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IT’S OFFICIAL!! 😆LUMIX S1H is getting ProRes RAW!

Photo Moment - September 13, 2019

You heard it here first… the LUMIX S1H is getting ProRes RAW in early 2020!! Watch here to learn more.

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Apple, Panasonic and Atomos !  
With ProRes RAW, you can import, edit, and grade video with RAW data straight from your camera sensor — without slowing down your edit. ProRes RAW also provides maximum flexibility for adjusting the look of your video while extending brightness and shadows.
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@PhotoJoseph as I worked and taught in Silicon Valley, SF and Marin, Software dictates hardware. There no change.
I do not understand this statement.
@PhotoJoseph Software dictates hardware, where would be be without software. It’s like a body without a brain ! No mater what the camera does, the edit is software, the out puts is software, transmissions more software, codec’s are at work. More software ! Editing and cutting film is almost dead, then they use software to distribute it. But we do have an IMAX crew here in town and it might be the last in the world. There might be a film projector some where. There is software in the camera’s just to make it work ! AVCHD Is all but dead from Sony, I never use it ! Apple has done it homework ! You don’t have to have the fastest computer if you have the best software and file format ! Apple will sell the new cheese grader computer and I asked for the iMac Pro, it edits 8k video. Apple know what I said 30 years ago, still the same today !
I have the Lumix S1H if I buy the Atomos ninja V will record raw video? or I have to wait for an updated firmware? thanks for all your help
Just like the video says, an update is coming early this year.
Hi Josephs. Thanks for information. I would like to ask something. I want to shot , 5.9K, 10Bit, ProPres,24p and 2:1 ratio. I mean like Red Dragon. But ı think we can't choose ratio with Atomos or S1H. What should ı do for shot 2:1 or 2:35:1 ? Should ı shot at 16:9 with reference black lines on monitor ?
Correct. You don't crop in camera, but crop in post. Use the reference lines on the monitor for framing, but having the extra pixels on the top and bottom give you room to move in post. That's known as "open gate", which really refers to shooting full frame 35mm in 3:2 aspect ratio and having a ton of room to reframe, but I suppose you can use the term for any larger-than-needed shot if you don't want to be super old-school technically accurate about it ;-)
one question , 10bit or 12 bit ?
Please tell me this will be 12-bit like the Sigma FP!?
Are you talking dynamic range? 14 stops. Internal recording bit depth? 10-bit. The FP does CineDNG at 12-bit; S1H will do ProRes RAW. Bit depth not announced but ProRes supports 12-bit.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the reply. Yes, I was referring to bit depth. Nikon claims their cameras will have 12 bit raw. I'm hoping the S1H will as well. What are your thoughts?
Heroa Official I’m not sure what else I can tell you… it’s all in the previous comment.
Hi @photojoseph I’ve been seeing conflicting facts here in YouTube about the v gamut & color science being different in the S1H and S1 but others say it’s exactly the same...can you confirm. I’m looking into one of the two cameras but want to make the right choice with all the right facts. Love you your content and thanks.
As far as I know they are the same but let me confirm.
PhotoJoseph much appreciated. 🙏
Any news if it's coming to the S1?
PhotoJoseph thanks for getting back
Will there be any ProRes RAW for the Shogun Inferno ?
Will that be the full 3:2 sensor area in 5.9k, or only in 16:9 aspect ratio? As Atomos mentioned full frame in their press release I'm assuming they mean 3:2
No… full frame sensor for 5.9k 16:9 means it’s the full width but not the full height.
@PhotoJoseph that's a real shame but understandable.
Alpicat I don’t know where the limitation is; if it’s the camera, the transfer protocol, or the Atomos. I’d actually guess the Atomos. It isn’t designed to capture 3:2 format; only 16:9 or C4K, as far as I know. But, that’s a guess!
are those the only raw settings or everything below that also. like dci 4k 24 and 5.9k 24? thank you joe
Will it be 10 or 12-bit RAW? I would guess 10-bit since that is what the EVA1 does. Still .. interesting.
@PhotoJoseph i would love that
I suppose this won’t be coming to the S1...😔
No, this is a high end pro video feature if I ever saw one!
PhotoJoseph I already knew 😢
Now we just need ProRes RAW support in Premiere Pro CC. What is Panasonic doing for us Windows users?
First off, it's not a Panasonic thing… ProRes RAW is an Apple technology. Second, there is some very recent very good news here: (Premiere is mentioned there… I'll let you read it!)
@PhotoJoseph I understand who owns what. I was just hoping Panasonic could use their relationship with Apple/Adobe to expedite support for the format to increase adoption.
LuxShots Films Got it… don’t think that was necessary, given the article linked above! It’s super exciting to see ProRes RAW being adopted all over the place now.
Is Prores raw only compatible with Final Cut X
Is it possible to capture 4K 60p 10bit or prores raw via atomos ninja v with s35 APS-C crop for my Sigma 18-35 and 50-100? If yes this will be a smooth transition from my GH5 speedboosted to S1H full frame
@PhotoJoseph ohh yeah!!! Time for saving then 😁😁😁😁
Hi Joseph, It would be great to know a few details if it's possible. As I know the HDMI output is limited to 4k 10bit. Does this means, we can forget the 6k recording externally? On the other hand, if the output of the HDMI is 10bit, it means we don't get any advantage by the ProRes 12bit container, neither the 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, if the HDMI outputs only 4:2:2. Your feedbacks are welcome!
@Zsolt Cselenyi HDMI 2.0 has a max datarate of 18Gbps....

