seeing a brightened image constantly/too often, I will see my exposure/final image on the display screen, until i press AF/AE or zoom-in. Thanks for the clarification :)
Awesome. Great example.
i found out the GH5 can handle 1/320 sec with the Godox HSS flash for panasonic cameras (TT350o i think it's called... at least I didn't see any shutter lag in the image [black bands]) Also I think FP comes from the leica&minolta 'Full Pulse' modes. Could be wrong tho...
oh no no sorry let me clarify, it will go up to 1/4000 sec in HSS mode. But while NOT in HSS mode, you can actually go up to 1/320 sec without any shutter lag (black bands) in the photo. Normally it's 1/250 sec but for some reason with the godox not in HSS, I can go up to 1/320 sec. So it's kinda cool
What if I don't want to spend $400 on a Panasonic flash and I want to do high speed sync with a cheaper $50 flash from Neewer or Yongnuo? How do I force the GH5 into FP mode? What about with flashes that do not have TTL mode?
Great tutorial
+Grant Matthews Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks! Nailed it.
Learned something new, thank you! Just tried it with my GH5 and Metz strobe. Perfect!
PhotoJoseph They call it m/ft. Haha I even copied your keynote macro sheet I saw in the pre show. Very handy!
What about using HSS for shooting video (one weak flash per frame)? :)
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