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I Have Two Mevos Now! - Mevo Plus Live Event Camera Unboxing and First Look

Photo Moment - November 01, 2017

I haz Mevo Plus! Let's take a look at this new version of the Mevo Event Camera from Livestream. What are the differences? What are it's capabilities?


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Can you slow down with your instructions
I am new at it
Great video. My problem is that I stream baseball games, my Iphone seizes up after time. I guess I need to have it cooled as the Iphone is really hot. Any tips? I use Facebook .
Keep it out of the sun? If it's really hot then it's probably overheating. You could consider putting your phone on an ice pack if that really is the problem.
Question. I have a plan to buy a MEVO CAMERA, which is better MEVO PLUS or? What is their video quality resolution? It seems to me that the image / video quality is bad? or I'm wrong. Thank you
I did a video on the new MEVO Start — You should watch that. They are different; one is not necessarily better than the other.
Just got this for Christmas. Good for 2020? Or am I missing something big and up to date???🎊🎊🎈🥳🎈🎊🎉 Happy New Year
It's still a cool product for what it is!
Very disappointed they want $900 per year to have the ability to use more then one mevo at a time. Would not recommend.
Is it that much? Good grief… I haven't looked at this in a long time. Ugh.
@PhotoJoseph yup I will not ever buy their product again
@PhotoJoseph wish there was a way to use 2 of them or more with OBS
Unfortunately not that I’m aware of. The devices are proprietary, which is a shame. I think as a single camera it’s a brilliant device. But if you’re getting into multiple cameras, then there are better solutions. At the end of this day, the Mevo is about convenience not quality, and by the time you get into the cost of multiple Mevo, you should be spending that kind of money on quality.
What do you use to pop up the live chat on split screen?
It’s a hardware switcher called BlackMagic ATEM
it should be able to let the person to be able read the text on the box.
I would love to know how you set your studio, I am starting studio for YouTube videos but I am maybe clueless about how to set it up
I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
Will this record directly into my computer instead of live streaming?
+WideOpenChange no
I love my Mevo and livestream to FaceBook but these two don't like each other and I have regular issues particularly that Mevo will not speak directly to FaceBook and can only be regularly accessed through a Vimeo account.
Is this a new problem? Facebook just changed their API. Make sure your Mevo is up-to-date.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply. I should know how to use this technology but my experience is, there are always resurfacing issues with Mevo and FaceBook. Another problem that is huge with Mevo is that there is no support from Livestream at all; nil,nix,nothing - I've emailed them constantly an there is complete disrespect for the customer and contempt from their so-called support hotline. And I know this is out there and public and if a rep from Livestream is reading this (which I doubt they are for the reasons given above....), "Clean house Man!"
This technology has transformed the way I deliver content. I love it but it is sadly let down by the total lack offer sales support to the UK!
I have together back to the business of making ukulele but have now subscribed to your channel and hope to learn much over the next few days as I review your content.
That’s unfortunate to hear. I’ve had good experiences with their support team, but as a reviewer things could be different. If you’re not getting a good response in email, try twitter. Public support requests are often very beneficial. Tag me in your question and I’ll chime in. Also keep in mind that I do not KNOW that the recent facebook change is affecting the Mevo; it’s just an assumption. But always making sure you’re completely up to date.
what do you use for your switching from different cameras?
I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
Turn the camera around dufus...
Just bought a preowned but basically unused MEVO Plus and this thing is amazing. Still getting used to the interface and I’m a bit disappointed that with the cost of the device in order to simultaneously stream to multiple platforms one needs to buy an additional subscription plan, nevertheless I would say that this is probably one of the most advanced video streaming cameras on the market today!
Love your channel,very to fix the grain issue with Mevo?
Absolute best unbox and demo of Mevo on YouTube
Yeah it zooms… in software. It’s a 4K signal cropped to HD.
This channel has been a great help to me thanks bro
any news on mevo going 360?
What app are you using on your ipad to switch camera angels and splitting to show your comments on the screen?
I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
What do you use to bring up the live chat comments?
Another computer and my switcher. I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
What program are you using to monitor health
When using YouTube live, I’m monitoring on its own live stats page
What are you controlling on the iPad
Thats my switcher app: Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
hello can you tell me the name of ipad switcher please? THX
Hi Josph - is it possible to connect the MEVO to a BM-Mixer (ATEM Television Studio Pro HD) ?
greetings from Vienna - Austria
No. The Mevo is proprietary and will only connect to its own system. If you want to mix multiple Mevos, you need to use the Livestream hardware switcher. I don’t recall the model but it’s an expensive system.
Question. I'm very interested in buying the MEVO, but my question is HOW CAN I LIVE STREAM WITH MY GREEN SCREEN? I see live streaming from people with green screen live streaming.
Not from the Mevo. Mevo is a very simple device. Live green screen keying required much more advanced hardware. I talk about one way to do it in this video:
Love your set up and show so far!
Is Mevo compatible with SlingStudio?
I think so but you’ll need to check with them
Definitely 180 flip so we see what you see.
thank you for this video
That ad at the beginning was definitely intentional.
? I don’t understand. I run YouTube ads but have zero control over what ads are shown.
Answer to live-streaming multiple mevo cameras 26:40
the answer is $900 per year its a ripoff
Thanks for the excellent video. My only suggestion is that you need to slow down your rate of speech.
I have Mevoplus with booste, but the camera shows a lot of noise, which is the cause. I did not change the setting.
thanks for the tip
So how did you connect the second Mevo to the stream? Or you did not?
Can’t do a second Mevo without using a dedicated expensive system from LiveStream.