Edit USB 3.1 type C has a max datarate of 10Gbps
@PhotoJoseph It will be nice if panasonic can send "6K" full sensor read out signal of GH5 for anamorphic to ATOMOS maybe they will use the same data rate technique to pass more resoloution via HDMI for the next GH6. I believe its more possible if the sensor will stay at 20MP(with triple native iso if possible) and had same video specs like S1H. Then we will talk about a mini S1H :D and the death of "S" branding for low light (GH5S) or they will sepperate that for an 8K GH6, and the above specs for GH6S.
@Zsolt Cselenyi I thought I would chime in here and try to help settle this without revealing details outside of what Panasonic (my employer) has already revealed.

1. BRAW is not 4:4:4 as you have so nicely pointed out due to it being the RAW sensor readout pre-debayer. What I think you are trying to say is that within Resolve (or any NLE, color grading software) more advanced processing and software can be deployed to debayer the information and create a 4:4:4 chroma sampled image. To Joseph's point, you are still limited to the color information captured at the sensor and Beyer only captures 4 parts of Green for every 2 parts of Red and 2 parts of Blue information. if a 3 chip design was deployed, we would have more accurate color sampling to work with and a better 4:4:4 could be rendered without the need for Bayer patterns.

Unfortunately the purity of the RAW is not entirely clear with BRAW since they themselves admit to doing a partial debayer in the camera before sending the data to the computer for final debayer. We have no idea if at this phase, they are creating a 4:2:2 color matrix or a 4:4:4 color matrix or they are doing something totally different since it is not stated anywhere on their site that I can find (I will give BMD the benefit of the doubt here that it is not 4:2:2 and is most likely their own secret sauce, they have smart people working there after all). for more BRAW information check out this link and watch the video and read their documentation, I never see anything stated of 4:4:4 nor is it stated in the video.

2. Apple ProRes RAW has no partial debayer function and the RAW data is simply passed from camera to recorder, no muss no fuss (not implying superiority here, just stating how it works. I have never used ProRes RAW so I cannot speake to the quality). So by your logic, FinalCut, Edius, Baslight and other software applications with ProRes RAW support can absolutely create a 4:4:4 debayer image with the exact same limitations of the bayer sensor as BRAW. They would be the same. Nothing about the S1H being a 4:2:2 video codec equiped camera puts any limits on this, in-fact Black Magic has the same limits in the Pocket 6K, it can only produce ProRes 4:2:2 files and offers no 4:4:4 4k or 6k CODEC options. for more ProRes RAW information here is a link (page 5 explains their demosaic function):
Mathew Frazer Dear Mathew, Thanks for spending your time to enlighten me (us) and also your detailed explanation!
@PhotoJoseph i hope so
I want this camera pretty vad
Exciting news. I wish we could get this for the GH5/GH5s.
Yeah. Look forward to you testing the pro res
@PhotoJoseph I would prefer a real car like a Porsche lol
@PhotoJoseph Haha no man buys a Tesla 😂😂😂
@PhotoJoseph We have this thing in the UK called humour. It may not be your tastes but we invented it so I am owning it ;)
dead cameras
Wow. This will be good. One to point out to the naysayers who were saying it would, if it could be done, it would be limited to 4K.
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