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iPhone X Design and Features, Lenses for GH5, GH5 Touch Autofocus, and More! — PhotoJoseph’s Q&A

Photo Moment - September 18, 2017

It's time to address some of the more detailed questions from the comments. We cover an analysis of the iPhone X design and features, some lens suggestions for the LUMIX GH5, Touchscreen Autofocus on the GH5, and much more.


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Genaray SpectroLED 14
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Genaray SpectroLED 9
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Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4 ASPH. Lens
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Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4
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Panasonic LUMIX 12-35mm f/2.8 II
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Panasonic LUMIX Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2
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Comments from YouTube

Great video and really interesting analysis! I've been considering a GH 5 myself as I would like to do more video, already have a GX 8 and love it, most of the photos from my site are taken on the GX 8 - - and I just think it's a superb system!
@PhotoJoseph Hello, while recording content for my YouTube channel I have not been happy with the video quality using a good quality Logitech webcam. Most of the content I plan to record will be closeup instructional work on my workbench. Trying to keep the total cost below $1,500, is there a camera body and lens you would recommend? Thanks - Dave
+XT500C Are you trying to stream live or record and edit video later?
PhotoJoseph Record and edit the video later. (Thank you for your reply) - Dave
Thanks for bringing up my question on your show!
1. I'm not saying they should remove their 3D face unlock, it's a cool thing to have. But it's wrong that they force you to use only 3D face unlock to unlock the phone. It would have been easy for them to put a fingerprint reader on the back also, like 100s different Android phones have. This means if you for any reason (driving, cooking, whatever) if you cannot or you don't want to touch the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone you can still use face unlock. By the way Android phones have had face unlock since 2011, sure not as "reliable" as the 3D face unlock, but still it's been available in Android since 2011.
2. Many case designs have right now a hole on the back only to show off the Apple logo. The hole on the back of cases should simply be to use the fingerprint reader instead of showing the Apple logo. Or they could have formed the fingerprint reader into the shape of the Apple in the Apple logo that would have been even better in terms of engraining the Apple logo into their customers minds by having them touch the Apple logo 50 times a day when unlocking their phone.
3. Fingerprint reader is plenty secure enough, you're not going to ask 50 thousand+ people to put their finger on the back of a phone to hack into it. You're never going to randomly bump into a thief who steals your phone and happens to be 1 out of the 50 thousand that have the same fingerprint as you that can unlock your phone. That statistic is meaningless. What's much more likely to be a huge issue is for families that have identical twins, they can face unlock eachothers iphone X easily but identical twins do not have matching fingerprints so the fingerprint reader is the only way to make a phone usable in a family that has identical twins which affect many. Sure fingerprint readers can be tricked, but that's most often not an issue when it comes to securing your phone. If you're a secret agent carrying state secrets in your phone you can use other more intricate ways to secure and encrypt your phone. But for normal people the fingerprint authentication is plenty secure enough.
+Charbax How it’s open to third parties is not yet known (at least to me). But come on… you’re talking like people at Apple are stupid and haven’t though of how to protect the data. Third party apps can access your fingerprint for unlocking their apps today; why would this be different? Third party apps can use basic face movement to make funny masks, but that’s far less information than the ID used to unlock your phone. Come on… be sensible.
+Charbax Maybe in the iPhone X.1 or whatever is next we’ll see dual 3D cameras.
+Charbax You’re calling it bezel-less but at the same time saying one bezel is OK. Look I don’t disagree that the ears look stupid right now. But I’ve already seen one brilliant idea on how to implement it into an app. Just because you think it’s narcissistic to take selfies doesn’t mean other’s don’t. You’re speaking for the masses when you don’t represent them. Ultimately it comes down to this… if you don’t like the design, don’t buy the phone. But spending so much energy criticizing Apple’s decisions like there’s a bunch of idiots working in Cupertino is pretty short sighted. Apple has always had its critics. Yet it’s still here, and last I checked, doing kind of OK. I thought removing the headphone jack was a bad decision but hey look, Apple is still here.
1. It's a waste of space to have all that empty unused space on the back of the phone. Adding a fingerprint reader does not take up any more space and barely if any weight, might even cut down the weight and size slightly by them removing a round part of the back glass cover.
2. You need to try phones like Huawei Mate 7/8/9/10, LG V30/G6, those backside fingerprint readers are fantastic for usability, there is nothing better. It's the natural way to grab a phone. The front-side fingerprint reader has been the most awkward place to have the fingerprint reader.
