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Infrared Photography Basics ▶︎ Modified Sensor, Photoshop Techniques

Photo Moment - September 05, 2018

Have you ever played with an Infrared converted camera? It's a lot of fun and can create some totally unique images. Let's have a little fun!

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What unique thing would you do with an Infrared camera?

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I had my Lumix GX7 Converted by LifePixel and love it. I got the SuperColor Filter. Aside from Landscape and Architecture shooting I’ve been getting some interesting shots shooting through a LensBall. Also great images with my circular Meike fisheye
If I convert to full spectrum, does the 850nm or 920nm bw filters still require long exposure because they are really dark? Otherwise I would rather convert it to 850. Thanks
ooh, I don't remember the specifics now. Been a while since I played with infrared. Reach out to and they will have all the info!
If I have converted my camera to 830nm, there is no need for White Balance
oh really! Neat.
I've been doing IR for a while but I learned quite a lot from watching, in particular in the areas of white balance and color manipulation. Xenon strobes emit very strongly in the near infrared range it turns out and as you point out they can be used with interesting effect in IR studio work.
Nice! Glad I could further educate 🙂
Thanks for your video. I am awaiting my converted IR Nikon to be delivered to me this coming week. I am new to IR and was wondering how to set the white balance if you are shooting in Winter? We have tons of snow here right now, thus my question. I am super excited to begin this new type of photography.
Huh, honestly I don't know. That's a great question and if I still had the camera is go figure it out for you, but I don't 😢
@PhotoJoseph Thanks........guess I will try and figure it out somehow! :-)
Grey card is suggested for winter
Some really good tips, I love shooting infrared and have been doing it for years. Get a converted camera for sure it is so much easier and faster than shooting with a filter. Here is a gallery of images I've shot, hopefully, it will give others some ideas.
always wondered about infrared photography, this was gun to watch!
really enjoyed watching this, thanks so much for sharing this with us
Converted a gx85 to full spectrum,thru life pix l...Love it! I have shot many pictures with it and is very fun!
Have many filters including the hot mirror where you can use it as it was intended. let me know what you think. (Search me out at Flickr jeff2002ffl) There are also blue IR filters that provide blue skies with little to no post. Have a few suggestions, shot in JPEG and you will have very little need for post as I mentioned and full spectrum opens up many possibilities.
So you think full spectrum gives the most flexibility? I need to watch the comparison videos again.
PhotoJoseph yes I think full spectrum gives you a access to take many types of photos in IR and UV along with normal light. the only thing is you need to buy are filters like the hot mirror that they actually remove for normal pics. And you also can get a 720 (mostly full IR) or a 680 (allows more color if you want. ) but for me I'm into black and white IR and IR with blue filter. It truly gives you the option to move around some and find your passion. I'm sill learning to this day. Hope I'm articulating it enough in these short comments, would be glad to email you if you want me to to continue a conversation? Or thru these comments is fine too?
Thanks for the info, and chatting here is fine. Lots of options for sure! I’m excited to play more.
PhotoJoseph sounds good, Ill check back from time to time. I did consider at first getting the IR conversion for the 720, but soon realized that I would like to have the options to go in other directions with the same camera..(via other filters) Also consider that mirrored cameras may require more calibration for the Lens they use unless Live View is used all the time. Mirrorless cameras from my research do not have the calibration challenges that come with focusing thru an optical view finder.
I don't know why but this video made me very thirsty.
Well, this is timely - thanks. Just picked up a 690nm converted EOS-M for $200, looking forward to using it this summer.
Had my GH5 converted to full spectrum, the view assist is great as I can add the channel inversion to a LUT, love the GH cams :)
Holy crap that’s so cool! And since a recent update, you can shoot stills in V-Log and load LUTs for them too, right… wow. Are you shooting video and stills this way? I’d love to see results.
Very nice that it works for V-log stills now.. The conversion is for a film series I am working on, will certainly send a link when they start appearing :)
I wonder what you could do with full spectrum and HLG
Not tried HLG yet, I only recently had the conversion done but I am putting together some infrared experiments from a recent trip to Vietnam, lots of footage to go through but the depth of field from the m43 sensor worked very well with the infrared imagery.
I came here for the veiny breasts 🙋🏾‍♂️
😂 welcome! I figured it’d bring in a new viewer or two LOL — subscribe and hit the bell!! 😬
@PhotoJoseph haha, nice. Long term subscriber here Joseph. I appreciate you and have for many years 😉
Elie Z. Ahh awesome, well thank you!
if he came for the breasts I'm pretty sure he "hit the bell" :-)
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