Is there a way to use a normal camera with the mevo view switching thing?
No, I Don't Have A MEVO, I am using my iPad Mini With EpocCam HD to get the iPad's camera view into OBS. No MEVO Involved. I Just Noticed you have a Hydro Flask! Me Too! I have a red one, yours looks like a boost!
Oh… you asked how to use a Mevo with another camera and said you found a way… I thought that’s what you meant :-)
I meant view switch like mevo, without buying a mevo.
quick question... what do you use to switch cameras, does it work with OBS?
Ahhhh ok
your perspective
Hi, but there is major question here. Can we use two mevo cameras at the same time? No, we can't. I just found offical answet in this matter and it should be bring here
For a review and had to wait 6 mins or more for him to stop polling an audience. Geez. Edit that out if you’re going to talk about a product.
It’s called a live show. Welcome. But hey, thanks for watching and then leaving such a pleasant comment!
Livestream prices are way too high no matter the subscription - basic 42 dollars A MONTH. Premium 199 A MONTH. and it just goes up from there. For a guy who does 4 videos a month I'm not gonna pay 10 dollars a stream to sync cameras. I use this for my weekly live streams due to the fact it has multiple angles and some cool features. But I'll never buy any more of their other products until they allow me to livestream to multiple places at once OR allow me to use OBS with the camera (Which is just lazy design that they didn't do it or provide their own obs that lets me put images up, streaming banners, etc) It's weird to me that companies in this field don't look and see what other live streamers are doing and what they are using. Oh sorry just read Livestreams fineprint - it's 49 dollars a month if you pay for a year. Its 99 dollars a month if you pay monthly.
My main concern has been lack of OBS and the fact that Mevo seems to specifically not include features on their camera to force people to pay monthly for that absurd service. How hard would it be to allow images to pop up on the screen or have a scrolling banner(if they didn't want to allow people to use OBS with their device), instead they are already rolling out this Mevo Plus which appears to be nothing new for 200 dollars more. I don't think asking for features even old cameras have is too much. I'll still be using the mevo as it has some cool features but I really wish they'd address costumer requests before pumping another device.
I don’t think the new Mevo is more expensive, is it? I love the Mevo for its simplicity. Yeah it’d be great if you could connect multiples through the mobile app, agreed. But I still think it’s a great device for a simple, high quality stream.
good job. thanks.
turn your camera around. and drink less caffeine.
Love you too!
Hi - and Thanks for the awesome videos on MEVOs! Do you have any experience using a MEVO with Switcher Studio? Looking for a way to add in overlays and lower thirds along with pre-recorded videos onto a live stream - for the most cost effective way. Hopefully Android based.
I haven't; is the Mevo supported by it? I just looked at the Switcher Studio website and don't see it listed.
huh. Was hoping you might know.... I contacted both MEVO and Switcher Studio about it but haven't heard back from either of them. But.... interestingly, I'd swear that in the NAB 2017 video that Switcher Studio put out on youtube, --- ----they're using a MEVO on the table for demonstrating purposes.
hey joe, can i use mancam to use multi-mevo cams?
I don’t know what “mancam” is. AFAIK the only way to use multiple Mevos is to use the big Livestream hardware solution. “Studio”, I think. I’d love to see a software solution though!
Hi Joe, sorry, meant manycam, damn keyboard, should be flogged! Thanks,
Got it. I just read their app description and it doesn’t say anything about Mevo so I’d assume not. But you should reach out to the developer and ask them. Let us know here what they say!
what is that ipad software you are using to switch thru
Can you use the MEVO for ZOOM conferencing?
No, sorry… it's designed for live streaming, not conferencing (I know, subtle difference), but it has built-in connections for Vimeo, LiveStream, Facebook Live, Twitter/Periscope, and YouTube. You can't add in a custom CDN or route it through a computer, so there's no way to add another service. If you integrate it with their larger, very expensive hardware system, you have a lot more options, but at that point you could do something much cheaper (and better) for Zoom.
what should be done should be something like normal all the way, but the camera software should automatically flip the display in a very sleek drone like type of way while the camera itself stays stationary.
Multiple cameras are only available for live use with PC software? That was disappointing! But good to know, was just about to purchase a second one.
I agree… I’d really like to see multicam control through an iOS interface without additional hardware required.
I'd settle for requiring an ipad for multicam control, simply because it has more screen area.
Whats worse, from my little testing with the software in trial mode, you would still need to use your phone/tablet to control the mevos rather than control them from your computer. So now you not only have to buy the software (or pay whatever premium vimeo/livestream subscription), but also have a mobile device per mevo and a streaming computer. That's a lot to buy!

On the other hand the software can mix and match video inputs, so you could have a mevo and a regular studio camera instead of 2 mevos.

Hopefully they continue to improve and expand their softwares so that some of this becomes easier to setup!
I actually just helped a client through this process and yes, you’re right. The Mevos are great for single camera use, but if you want a multi cam setup, then the Mevo is NOT the right choice.
Thanks for the great review of the Mevo Plus!

My church is considering investing in a Mevo Plus. The camera would be mounted from the ceiling (with a ceiling microphone stand and goose-neck attachment) as a permanent fixture about 12' off the floor. It would be powered with the USB cable connected to the A/C adapter plugged into a ceiling outlet.

I'm wondering if you (or someone) knows if there's a way to power the Mevo on/off remotely when it's powered via the AC adapter? I could use a smart WI-FI plug to switch the power on/off remotely, but will the Mevo continue to run off of battery power until it's drained? Can the battery be removed entirely so it only runs off of AC power?
You can’t remove the battery, so yeah it’s just run until the battery ran out. Probably better to just never turn it off.
The first mevo that I have is not really great in video quality
It doesn’t do well in low light but with good light I think it performs quite well.
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