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It’s MEVO Friday! And, SALE! LUMIX GX85 & GH4 @ B&H

Photo Moment - July 21, 2017

I'll be going live from somewhere, somehow, in the big wide universe… which is actually my back patio.

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what is best budget lens for G85/GH5 for filmmaking
+Karan Singh pick up a used 12-35/2.8
I can't believe no one commented during the live stream about the squirrel jumping between the trees over your left shoulder shortly after you tried to show us.
The MEVO is great, what a find.
Yes, you do live in a wonderful area @photojoseph.
+ben5shuttle haha I haven't watched the stream… yeah we kinda have squirrels everywhere. One day one of those pervasive deer will actually walk on camera. 🦌
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