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I Finally Got The 8-18! Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4 ASPH. Lens

Photo Moment - September 07, 2017

This will be an unboxing (right after I re-box it…) and a first look. We'll pop it on the camera, see what the field of view looks like compared to the 7-14 and 12-35, and generally discuss the look and feel of the thing!

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Hi, what firmware version is the 8-18 now? Its not listed in the lumix update site.
If a product isn’t listed on the page then it hasn’t received an update since shipping.
Thank you for answering
I'm so jealous!!! I want this lens for my BMPCC soooo baaaaad.
Considering the 8-18mm for real estate video. Are there any other lenses that might be a better option? Thanks!
Joakim Tollerud you didn’t say if you’re doing stills or video?
@PhotoJoseph video
Joakim Tollerud for video is go manual focus in real estate so you can control what’s in focus. If you’re on a gimbal then definitely manual and a smaller aperture to ensure lots is in focus. You’re not making an art film, but showing a house. People want to see everything.
@PhotoJoseph thx!
nope, i keep 2 of these, one for low light settings, one for real estate, currently this is the best lens on the market that does it all perfectly
Pretty horrible choice of scenery when comparing/contrasting lenses.
I like that lens a lot hmm I may be picking that up. I love that I can choose Olympus or Panasonic lenses.
how does it compare to the Olympus 7-14?
hello Joseph, Have you tried this lens on the G9? if so, is a good combination?
Thank you ,look forward for that!
I don't think the price is a compromise...
Seems a bit of a rip off to not have constant 2.8 aperture on a lens this expensive and small a zoom distance.
It's only leica branded.
Looks like a good lens. I'm considering this for a second angle for our daily show. By the way, you used the term "aspherical" but I think you meant rectilinear.
Hey, @PhotoJoseph I was curious how much vignetting do you see in the lens. I plan on adding some 100mm ND filters to the lens and worried if shooting wide would create significant vignetting with the filters.
I’ll address your comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-11-06
Great review but this guy makes me nervous :))
I'm about to use it at a precision rifle competition for some different shots!
Thanks for the video. I have been considering this lens. Like the way it can take filters over the 7-14. Will use it mostly for vlogging at close to the wide end. Haven't got a GH5 yet but would like to someday if funds allow. Am using my GX8 at the moment for video and stills. The lenses I use most are the 12-35, 35-100 internal zoom and the 15mm Leica summilux but I need something wider and this will suit I feel.
+OFB Cycling World Great! I'll be doing a lot more with this lens in the coming weeks, as well as more 7-14 comparisons. I have a trip at the end of the month and I'll vlog with the 8-18 as a test.
PJ, that was great. I have the 7-14. So, I don't know if I'm going to upgrade. BTW, I noticed the continuous AF was not working well when you used the lens to simulate a VLog. Was that the 2.0 firmware on that GH5? Please tell me no!!! Please!!!!!
+Real World Endo LOL no. And it was probably not even in continuous video mode. I reached up and hit the shutter half way but because the LCD was blocked by my monstrous HDMI cable I couldn't see what was happening. But no, definitely not v2 firmware.
Yo, love the show , would be nice to watch it live BUT it's 3-30am in OZ so thats not happening, great that we can catch it later though !!! It's the 8-18 or the 7-14/2.8 pro..............which way to jump ???
Glad to see you got the 8-18! I've been interested in it for filming at trade shows like SHOT Show. Sometimes the show floor is so crowded it's hard to get enough separation to show enough of the person demonstrating a product. I tried it 2 years ago w/ the G7 and 14-42 kit lens and then last year with the G7 and 12-35 f/2.8. For this year I was thinking about the GH5 w/ the 8-18 for the main camera and then using the G7 + 12-35 for the detail shots. Do you think the 8-18 would work well for these purposes? Here's an example . . .
Congrats!!! Have fun with it...I just got the 7-14mm for one good reason: money :(....(need the rest for shoes and bags ;) )
I love how your videos but I simply cannot keep quiet about this, since you took me down for asking about sensor size live a while back. I dont want to argue - but it must be stated that the sensor size is the only disability left in these MFT cameras. This does not matter for 90 percent of video or photo content, eg. Documentary, corporate interviews, narrative (gh5)... but I Panasonic will always be a difficult choice for most prosummers because the sensor takes away the wow factor in wides and low light (especially city shots). I wish ot wasnt a do or do not jedi conversation, but maybe this could be our new petition to encourage Panny to up to full frame equivalent even by digital magics and completely close the door on the dslr revolution. Shut it down and take all the moneeys.
+Touch Engage Media I don't recall the "take down", but look… Panasonic and Olympus are the companies making MFT. MFT of course is the sensor size. A larger sensor means a larger camera, larger lenses, more processing, etc. etc. If a bigger sensor is so important there are plenty of choices out there. I can follow arguments on shallower depth of field or better low light performance, but I don't follow your logic on how the smaller sensor takes away the "wow" in landscapes. Have you shot with a LUMIX camera? What specifically did it lack for you?
I've been considering that lens for quite a while. 8-18 seems about the only wide angle that accepts normal filters. Normal filters are great for run-and-gun or travel. If it was constant aperture I'd pull the trigger at no time.
+hoggif The filter is a big deal. Constant aperture; believe me I understand. If the 12-60 and 100-400 weren't so good I'd agree with you. But given the (admittedly brief) history here of Panasonic Leica variable aperture lenses, I'm willing to say it's worth it.
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