3. There's lots of different levels of fingerprint security. The newest fingerprint readers use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technology to create a detailed map of the minute details of the fingerprint and detect liveness, engineered to make user’s authentication extremely difficult to imitate. And if some people are paranoid about security for their data, they should be allowed to use FaceID or even better an iris scanner for authentication each time if they prefer. But for 99% of people for 99% of the time, the fingerprint reader will be just fine.
If all that third party apps can do is use Apple's Funny masks API, then that means the technology is pretty much useless. The obvious thing people would want is to enable detailed 3D face scanning to any third party application, for apps like 3D realistic capture/rendering/animation type apps, but since Apple has chosen to make FaceID the way to authenticate the phone and since Apple has promised that the detailed face scan will never leave the phone, this makes all these third party apps impossible to make. There might be some funny animated face motion apps API and that's about it.
The problem with facial recognition is when it stops working!
+Bruce Bruton hence the password
Found this video about the new GH5 update. In it they discuss how they tried using a Lexar x1000 card and it was not fast enough to do c4k 24p. They had success using the v90 card from Panasonic. The relevant bit starts at 3:20
I agree PATREON is another major chore with little or no reward. ☹
~ Connie 🖖
My tough question: Do you still remember you wanted to do a show with Vidiu and Live:Air?
+Marco Corzani Yeah… I mentioned that today if you watched the show. I'll get to it.
Wait, apple does not have a trusted devices setting? So when you are in your car and your phone is connected to your cars bluetooth, no fingerprint is needed? Or when it is near your apple watch, etc? Wow... I still am very curious as to whether you can take a profile photo from say FB and map it to a 3D model and unlock the phone. I am sure it will not be long before someone figures that out..of course only after 10 billion units are sold. Honestly, why don't they just build the reader into the power/sleep button? Or on the phones edge, you know where your fingers are ALL THE TIME. Or figure out an overlay for the bezel-less screen.. I am sure there is a clear sensor tech just waiting to be dev'd or already out there.
+The Explorographer Trusted devices; yes. But just because it’s near your watch or car or whatever doesn’t mean it’s YOU that’s opening it. Ultimately that’s the goal; to ensure that it is YOU. So yes, even when it’s connected, your fingerprint (or face on the X) is needed to open. And no, there’s no way for a photo of a face to unlock the phone (unlike the Samsung device that was unlocked with a simple photo… then after an update, unlocked with a photo wrapped around a balloon). The Face ID uses the 30,000 point projection, infrared, requires open eyes and a living breathing human that looks exactly like you. So other than your identical twin or the 1:1,000,000 odds of someone’s facing tricking the system, it’s very secure. And honestly, way more secure than a four or six digit passcode. Ever stood up on a plan after landing and looked at how many codes you can see entered in the first few minutes? Face ID is WAY more secure than Touch ID (1:1,000,000 vs 1:50,000) and is, without a doubt, the future.
Actually, I am super familiar with facial, in fact whole body recognition as I use the Xbox Kinect system for 3D Scanning. The trusted device system works. Someone would have to steal your phone, stand next to you, and open it. Not a likely scenario. But, with that said that can be bypassed as well. As far as codes go, I have never trusted them and would NEVER open my phone in view of anyone to compromise that. The fact is... you can try, but you will never fix stupid. FR may help a lot of folks, and I hope it does.. but the truth is..and you can take it from someone who knows...if I want into your phone...I can get into your phone, no matter what Apple sells you.
+21:9 Gaming well I’m not going to argue security and biometrics since I don’t know you or what you know, but since the government couldn’t get into an iPhone running iOS 8 (or was it 9?) on and older phone without hiring Israeli hackers (the San Diego story) and the newer phones/iOS have far better security, I think I’m pretty confident that you won’t be able to get into my phone.
Thank you for the MEVO info and thank you for the split screen info. You are right, it is not an easy setup. Darn!
I have WIRECAST 8, i was hoping that would really bring all this together. It is great.
What are your thoughts on it, do you have this?
PS. I heard you said that MAC webcam suck, thats terrible to hear. I use my MACBOOK PRO, IPADPRO and IPHONE 5S for all my work.I love MAC and surprised to hear this. makes no sense by them. Arg!
Keep up the great work!
~ Connie 🖖
+Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis You can do it with Wirecast if you have the inputs. It each input requires hardware. Or I think wirecast might have a way to overlay comments natively? The cameras in Macs have never been great. They maybe getting better but I've never been impressed by them.
WIRECAST just upgraded to WIRECAST 8. It was already basically $1000.00. This upgrade is now, which has finally caught up with FB, coming at a cost. Anywhere from $2-400 or more bucks. Thats ridiculous. I will not be upgrading
~ Connie 🖖
+Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis Yeah I see no value in the upgrade for my workflow. And I can’t even get 60p to work where it does with OBS. I think Wirecast is severely overpriced and their paid upgrade cycle is too rapid.
@photojoseph Agreed!
~ Connie 🖖
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