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iPhone X Silver LIVE Unboxing and First Look with PhotoJoseph!

Photo Moment - November 03, 2017

It's time! It's here! It's time for the Let's have a look at this shiny new thing, shall we?!


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It's here! It's time for PhotoJoseph's iPhone X Unboxing! Let's have a look at this shiny new thing, shall we?!
It’s all personal preference! I like the white one; I think it’s really nice looking.
Heck I have no idea. I never put cases on my phones. Sorry!
Chrome edges... I wonder why 80s retro has suddenly become so popular? With Despicable Me 3, Stranger Things, and Ready Player One in production, it's definitely a "thing" now
I love it ;-)
Total fanboy!
+Jeffrey Browne You know it :-) (You’re just jealous with your Pixel thingy hehe) [Jeff is a personal friend, so no one pile on me for that!]
Not only his voice , I think his common sense is also "on vacation" !!!!!
Well now you can go to McDonalds for diner and the day is a complete success.
+RS um… who are we talking about here?
Loved sharing the exciting opening of your new iPhone X with you! Thanks. F
+Frank Lovett 😁
That Notch though.... Hey I like the camera angle.
+Sean Marc Nipper Thanks!
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